So I definetly would like to project my body to be...

So I definetly would like to project my body to be more sexy. I already have a natural firm butt and would love more projection. I would like to hear thoughts/opinions to see if a BBL is really necessary for me or aggresive lipo may do the job. I am not up for a Tummy tuck since I wish to have more children and it defeats the purpose.


Your figure is nice already, but i do understand where your coming from, a bigger butt, small waist and a flat stomag wouldn't kill anybody. Well i suggest you do both way waste the removed fat? Lol all the best in making your decision..... :-)
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thanks hotchick. i guess i would like to see myself in 3D on what either procedure would look on me.
I think you have a great figure, so its really up to you and what you want. If you want a little more in the back for more projection then do it. If you want just the sculpting then all you need is lipo. Whatever you choose, I'm supporting you!
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Ok so i decided to do my bbl and put the fat to...

Ok so i decided to do my bbl and put the fat to good use. Why waste it right?! So I decided to go to Dra. Yily De Los Santos. She knows to coutour the body well and give me the itsy bitsy waistline that I really desire and a bigger Boootay! So I am planning to head down this November/Early November but want to have buddy to travel with.


Good luck on your journey
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You have awesome projection as it is ! Thats where I want to be after surgery
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I would def go for it!! They use agressive lipo while doing bbl too so why not!! I have way more fat than u, my butt is pretty much the same size as yours but what I was is some more hippppppsssss, hourglass of course from an ass to a donk lol ;-)!
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Time is coming quickly less than a month away to...

Time is coming quickly less than a month away to have my sx with Dra. Yily. She has done some awesome work and I cant wait for her to sculpt my body. Right now Im nervous and excited all in one. Well Ive been getting travel items so not to wait last minute and start rushing. I will be leaving on 01/3/2013 for 6 days hopefully that will be enough time to recover before coming back to a toddler and work. Well Im taking my vitamins and trying to eat a little healthier. Cant wait to come back with good news.


Good luck on ur journey I wish u great results
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Hey there, your foundation is nice! Good luck with your up coming surgery. You will figure out what to do with fat once you get there and consult with her.
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you already look amazing , i am going to yily in february , cant wait to see your results , keep us updated .
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I would really perfer not to be traveling...

I would really perfer not to be traveling internationally to have my surgery alone but its a possiblilty my bff wont be able to travel. I would really be happy If i can get a travel even if you are going to see another Doctor. I will be going 01/31/13 and returning 02/6/13. I will be staying at the Jacqueline Marrero Spa and if we do buddy up it reduce the price from $90 per night to $75 per night. Please reach out to me if ur thinking about going within that timeframe. I will be leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale.


Hi fox00, I will be going to Yily end of January 2013.
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What date are you planning to go and where are u planning to stay for recovery
I will be leaving on 20th Jan. and will be staying at Jacqueline spa.

Ok so i have bought my ticket and will be arriving...

Ok so i have bought my ticket and will be arriving on 01/31 in DR @ 2:15pm. Feeling very nervous and excited all in one. I will be staying at Jacqueline Marrero RH Already started preparing.. Just needing a few extra needs to be purchased and will be all set.


Gosh I wish I was going with you :( is someone going with you? I will be there on the 8th if your still there I will come c you I'm will be at the spa as well!!!!
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well so far I have one girl stating she will be going with me. I hope everything runs smoothly and she will still be able to come
you go girl *in my martin voice* lol. i'm so excited for you
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So I am all set with my necessity the only thing...

So I am all set with my necessity the only thing left for me to get is a Grip on my Nerves! Im so nervous I want to have my pre baby bod back but thoughts keep running through my heads like am I really going to do this? Then you have my stupid ass hubby that had the nerves to say "Increase your Life Insurance" WTF?! Im already going through this emotions already feeling guilty Im leaving my 2yr old behind. Oh his reply to that was "Im not the one taking you out this life" I could have kicked him. So back to my nerves how do you get this under control. Crazy thoughts keep going through my head already had a nightmare waking up in surgery. I keep telling myself I can wait any longer i have gained 10lbs my clothes dont fit, I refuse to go out because I feel disgusting, My face looks supe chubby to my liking so Im motivated to shed a few pounds and hopefully remove it sum fat from my face. Only 5'3" and now 145.. Not happy I hope to God I have a safe and successful surgery and will come home in good health. Please keep me all in prayers.

PRE-OP 34-27-40.5


May you have a safe surgery and a quick recovery! Best of luck!
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Can wait to hear about your journey love!!
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Yes Good Luck I'm sending many blessings your way!!!!!! You will be fine, I can't wait I have 9 days to wait!!!!!
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So brief update. Pain from 1-10 is 2. She...

so brief update. Pain from 1-10 is 2. She Discomfort is a 8. Im soooo hungry. I want food no tengo sopa. so I got here at 7 did my blood test met the cardiologist everything went well hr later Yily walked in she is truely beautiful. She asked me what I want I told her.in spanish a Bad B. She busted out laughing. Nurses at Cipla has been nice soooo. (knock on invisible wood) fan me rubbed my head helped me so yes I gave her a nice tip. o yea im laying on ass. Not happy b


hi lovie!! im so glad u made it out okay!!! yr in my thought constantly!!! u res doll and dont hesitate to call or text if need be. tell them to feed he lil girlie!! ell them " tengo hambre" i dunno if u spell hungry like that but i can say it thats all the counts!! u will continue to be in my thoughts n prayers dont forgeT that okay!!
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congrats and happy healing! Did you have any pretesting done before you arrived? I'm confused. I don't know if I should test before I go and again before I get there or just wait and test there.
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I'm sure it will get better sweetie... Wishing a super speedy recovery :)
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This is no joke. she went in deep on my back and...

This is no joke. she went in deep on my back and abs. Last night was probably worst than my night at CIPLA. The pain meds wore and i was a zombie. I barely slept dogs barking at my head roosters making noise it was pretty rough. On the brighter side I have to say my shape is on point even under the swelling. I cant wait till I have my massage its needed right now i can feel water moving in my body at slightest touch. I hope after all swelling goes away I have the body I desire.


Hey girl I hope all is well
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hope u are feeling good
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Happy Healing!
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Ok I haven’t posted anything lately because...

Ok I haven’t posted anything lately because Recovery has been a lot for me. I will try and provide some insight of how my journey went. I left to DR on Thursday morning and I was pissed with jetblue since they stated that one of my carry on was too big and they will have to check it in ?. So anyhow 2hrs later landed In DR and getting through the airport was a breeze. It took me a total of 15 mins to get out the airport and Jr (Jacqueline’s nephew) was there to meet me with a Big sign with my name and Yily’s name. I got to JM Rh which is about 20 mins from the airport and there I met Yily who was checking up on my Roommate and oh my she is gorgeous with a DONK!!! SO any how I know a lil Spanish and she was in shock that I knew how to hold a lil conversation. She said that I was super hyper and hope I was like the day of surgery. JM provided me dinner Anna make ur last meal whatever your desire be so I had fish tostones and rice and beans it was an ok meal. I guess Im a picky person about my food cause it sure smell hella good when cooking but when it got to my mouth sometimes the flavor I guess disappeared on its way up from the kitchen. Anywhooo as many of you may already know JM doesn’t have any hot water so Diana which Is the evening nurse heated up somewater for me. ****The Struggle**** So I made use of what I had. Oh and no meal after 10pm not even water… I didn’t sleep the entire night between my anxiety and my roomies pain and us blabbing the entire night absolutely no sleep. I slept for a total of 2hrs maybe. So at 6:15am I got up took another bath and headed to the clinic with Anna. These people drive like maniacs jus like any other island. On my way there my heart was pounding wondering if I was doing the right thing. Thinking maybe I should go back home. Praying to God all will go well. I got to the clinic and had 1st thing was to have my bloodworks hemo was a 12.3 I thank the heavens because if it was any lower because heaven knows of I had to get a blood transfusion I was going to deny and asked to be put on the 1st flight back to the US for one ijs I was thinking it though. So cardiologist was a huge flirt. So I passed that test with colors then I saw the Nutritionist who asked a series of questions. So then they needed some identification like a passport # license # and I left it Jacqueline and was SOL. Then thank God they said they can use my student id # I was like huh but whatevs they accepted it. Yily got there at 9:30 and asked me what I wanted. I told her Maldita Maldita and she busted out laughing. She told me to take the blue pill and a sip of water. So im like getting ready to lay down and some men just barged in the room with the damn stretcher/ gurney like r u serious like I didn’t even had anytime to mellow down. I started praying like crazy I was being passed through the OR and then an older man (anesthesiologist) came over and started to clean up my hand I told him I hate needles and that was it out like lights. Next thing I woke up in my room and there was my bbl sis MarieAshely and it was my 1st time she said I woke up and said I called her name saying hi and was out like lights again. I then complained about my legs asking it to be elevated which they helped me with and I hated that feeling of numbness I immediately asked for help to put on my antiembolism socks. I kept going in and out of sleep and in no time MarieAshley was coming out of surgery herself. Yily came and checked on us that night before she left for the evening about 8:30pm The nurses at Cipla were super nice to us the entire time. They checked on us throughout the night and made sure we were comfortable and kept giving pain meds whenever needed. They cleaned up my bed so that I wouldn’t stay on the blood filled sheets just extra nice. That I tipped them and one didn’t even want the money and told me its her job. I refused to take the money back since I heard horrible things for others I felt I should reward my nurses. Next day for breakfast they gave the same left over soup not impressed I rejected the soup and just had crackers. The morning nurses came in like rough ass soldiers grapped me out of bed took my faja off to get me cleaned up ripped the skin off in the middle of my back being so damn rough and sat me down in the chair. Few mins later Yily came in and went over the list of RX needed and guidelines to follow. Jr came to pick me up and off back to Jm Rh. I was so uncomfortable the 1st night was horrible full of regrets due to pain. The pain meds I brought from the US and they were aiiight It helped somewhat but I was in hella pain. I barely slept my body kept waking up every hour it seems. My roomie wasn’t doing too good and to be honest the night service nurse sux she would not hear the alert bell when we tried reaching out to her she would close the door at night and in the am before Jaqueline or Anna get in she would open the door. Hmmmmm. If it wasn’t for my roomie I would have cried the entire time being there. Oh yea I was always hungry there. I didn’t mind the small portions for breakfast lunch or dinner but dammit in between you could give us some damn fruits or crackers and cheese anything but to have bkfast at 8am and lunch at 2pm and nothing between that its ridiculous thank God my roomie gave me heads up so I packed some ritz crackers. I did hear though the night nurse got better since they had to tighten up with the mass amnt of girls heading to them. So like lilboypink I had moments where I was like wtf I had a damn rooster every morning making noise and dogs barking but more annoying school kids. It seems like the only class these kids had was Outside P.E. dawn till dusk. The most annoying to me was the drains Yily is now using. It was so aggravating and discomfort to the crack of ya azz and having that ish remove was the most nasty ish ever. Im still swollen and will not show pics until the swelling subsides some more so her work can be shown a little better so maybe by the wkend I will update a pic or 2


excited for the pictures!!!
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Great review. Happy healing. Grrr I wanna c pics lol
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Happy healing girlie...would so much appreciate it if you could post a cpl of pics or e-mail the to e ..:)))
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Hey Ladies. I really wasnt going to update the...

Hey Ladies. I really wasnt going to update the profile due to all the things I heard about people stealing photos and blasting them but I was on the other side and needed guidance in selecting a DR. Im happy with my results and the booty greed is real. I started thinking I wanted bigger but maybe not anymore. I think I am FLUFFING my butt was a 43 after sx and maybe a 42.5 but now its a 44 and my waist is 25in. Really happy with that. Photos Added


Can you please post the pics one more time for us!! Pleeeaaseee!! :/
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Why did you take down the pictures?
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Hey hope your recovery is going well...can you post some pics please, i'm considering Yily and would love to see your body!!! Thanks
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Here are the pics and 2 more added. I had pre ops...

here are the pics and 2 more added. I had pre ops pics prior and took them down. I have my reasons. Sorry ladies! I started at 130lbs and gained 10-15lbs for the surgery. I had a lil something to beging with but nothing as my PO pics. My hips are rounded and I asked for a more lateral ass! All i asked Yily to do is to make me BAD Byatch!!! lol..


Hi chicka!! Plz plz repost pix...crop iti you must!! Lol we would love to see the results :) I'm doing my research on this thing...I'm 5'6" & weigh 148 lbs ..just want a small waist and round (Bernice Burgos or Yaris ass) and breasy lift with implants..my body is not that bad so my wishes arent unrealistic..I just (like everyone else) want to see real results..considering Yily Have an awesome day! :)
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Hello , did you take down the pictures cause I don't see them , I hope you doing better?
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She didn't want to have them up for a long period of time b/c she didn't want them on google or other sites... So they were up for a hot minute and she Looked Hella Good sorta like njprbeauty maybe a lil thicker...
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