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It's been three weeks. Here's my experience so far...

It's been three weeks. Here's my experience so far...

Stage One (1)
Consultation - I asked a ton of questions and was given thoughtful and informative answers. At the end of the consult I was clear that I would see results about three months out from the date of the procedure.
Surprise/unexpected (given the online videos and televised versions of the procedure I'd watched) - Anesthesia vs local was recommended and in fact is the only way this doctor will do the procedure. He said it's uncomfortable for the patient if they are awake. I believed him. He's a national trainer in the procedure. After reading some of the other reviews here - I'm doubly glad I was put under.
Recommendations - Take bromelain and start doing so right away - even though my procedure was scheduled 10 days out from the consult he wanted me to build it up in my system. Also suggested I buy a "tush to over the knee" girdle product like Spanx.

Stage Two (2)
Preop - basically nothing more than a blood draw, weigh-in. Doctor suggested/wanted to write three prescriptions for meds that were to be taken after the procedure. I'm not a pill taker so this was met with some protest on my part but he said better to have them on hand than find myself in trouble. We negotiated - settling on a paltry amount of vicodin plus a bacterial antibiotic (to be taken twice a day for 5 days). The third script was supposed to be for sleeping pills but this we agreed was overkill for me.

Stage Three (3)
Headed over to the office at 5:30 AM (in-office surgical suite). Brought along a friend who would be my designated driver and caregiver for the 24 hours following the procedure. Also brought a soft snuggly robe (to wear home) and a pair of warm snuggly socks (The nurse and doctor both suggested I wear them during the procedure to keep).
Doctor marked up the areas to be "celluazed". Anesthesiologist asked his required questions (height, weight, allergies etc.) - took my blood pressure etc. Then I walked into the surgical suite and was given anesthetic. Woke up about 11:00 AM. I was still wearing my socks but now also sported a beige colored full body girdle with sponge inserts (at the knees and on both thighs). Felt groggy. Moved slowly. Didn't really feel any discomfort.
Recommendation - once home have some tea and take 1/2 a vicodin. I did but I don't really think I needed it.
Slept off and on for the rest of the day (no doubt the combo of the anesthesia and the vicodin).
I had absolutely no leakage whatsoever.

Stage Four (3)
First follow-up appointment 2 days after the procedure. I took my first shower in the morning and while doing so washed and dried the girdle but since I had no leakage it looked like I hadn't worn it all. Doctor looked at his handiwork. Gave me a good report - it seemed like I'm heading toward a good result - to be fair given that I was probably still inflamed from the procedure I think it would a tough call to say one way or another. Interestingly there was no bruising. No bruising at all. The only things that looked like a bruise were some marker pen left over blurs which now three weeks out I still can't get off my skin although they are fading. At this stage , my skin was tender but also felt strangely numb but not quite numb - it's hard to describe.

Recommendation - continue wearing the compression girdle and keep the sponges in place.

Stage Five (5)
Second follow-up appointment - 5 days after the first one. The doctor gave me the go ahead to exercise. A very faint very small spot of yellowing on my skin just above the knees showed up but essentially no bruising beyond this . I asked him about the lack of bruises - he thought it still had the potential to occur but so far nothing. I also asked him about the fact that I had no leaking after the procedure and he said that they expressed a lot of liquid (I'm assuming laser melted fat) during the procedure. I also asked him about the slight, very slight tingling/electrical charges that I feel once in awhile - he said it was an indication that my nerves were regenerating. The body is a miraculous thing!

Recommendations - continue to wear the compression girdle but now I could switch to a commercial brand rather than the one they issued. I have on occasion done so but it's too hard to pee in the retail ones (spanx) - the crotch openings aren't big enough and so I have to pull down the garment - with the sponges still in place this is not an easy task and my skin is still tender. To be clear my skin doesn't hurt - it's just tender to the touch in some places - like after a good work out or massage) and every time I pull tight waist band of a spanx up and over my thighs it's just uncomfortable. At least the compression girdle has side zips - smart design.

I am back to exercising - full on. I do a rigorous one hour boot camp 3x per week and walk about 3 to 5 miles on alternate days. The only complaint I have is this that I get overheated wearing the Spanx and that's not much of a complaint. My next follow-up appointment is about one week from now. I suspect that will be the end of my girdle wearing days. Plus, apparently I have either one or two massage sessions coming my way (part of the cost of having the procedure done) that are designed to complement the cellulaze procedure and increase the likelihood of the getting good results.

I have no idea if this will work but my expectations are set according to what I read when I researched this procedure in the first place -

1) it will be three months before I see some results.

2) hopefully these results will mirror those experienced by the people in the clinical trials - a 25% increase in the thickness of my skin and a 29% increase the elasticity of my skin by one year post-treatment. I'm hoping that will mean I'll be going from a high 2/low 3 on the cellulite scale to low 2/high 1 (so I'm stretching the percentages but a girl can dream). Scales aside - what I would really like to happen is that I stop worrying about whether or not a dress or skirt will hike above my knees. Now that would be super.

3) Meanwhile, I'm going to tick the "it's worth it" box because I have grown tired of complaining about the cellulite I have on my legs. It's worth it because I finally put my money where my complaints lay on a procedure seems to make a lot of sense as to why works - but I'm realistic - I don't expect it to keep the cellulite bay for ever. This treatment represents my line in the sand - no more complaining - I accept once and for all what it is to be - even if my cellulite remains. I'm just going to have carve out a different relationship with it from here on in.

On that note, as far as I can tell at this point in my life there's really very little that is actually going to get better about my body. I look at celebrities like Madonna, Sharon Stone, Christy Brinkley, Katie Couric who have access to the best doctors, the latest techniques, the finest you name it...etc.etc.etc. If you eliminate the photoshopping of their pics what you have left are people with the same skin/body/face issues that we all have. Yes, they can afford the latest and greatest treatments but the truth is no matter what they've done you can still see the cellulite - you can still see that they're aging, albeit gracefully, because they make sure they're well groomed and they stay fit. To me that's a winning combination - one I've incorporated throughout my lifetime and will continue to do so - whether I'm plagued by cottage cheese thighs or not.


Thanks for adding all your experience to the Cellulaze community! It definitely sounds like you have set some realistic expectations for yourself. I do have to say I'm a bit surprised that you would be completely happy going down basically 1 grade on the cellulite scale. I'm not sure that would be enough for me to consider the risks & costs worth it. So curious to hear you & the other ladies final results!!

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The skin on my legs is shedding/flaking - a lot. ...

The skin on my legs is shedding/flaking - a lot. Don't have dry skin so this is strange. Don't know if this is a result of 24 hour compression/spanx wearing or maybe it's a sign that the cellulaze procedure is working.


The reason for my tempered expectations is that I'm clear that I'd rather have some results (1 grade is actually a substantial amount appearance-wise) than none at all. The clinical trials demonstrate that Cellulaze does work. It seems logical to expect that cutting the bands and melting away herniated fat will have a degree of positive impact the outward appearance of the skin. I think the real question to be answered about this procedure long will the results last? For the most part, moisturizers, healthy eating, vitamins/herbs and exercise provide little more than temporary relief. I haven't tried Velashape but reports from friends suggest it works temporarily as well, or not at all.

While there are risks with any cosmetic procedure I felt that the ones associated with Cellulaze were minimal when compared to the possible benefits - smoother, bump free skin, and the ability to turn down the volume on the voice in my head that says unkind things about my legs.

Will definitely keep you posted.
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It's been a full two weeks since the procedure and...

It's been a full two weeks since the procedure and as per instructions I have stopped using the topifoam rectangles. I'm going to continue wearing the compression garment except during exercise (when I switch to spanx) until the day of my follow-up appointment next week. After that I understand I'll need to wear spanx or some other over the knee girdle/shaper for at least another 6 weeks from today. Oh joy. I hate the spanx! They're too hot. They're actually hotter than the compression garment. Go figure.


I had cellulaze done on the back of my legs 6 months ago from a top notch doc in newyork on park ave and I am still waiting to see a difference. Sad and sickening actually. They won't do my retouch until the 8th month mark
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I had cellulaze done June 25 with Dr. B. He was great and very experienced. I am curious how are you doing one month out. Are you seeing any results yet? Does that jiggly skin feeling feel any better? So far it is what I like the least, or maybe its the feeling that the side of my thighs are hanging with weight when I stand up....LOL . when I read this it sounds horrible! The things we do to look better and get rid of this HORRIBLE thing called cellulite!! This website has been amazing and supportive. I would definitely think some of these post op effects would be out of the norm if all the ladies would not be posting. Please continue to post!!! Thank you :)
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Well you are another 4 days closer to not having to wear the spanx ;) how are you doing??

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Has now been 3 months. Not going well appearance...

Has now been 3 months. Not going well appearance wise. Don't see any significant improvement. Decided to buy a series of lymphatic/sculpting massages to aid in the healing process. I'll keep you posted.


I am 61 years old and hated my cellulite. I flew to NY to have the procedure done by Dr. Bruce Katz, the doctor who pioneered this procedure and did some of the clinical trials that led to the FDA clearance. The Cellulaze procedure was done on my entire thighs -- front, back, inner and outer thighs. I was awake during the procedure and the pain level during the entire procedure was a 1 to 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the least amount of pain. The doctor was extremely professional and I was very impressed with the way he and his staff conducted themselves. I left the office with bandages around my thighs and wore a compression garment that the doctor's office had suggested I purchase from Design Veronique. I was to wear the garment 24 hours a day for one week and remove it only to shower. (I had purchased an extra garment so I could change off between garments). After that, I wore it just to sleep for the next three weeks (this was optional). I had no drainage after the procedure and was able to just put band-aids (the round dot band-aids) over the 9 incisions (which were each the size of the tip of a pen) the day after the surgery! I did not need any other bandages. I saw a dramatic change in my thighs shortly after the procedure. It is now six weeks and my legs have so improved that I bought several bathing suits -- something I hadn't done in years because I didn't want anyone to see my thighs. I am told that they will improve even more over time. The only real problem I had after the procedure was with scar tissue. It started with feeling tiny pellets under the skin but they quickly bundled together and became lumps the size of grapes that were visible to the eye. I called the doctor's office and was told to massage these areas. I did and they decreased in size; they are now tiny pellets again under the skin. I was advised by the doctor's office to have Manual Lymphatic Drainage. I have contacted someone who specializes in this therapy and will have my first treatment tomorrow. I am hopeful that with this treatment, any remaining swelling will be gone and my legs will be perfectly smooth. The procedure was more expensive than what I am seeing others spent in the various blogs (maybe because I had my entire thighs done), but I definately feel it was worth the money. I did not want an inexperienced doctor. My doctor has performed the Cellulaze procedure on hundreds of women; it was evident that he knew what he was doing and I would highly recommend going to someone who is an "artist." You have to live with the results and want to increase the chances of having a happy outcome.
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I have a consultation appointment with Dr. Blinski next week. After reading the various posts, I'm not sure if I should do the procedure now, or wait until I get more positive feed-back from other patients. I'm told patients could expect a 65 to 85 percent improvement. I would be happy with 50 percent! I don't mind spending the money, and having to go through the procedure, but I don't want to be disappointed with the results. I'm still going to meet Dr. Blinski to tell him about my reservations. I am happy to find this site!
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Thank you so much for posting an update at the 3 month mark, as we know that through the 6 month mark is where the improvements are really suppose to be seen - hoping for good changes for you in the next few months. Please keep us informed!!

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Not worth it. Lived and learned.

Not worth it. Lived and learned.


Thank you for sharing your experience Bricolage. I have been dealing with it for a while now and have considered several procedures but always chicken out. I was considering cellulaze but after reading your experience, I am not that interested anymore.
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Bricolage, thank you so much for coming back to let us know that months later, you ultimately feel it wasn't worth it. I'm so saddened for you, and really wish this would have given you the results hoped for. Thank you very, very much for sharing your story with us all. I know it has, and will continue to help many women trying to decide if they should go for Cellulaze or not.

Sending a big hug to you.

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NOT worth it. Made no difference. In fact may now be worse. Save your money and time - use it for some other procedure (fractional laser, CO2, fillers etc). It's back to long skirts and pants and hose. Oh well.
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Cellulite is worse than ever!

14 months on and my cellulite is worse than it has ever been - shockingly so. As soon as the initial inflammation subsided I watched, much to my dismay, as the cellulite not only returned but also became more pronounced - way beyond what it looked like before the procedure. At one point I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror. Before the procedure, I thought if it didn't work I would just end up in the same place I started. That's not been the case. I wish I had left well enough alone. While I believe it to be a huge waste of money it's also been a humbling lesson in acceptance - I'm healthy. I've got cellulite. It's not going away. There's no point in complaining or making myself feel bad about it.


Always good to hear an update from you. I love that through this you are able to find a lesson and be more accepting of yourself. That is a beautiful thing. :)

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Doctor. Completely happy to answer any and all questions - returns calls personally. Staff - courteous - good customer service skills. Wait times - they could teach other professional offices a thing or two in this area - the most I waited was 5 minutes - once.

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