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I keep seeing beautiful bums with the BBL but im...

I keep seeing beautiful bums with the BBL but im afraid im too skinny. And ive tried gaining weight but I can literally eat anything and not gain a pound. My waist is tiny. Someone suggested implants but the look I want I dont think I can achieve with implants. Plus i want my hips a little bigger. I feel like a hydrogel/silicone injections are my only option and thats too risky. Any suggestions??
try apetamin
Hey I have the same issue, it's always been hard to gain. I asked my doctor to put me on periactin I may have spelled it wrong but basically it's side effect is increasing the appetite and in return you crave more Carbs which leads to more calorie intake and you put on the weight. I will tell you it makes you sleepy. I take it before going to bed then feel cravings about a hour eat and it will give you a good weight gain.
hmmm... i cant gain either i stay at my 130 to 136 mark.. there is a girl on realself ugh i forgot her profile... shes slim and got implants. i think fat graphed to her hips i am going to go on a mission to find the girls profile.. and i will send you it her butt looks amazing .. nicki minaj has but implants.. so does lola monroe but first try to gain first good luck :D i will be back with the girls profile unless someone else knows ..
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