I Had Hialucorp Gel Injected in my Butt 3 Months Ago and Have Had Complications Since - Miami, FL

A month after the injections i had a fever and...

A month after the injections i had a fever and certain areas in my buttocks got red, swollen and rock hard. I was evaulated by two doctors who told me that I'm not allergic to the gel so it doesn't have to come out but that i caught an infection and they needed to drain the infected areas. Ive been on antibiotics since. but when i finish the meds the areas get red and hurt again. a surgeon i saw says the gel has to come out because my body is rejecting it. I'm confused, scared and in pain. please help

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wow this is sadd and scary i hope u found help your lookin for !!!!!!
I am experiencing these same effects from whatIwas told was hydrogel. It caused kidney and liver failure. I had surgery and somehas drained out however I was told that there is no way to remove all of it. Have you any further info. At this point if I could have it cut out I would be willing to do so.
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