5'7 130 Lbs 30 Year Old Seeking Curves! Looking for my Perfect Doc! Help!!! - Miami, FL

Hi everyone. I have stalked this site for years...

Hi everyone. I have stalked this site for years but now its finally time to make a move. Im done wishing for a butt. Its time to get one. Now, finding a doc seems impossible! I know there are a few favs for butt implants but I got quotes from some and they kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. Almost seemed like used car salesman. And the popular ones are so busy and seem kinda generic in there responses. I want to find that diamond in the rough surgeon. That one that is talented but hasnt quite gained all that popularity. I feel that way I could really have a doc who will listen and spend alot of time with me, and not so rushed. I know I sound like a brat but I just want to feel confident with my surgeon and have a good relationship with them. Seems like this will be a difficult search because I want reviews and pics!!! If the doc isnt popular then... I wont find very many reviews. :/ Well girls! I gotta put my kiddos to bed! Goodnight and I hope for support and help! XOXO
@ futurebigbootyjudy, I hear what your saying and that's my thoughts too. But it seems like Dr. Cortes in Huston TX just recently got huge. I like his implants a lot. But anyway, I guess I'm thinking like who were the girls who made him huge. Haha I wanna be the one that got her surgery right before they blew up! And it's not because of price . I don't mind paying for quality. I just want that small, not like an assembly line of girls being pumped out ... It's hard to explain what I mean. I'll probably end up going with dr Cortes or someone like that . But I've been talking to Dr. Lacerna's office and got good vibes. I guess I'm worried cause there aren't many reviews that I can find. I get to talk to her in personally on the phone on weds. So excited to see how that goes. Thanks so much for your comment ! I 100% agree with you... Just hoping I guess
You're welcome. And I hope you get the results you're looking for!:)
Another patient from Doctor Cortes who looks great! He's probably a great choice: http://www.realself.com/review/houston-tx-shopping-list-for-post-op-care-body-sculpture-and-butt-implants-bbl

Still searching....

So now I think I'm in love with Dr. Cortes in Houston or Dr. Scranton in Beverly Hills. But I heard Dr. Scranton does not do fat grafting. I think I need that. Dr. Cortes is a little more expensive but he's closer to me and does everything I want.
I have a phone consult with Dr. Lacerna on weds the 19th with her personally. Not her assistant or coordinator. Actually her. I love that! We will see how it goes. And I am interested in her quote. Excited.
Will follow your journey :-) great body ;-) I'm losing more weight after my bbl and want butt implants BUT it is tough to find a great one I know exactly what you mean about used salesman deal
@ bklyn you look increadable! When do you want implants done? Do u have an idea what doc you want?
Many have gone to gongora or fuentes. I went to dr jacome love my results

Looks can be deceiving!

I used to model before my two kids and when I was 18-22.... Well i was one of those awkward tall deathly high fashion ones... Walking Skeletons! Yeah so when I took pics for before photos and to send to docs they were like a smacking the face. I didn't realize at all I was sponge bob square pants! I think this is mainly because I modeled and then went to school for commercial photography. These pics are only adjusted in color since my dining room lights are regular bulbs. So that means they are orangey. Ok ok ok I'm rambling ... Here is a pic I took myself of my butt... And I did cool down the orange and I also photoshopped your tiny 1999 never mean.dumb!

Forgot the pics.

I have a vision on my head cause I now have to dumb down so paper can handle it?!


It seems like girls on here always have strange typos .... All that crap at the end that doesn't make sense!!! I swear I didn't write! Weird. I was just saying I barely altered the images. And no altering of my body shape was done. But all that doesn't seem to matter because the photos do not look the have uploaded to the site... :(

Side before pics

If they upload...
@purple Yeah I immediately called and called the office to see what was up and they have recently requested women to stay 3-4 weeks vs. the normal 2 weeks so that the Dr. can ensure they are healing properly bc implants are notorious for infection etc. I luckily have that kind of time but do wish I could have known that upfront and I could have planned accordingly. I had to change my flight and extend my accommodations.

Phone consult!!!!!!

Hi ladies- I talked to Dr. Lacerna her self today. She said she is confident she can achieve results close to my wish pics! I also want my boobs done but was going to save that for another time. She said she would have no problem doing them both at same time. She was very sweet and made me feel comfortable. She laughed with me and answered all my question. I didn't really know what to ask but she volunteered a lot of info. She will be emailing me my quote and before and after pics of other pt She is also going to get me in contact with a patient that is 6 months post op! So should be fun to hear what she has to say! I'll update soon with price.
I think you have an amazing figure and I wouldn't do ANYTHING to it. No. . I'm not against plastic surgery. .I had a breast lift and aug almost a year ago... But you have a beautiful figure. Just my opinion. .. Good luck in whatever you choose!

Add a BA?????

So.. In my quote dr. L have me an insane discount on a BA if I wanted it. I am not extremely happy with my breast due to 3 years of breast feeding. The thing is I'm not a fan of BA's unless they are sooooo natural. Like I am an a cup and would only want to be a solid b. should I add it???? Then recovery !?!? Sounds horrible!
I'm searching too, I will be following you
@wandawoman good luck with the search! It's not fun! Your in nc right? I am in nc ... Don't know why my profile says Miami .
Yes I'm in NC and checked out a couple of Docs in NC but they only do under the fascia and I want intramucular I think , My fav so far is Dr Ryan Stanton but he's so far away .

Wish pics

Wishing, and hoping, and dreaming....
As will i
Let me know how everything goes girly!
I'm awaiting my phone consult from dr lucerna tomorrow , hopefully I hear good things but I have a consultation with dr.kenneth b Hughes in Beverly Hills and next week I will be seing dr.stanton and go from there on choosing , but I've been researching and talking to the top surgeons and even Salama, Cortez & castenada which his overall quote was amazing just I'm located in ca and I don't thing with a hurting bumm I'm going to want to travel that far so I need to hear the right price, dr and experience for safety to make up my final decision you know , this journey is overwhelming sometimes blah!

All to real.....

So it seems I am moving kinda fast with Dr. Lacerna. I talked with her office almost everyday. I spoke with a girl who had her boobs and butt done 6 months ago who is in love with her results... I also got approved to finance half of the cost. Which I never thought would happen in a million years. So I think in the back of my head I thought something isn't going to come together and that would be ok because maybe I shouldn't be doing this. But.... It's together !!! Now all I have to do is find the time.... And now that my dream is staring me in the face..... I F@*king SCARED!!!!!!! Wtf! I'm terrified. Do I do this! I'm a mother of two beatiful boys ..age 7 and 2 who need me! Do I have the time needed to invest in my recovery. What if I hate my results! What if I love my results!!!

Oh my gosh! Ladies!!! I don't think I can do it. How did you guys go through with it!
you will pull through just fine .those are your nerves driving you wild. I bet your gonna love your results
hey yeah so local to me is dr.kenneth.b hughes and dr.ryan Stanton. they are both experts/specialists, only thing is they are pricier but with them I believe you pay for what you get. no doubt about it . but dr.lucerna is very good aswell and affordable so tough shes just in florida awesome for you guys both but me its further since im in Fontana ca
Dr Hughes kinda gives me the creeps... Have know idea why. Haha

Reasonable results

Dr Lacerna feels this wish pic is completely a realistic result!!! Woah
You will definitely love ur breast if you get done I'm shore . Bkuz they are just Perrier and fit things fuller '! As of a travel buddy omg girl I just got this idea. We can fly out to dr.Lucerna & to save $ we can share hotels ...Double beds obviously ,shoot that saves $ ,I'm shore ull be bored on ur belly all day in need of a recovery partner if not resting !
I am all for a travel buddy! I really want to cut down cost any way I can. And I don't want to be all alone! Did you talk to Dr.L yet?

Butt buddy

I want a butt buddy. Really bad ! Anyone wanna share a hotel together and do this together? It will cut cost and we can bitch together about how aweful we feel. Who's in?
I wanna be a but buddy ! I need mine done before the summer


Talked with another doctor today. One in Mexico. She was caring and sweet and answered all my questions. Now waiting on a quote. I'm having a hard time deciding on a date. I have recently started a new job and need to build up some PDO. I am also worried about the recovery. I also want to start school in jan. So I want to be healed before then. I've never been good with decisions!
Are you still going with Dr. L? I'm researching right now and I'm thinking about going with her . Did you ever get to talk to "eye candy model" about her review? Her review is crazy amazing!!
I have talked with her. When do you want yours done. Do you want a buddy?
I'm thinking the beginning of december! And a buddy is always nice, I'm in NC too. And what did she say!

Not sure yet

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