5'2 110 Pounds. I alway want have nice body, and sexy butt.

I alway dream have big butt. also my honey love...

I alway dream have big butt. also my honey love big butt too. I never thought about do implant before, until now but i still don't know how to beginning . couple day ago i just email Dr Salma, MD and i ask him how much is cost for butt implant, day later i have email back from Nancy Duque she told me is cost $ 11,499 is so shock. i thought is cost around $7,000, i think she miss understanding me, because she give me the hold list all kind off stuff i don't needed. I just email her back yesterday and try to explain to her exactly what i want to do. hopefully she email me back still waiting. also i need helps who already bean through all this please let me know more what i need to know about. My plant is i want to have is done around Dec 2014 if everything go smooth. Oh yet my name is stephanie and i will update every step what going thank you all.

Good new !!!!!

finally i just talk to Nancy and she give me the price is $9,700 Butt implant plus Lipo also include antiseptic, garment i meant every things. that is awesome . Just one thing she say Dr Salama all book to until April 2015. But is ok i can wait to April 2015 so exciting.

yeah I have schedule for BBL

Yes I make appointment at April 2 / 2015 can't wait. I try to make deposit 10% down tonight.

My day for sx on April- 02-2015 with DR Samlama

I alway dream have nice body and sexy butt, special my honey love the girl have big but big boot. lol anytime we go out he alway keep eyes on other girl have big butt, is bother a lot is make me feel i'm not sexy enough, that why i make my decision for butt implant, first make myself happy and confident. I can't wait and see after my sx what my body look a like. cross my finger.

is my pick before Sx

my wish pick

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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Hey girl are you still going to salama? Cause Cynthia just imformed me that he's not doing butt implants right now so it's somewhat on "pause" and she'll let me know if he decides to reconsider.
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Yaaayyyyyyyy salama the winning team.......haaaaa let me stop....but congrats on ur date girl....fingers crossed everything goes well....and you have a nice foundation......salama is going to hook you up girl
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OH by the way when is April you have your sx, because my is April -02 - 2015 thanks.
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Hey girl welcome to RS. :) I was really curious on the price they gave you for surgery. Are you paying $9,700 for sure? And you said it includes, the implants, fat grafting, anesthesia and garments? Do you know which areas he's going to take the fat from? I'm really concerned because I'm going to him on April and my price is $11,499 and that includes the implants, lipo to back, abdominal, and flanks, the anesthesia, and garments. If you're getting the same as I am but I'm paying waaaay more I would appreciate it if you let me know because it is a lot of money.
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Hi there!! yet the first time Nancy she give me that price too. $11,499 i'm so upset, because i read some reacher from couple girl they did from dr Salama and they just pay only $7,000 or$ 8,500 i ask her that, and she say ok she will do discount for me lol, yes i pay for $ 9,700 that are included in the Brazilian Butt Lift and Buttock Implant Surgery are: abdomen, flanks and upper & lower back with fat transfer to the Buttocks and hips and adding Buttock Implants. That is to say the following is included in the surgery package: Surgical fee Anesthesia Fee Facility Fee 2 Custom Compression garment 2 Post-operative massages 2 Buttock Implants hope can help. And good luck hon. I know that a lot off money no kidding.
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Hey girl can you do me a factor, please don't tell them tell you that, because Nancy she don't want anybody know that. But still that a lot off money for everybody. She very sweet and very helpful maybe you can talk to her. she what she say. Good luck
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Wow his prices went up ALOT!
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Good Luck
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Welcome to RS. That's a lot of Money. Good luck in this journey :)
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Yet that I thought so too. But read more reascher also I see some girl did it from Dr Salama they just pay only $7000. Hope Nancy give me a good new today sometime. Thanks
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