I'm 39 Years Old and It's Time I Gets Body Back ;) I've Been Researching and Researching and Finally Decide I Want Butt Implant

I would like fat transfer with aggressive...

I would like fat transfer with aggressive liposuction from flanks and lower back to hip and butt augmentation for projection with Butt implants . I'm not sure how many CC I need or what shape might look best with my type of body. I would like to look natural. I don't want a huge huge butt but a Bigbooty to go with my Breast which have 480cc saline implants. I'm 5"2 and weigh 140 pounds :)


Hi bigbooty2015, just wanted to ask you if you've had any problems with your breast implants, I am considering getting them and have heard a lot both positive and negative things about them. I am also searching for a doctor and have heard great things about the DR doctors but rather stay here in the states. I've gotten quotes from Jimerson, and Salama. Today I have an iconsultation with Dr Pazmino, and am gona continue to shop around. Good luck to you! :)
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Hi, Kay0333 I'm sorry for being so late ;( I'm totally new on here and didn't realize I had comment and questions. No, I love my breast implants which are made of saline with 380 CC and they feel natural and don't feel hard nor fake. I suggest saline if you have a big chest already . My best friend was flat chested and my Dr. Gave her 300cc silicone and she thanks me everyday and just wished she would of done it 10 years ago. We are both Leo and 39 years old in the next two weeks loll.. :) Hers look very natural and beautiful . Please find a good Doctor with experience and certifications Make sure you get the bigger size due to me having to have two additional Surgeries because I thought they were to small lol.. I was a DD and had a Maxoplexy and paid $10,000 then two years later had a Baby and had to get a chest reduction , lift and asked for bigger boobs to 500 CC to date. Good luck and best wishes

Butt implants and aggressive lipo

I decided I want a rhinoplasty and I'm addition to Butt implants very aggressive lipo from Entire back, lower back, waist and stomach . I want the entire package . I will also be willing to travel with a Buddies and we can share expenses and experience together. I speak, read and write Spanish and I can translate of needed. I'm planing for either March or April.


Hi bigbooty2015, I was wondering what Month how long you were staying and RH you plan on staying
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Hola, Kay0333 and wildchild40 I'm still searching and kinda scared to date. I know I want butt implants at least 375 or 390cc nothing less unless my muscle can't hold that many CC. Please keep me posted on which doctors your deciding on and I'll do the same. I received my quote and lots of positive information from DR. But what scares me it's not FDA approved and I live in Miami in the US. I'm going to continue to make appts. next weeks maybe DR. Salama, Fischer , Jimerson and several more in South Florida. I'm not even sure if I want round or oval. I had a consultation last Saturday with a Dr. In Miami for Rhinoplasty, Surgury for my hollow eyes due to losing weight and fat transfer to my cheeks ( lost my most of my volume as I had huh check bones too ) the Dr. Quoted me $5,000 and I'm planning for Surgury In November then I will get my fat transfer , lipo and Butt implants as follow. I will continue to keep you posted meantime good luck to you all ...... If I decide to go to DR I'm staying for 14 days the least per requirement in Doctors quote. FYI I was advised to wait pass summer rush and normally prices are cheaper in November and December. I'm going to focus on my November Surgury and continue looking around meantime . I'm going to update the quote on my page now.

Quote for implants in DR

Hi as I saw in your pictures we can do a liposuction of your back , waist and abdomen and the gluteal implant, This will improve your body contour.

The gluteal implant is placed intramuscular and the scar will be in the intergluteal sulcus, so you won’t see the scar.
Is very important that after the surgery you should clean very well the incition because it is very close to the anus, so we need to avoid an infection in the scar, we need you to follow all our recommendations. It is also important to decrease the efforts of the gluteal area, to avoid the production of seroma, that is a liquid that your body produces with the excess of movements.

The day of the surgery you should sleep on your stomach but the next day you can stay on your sides or even on your back if you put pillows to accommodate the implant.
You can seat the day after the surgery but you can’t lay down over the implant, I will explain that to you when you come.

We leave a drain for few days, we remove it as soon as the liquid is less than 40 cc.

There are two things that are very important:
1. The size of the implant that we can put depends on your muscle, because the implant is placed between the muscular fibbers, we need to close the muscle, and some times the patient want a big implant but the muscle doesn’t allow us to put an implant bigger than the one it can receive. I need to explain that because I saw by the pictures that you send me that you want a very big implant and it will depend in the moment of the surgery which implant we can colocate. We use sizers and we put the biggest that the muscle allows.
2. For the liposuction in some pictures that you send me you see that the patient doesn’t have any fat, the fat is important for the skin, a little layer of fat has to be pressured to maintain the healthy aspect of the skin.

We can have a very nice result with the lipo and gluteal implant.

We need you here for a period of 3 weeks is the ideal but if you can’t it should be at least 2 sees from the date of the surgery.

the cost includes:
cost of the hospital (one night at the hospital)
anesthesia and anesthesiologist
medical fees
postoperative girdle(faja)
pair of implants gluteal implants of us$2,000

not includes
preoperatives exams ( the cost of the exams are in turn of US$250)or you might bring part of them from there.
postoperatives medicines ( antibiotic, antiinflammatory, muscle relaxant)
massages ( the cost of the massages varies but they are in turn of $20 each one.

gluteal implant surgery alone us$5,000 at HOMS
us$4,500 at clinica corominas
us$4,200 at clinica materno infantil

gluteal implant and lipo of the back us$6,000 HOMS
us$5,500 Clinica Corominas
us$5,200 Materno infantil

gluteal implant and lipo of back and abdomen US$6,800 HOMS
US$6,300 Clinica Corominas
US$6,000 Clinica Materno Infantil

I give you the prize of the 3 clinics that we work,the prize varies due to the cost of the hospital,in all of them is my same team ( My husband is also plastic surgeon DR. Robert Langlands he’s from Brazil and we always do the surgeries together) and the 3 hospitals have all the security for the surgery.
The cost varies between these hospitals because the HOMS is the most modern hospital of the country and thats why is more expensive.
But I give you options depending on what you prefer.

if you have any question,please let me know

Dra.Jacqueline Miranda


Hey bigbooty2015 thanks for replying. See my problem is I wanted to plan for May of 2015, So I would be ready for my 40the birthday in August. I want a TT along with my butt implants....but am waiting to here from the Dr. First
Wildchild40 , TT sounds great too. I asked for fat transfer from abdominal, entire back and aggressive waist and lore back ( bookshelve) I will be 39 years old in the end of July and next year I'm trying to be celebrating my newbooty and body . I would like to get it done no later then end of March first week of April due to wanting to be up and running for memorial weekend hoot hoot!!! Lol.. I'm planing a big pool party or a yacht party for my 40th next year in July 2015 and I'm not trying to be hurting or in bed recovering lol.. ; ) keep me posted ... Best wishes

Butt implants with Fat transfer

"Puerto Rican Princess " I think I want 390 CC with at least 1000cc fat transfer to cheeks and hips from my abs, entire back and inner thighs very flabby ., I love her body ... But I need implants due to working out 5-6 days a week .


I checked out those clinic names and they didn't come up in google dr Miranda's work isn't too good from what I've seen a lil bit slap dash :/
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Nataliah86 , Thank you for the heads up .It's been so stressful trying to find an Expert with Butt implants experience. Then reading all these horrific stories infections and removal of implants etc. ;( Meantime, I have a consultation with Dr. Pazimo in Miami in the end of this month and another one with Dr. Lacerne next week near Tampa and I sent an email for Dr. Ryan Straton in Beverly Hills, California. I did cancelled Dr. Salama consultation too much going on over there and he's only 10 to 15 mins from me ;( I'm also seeking another Dr. in Miami Dr. Chris don't remember his last name But I will keep youposted. If you have any suggestion or advise please don't hesitate........ Thank you in advance ;)

Searching for butt implant experts in florida

I decided to Stay as close to home at possible and that's Florida. I'm totally scarred due to all these infections and Butt implant removal to travel out of Country or Far far distance from Florida. I decided to cancel consultation with Dr. Salma due to all the infections and Butt implant removals etc. I have consultations with Dr. Pazimo , Dr. Lacerne, Dr. Chris and maybe couple more by next week as I'm still undecided but researching Butt implant experience ,expertise and any History in general .

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400cc round with fat grafting

I'm thinking of changing punt due to all these beautiful Butt implants ;) I want 400cc round in each cheek and with at least 600 CC of fat to each cheek and fat transfer to hips .I also want aggressive Lipo in my back, waist,abdominal , flanks , lower back and thighs . I hope and pray I can find a Doctor that can give me what I'm looking for and for everything to turn out fine ...... Praying for the Ladies going thru so much pain ;( May You all have Quick Recovery and God bless


check out Dr.Gongora his prices are fair and include recovery clinic stay I've seen so many great results check out "Nuwbooty2013" and "lizstarr" results
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Hey good luck in your search. I had a consultation with Jimmerson. He didn't seem very confident with implants. He said he preferred not to do them. He quoted me 16k. Have you tried dr. Mendieta in Miami?
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He is way too expensive. I got a quote for a tt, ba w implants, bbl, lipo n chin for $6000

Melinda Lirag Lacerna-Kimbrell, MD, FACS Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

I had an email consulation last week and will have phone consulation with Doctor on Monday 8/25/14. I sent her before and after pics with my wish pictures. I also advised the Consultant of AGGRESSIVE LIPO due to wanting a 24 inch waist and a scoop deep shelf lower back. I told her I workout 6 days a week and also joined Crossfit and will loose body fat quickly. I sent her wish pictures of sculptured girls and she stated not a problem ;) I asked her for 485 CC with 400cc fat transfer from my entire Back, flanks,lower back, inner thighs, and abdominal. I asked if she and add fat on top of implants and the sides making it fully round with a nice fullness and projection. I sent her my wish measurements which are 38,22,40. The next day I received a quote stating $9,300 with 550cc and 600cc fat transfer for each gluteal due to working out so much you will need bigger implants and more fat transferred. I was Sooo happy!!! Owee!!!!! . I'm totally leaning towards her bring she has nice pictures and havnt heard about any infection , implant removal or burns. I have one more consultation with Dr. Pazimo and I'm done with hunting for Doctors. Dr Lacerne only 3 hours away from she's next to Tampa and I live in Miami . Last time I spoke to her consultant the Dr. Was having butt implants Seminar in Brazil.to show her work etc. I feel very confident with work and experience with Butt implants ;)


Ladies, TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES.... , I called Jimmerson and the Consultant advised me the $12,000 for BBL / Fat transfer with 5 areas . I asked how much for implants?? she stated Dr. jimmerson doesn't like to do implants nor feel confident with implants . I totally RESPECT that!!!! I thanked her for her honesty. Now, Unlike DR. Stanton from Beverly Hills , California their consultation with Mindy was $9300 via email for ONLY Butt implants . MINDY called me for confirmation of phone consultation with Dr. Stanton and to give me prices got Lipo. She stated $4500 for Lipo ( lower Abdominal even doe my stomach is flat and $2500 per every other area totally 8 sessions total of $40,000.00 lmfao! I finally told her ok , let's call it what it is???? Then the consult Mindy mentioned after I asked her to do the Math because I was in total disbelieve ....... She then mentioned Dr. Stanton doesn't like to do Lipo with Butt implants and doesn't recommend it WOW!!! I feel HONESTY is the BEST POLICY and all she needed to say the TRUTH!!! Instead she wasted my time ;( I felt Dr. Is trying rob me blind or give me this Ridiculous prices knowing anyone in their RIGHT is not paying $40,000!! Then she had the ordacity to say DR. Stanton will be calling you Monday for a phone consultation lol., Thank you but cancel that call I'm staying in Miami bc the total price with travel and stay will be $ 50,000.00 NOT!! There's NO PERFECT DOCTOR and if he was perfect then I would give him $40,000 UNREAL!! Once I had this consultation then canceled with Salama after all the infections, burns and butt implant removals and Soo much pain in suffering from all these beautiful ladies then I started searching again ;(. It's very stressful to try to find a great doctor with experience, good medical background and reputation and A logical price . Cheaper or Expensive is NOT always better. Last but not least, Ladies research , research and don't get caught up with these ladies on here promoting these Doctors because dike may work for them or even get a discount with them for making then popular on here. Do your research as I'm still doing :) Good luck and Best wishes! I have a phone Consultation with Dr Lacerne on 8/27/14 Keep you all posted :)
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I love your wish pics ! I'm schuduled with dr. Lacerna this December. She suggested the same size implant for me lol I'm 5'7 139lbs. She's not playing around with her sizing lol big bootys all day
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Pudge, Congrats!!! Hoot!! Hoot!! Wow! Are you getting lipo or just Butt implants????? I wish I was 5"7 lol..,I had mentioned initially 485 CC and 500cc fat transfer due to not wanting to look fake more in the natural look but not flat either lol..... and when I received the email OMG! I almost got the Roof lol.. I'm like Wow!! She stated to get my wish pictures which are the same ones on here I would need 550cc and 600cc to each butt cheek and the fact that I workout 6 days a week and Crossfit it would be smart to maintain my the 30 pounds of extra weight gained for Surgury . Isabel stated Dr. going to Brazil for a conference to show off her work etc. I'm Soo excited and can't wait to next Wednesday because I know exactly what I want to achieve ;) Good luck and I will be following your journey.

Rescheduled phone consultation today

Received call from Isabel stating Dr. Still was in Surgury and will have reschedule my phone consultation today ;(. I advised Isabel that I truly understand. I simple asked to please call me tomorrow with a new phone consultation date and time . I was Sooo looking forward to talking with Dr. Lacerne today ;-/ I will keep you all posted on the next appt date and time . I will also keep all my questions near by lol... And my quote ..... . I just wanna make sure I'm getting aggressive Lipo especially Lower back and Abdominal . I wanna make sure that fat transfer to hips is also included in price :) I was thinking of adding lipo to my arms lol... minus well go all the way lol.. So far it's 550cc butt implants round and 600cc fat transfer from entire back, flanks, inner thighs, abdominal and far transfer to Gluteals and to hips:) My wish measurements are 38 ( I'm a Full D w/ Saline implants 510 CC with a 710 bag which means I can add more saline if I choose too hmmm... lol.. ) 22 or 24 waist and 36 to 38 Butt ;) I'm hoping that not too biggggggg lol...


Did you have your phone consult ?
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maybe the 3 ( bigbooty and pudge )of us should go to mexico together and get this done lol 3 for one i wish i could work up the courage to go …i have seen so many great results from those 2 doctors …..
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Girrrl, you know that's right!! I'm not that crazy lol..,I have travelled to third world country but not for Surgury its scary ...... I would love to goo but I'm too scary when it comes to the Surgury part . Let me find out it's nobody here getting these butt implants and fat transfer right ........ hmmm?? Mexico here We Come lmfao!!!

Havnt spoken to Dr. Lacerna ( for consultation)

Sarah ( Consultant) left me a voice message on Friday am advising me of Dr. Wanting to talk to me today instead of Saturday due to busy schedule.. lol.. I didn't get message until that evening after 7pm ;( I have yet to talk to Dr. To date. Meantime, I have several consultations with several Doctors in Miami. I will keep you all posted if and when I do talk to Dr. Lacerna. I have 90 days on my quote and by that time I'm sure she will find time to talk to me. I will not reach out again .... I've done my part and if she can't find time to talk to me before Surgury then I will hate after she gets my money hmmm??? I feel she's a Professional and at the end of the day she needs patients as for me have choices .... Thousands of Doctora and if I have to travel so be it ;( I will keep you posted on my consultations via phone and in person.


Please read my review ;( I'm totally not happy with Dr. Melinda Lirag Lacerna-Kimbrell, MD, FACS Sarasota Plastic Surgeon office and their professionalism . I've been rescheduled 2x times now makes no sense ;(
Oh wow I had to reshudule once but she did call promptly the next schuduled time. I was so curious if she was going to meet all your expectations like she did mine over the phone. Awhhh I'm sorry :/

Researching and Consultations

Still on the Grind........ I have 6 more Consultations to go ;) until the end of November lol... Sooo many Great Great Doctors to choice from in Miami area ,South Florida area from Palm beach County all the way to Dade County ;) I will keep you all posted .... Meantime , back to the drawing board :) Research :)


Why do you want aggressive liposuction? Because you want a larger butt or because you want a slimmer body? Do you know what aggressive lipo looks like? It's not good. The more fat they remove the higher chance of a bad outcome. Uneven, lumpy results and revision after the fat resettles. And if they remove too much, you'll never get it back to the way it was. Fat grafts are mostly absorbed by the body and they can't restore a pitted surface to a smooth one, you'd need fillers.
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First and Foremost it depends on the Doctor's expertise ...... Lets keep in mind twenty patients may have same surgery with total different results..... Every Doctor is Differant less or no experience or Top Notch (Expert) I know that I'm getting Butt implants with aggressive lipo for sculpture and sculpture only. I also want fat transfer for a fuller and round Boootay. I have a nice shape already as I workout 6 days a week and just last year had 13% body fat to give you an idea ... Yes, Ex Body Builder lol.. ;) I'm not new to the surgery world. My Sisters,Cousin and Aunts been having surgery for decades lol.. I had boobs done 3x time originally was a huge DD ( chest reduction -then babies;) I only want Aggressive.... It's the only way I'm going ..lol.. . If you look at my Wish Pics you can see the lower back (deep ) and the waist ( small) ;) There's not to many Doctors good at aggressive lipo as results speaks for themselves;) I will be posting my Pre op pics once I decide which DR I'm going with ;) DR, Salama did advise me that I had an Awesome Body and didn't have enough fat for BBL lol... It meant so much to me but did suggest to gain 30 pounds and stop working out lmfao.. :) I have gained 30 pounds to date and just working out for endurance etc but maintaining the 30 pounds for my surgery ;) I just need my big Butt back lol.. I had a fat Asss back in my High school and University days :(. Don't get it twisted still turning necks lol. I ain't flat.. Or Sponge Bob ;) lol..Thank you for your advise and sharing your experience with me. Honestly, I must get aggressive lipo mandatory ;)

I Havnt decided which Doctors to date . I will have several consultations in November due to waiting for the summer rush to pass and prices to hopefully drop . I will need your help for those who have had butt implants and have shared their experience. I would like to thank you in advance for your advise and suggestions.

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