Yily doll!!! DR..happy w results!

Hello everyone . I'm 25 y.o. I am 5'5 and weight...

Hello everyone . I'm 25 y.o. I am 5'5 and weight 149. I don't look that bad but my butt shape is like sponge bob I want a nice round booty. I've been searching for the right dr for the past year after I had my third and last child (lol) yes I have 3 kids my oldest is 8..anyhow I'm from the Dominican Republic as ya may kno surgery is super cheap there but I won't put my life at risk like that. I google dr.alejandro Hernandez his pics r nice but I've heard bad things about him that he is a little crazy. So I went to consultation here in my wig dr.yager and I honestly wasn't impress his work are like mouth dropping they aight.. But thanks to this website I came down to 2 drs. Dr.salzhauer who is a bit pricey or dr.salama who is more in my budget. Can you guys please advice me again I'm from ny so it's giona b a lil sad to go out of town to get surgery but I'm so ready. I need advice ladies on how to get started w choosing the right doctor. Thanks god for this website..

Hello everyone, I got a quote from dr.walkiris...

Hello everyone, I got a quote from dr.walkiris Robles in the Dominican Republic I loved all her reviews and comment but I spoke to her assistant I'm waiting for her to contact me so I can email her my wish pic. Which I will be putting up I want a nice natural looking big booty..anyhow I'm going to pu up a pic that made me realize I lost my pre babies body..I'm posting those pic too.. For all my lovely ladies patient of salama his staff still haven't contact me :( and I wanted him to be my first pick..

Ugh back to square one I had to deal with a huge...

Ugh back to square one I had to deal with a huge personal problem so I had to put my surgery to aside. But now everything is solved and I've decided to do my surgery in Dominican Republic! I was looking at dr.nelson Rosario but I didn't find any reviews on him and then I bumped I to dra.yily de Los santos and I have not found one u satisfied result which is a plus..I already contact her and send her my pics I'm just waiting for a quote depending on what happens I'm willing to go at the end of march.im not gonna a bit nervous but I go my breast done before so Im not sooo scare:).. I need help and advice on this doctor and the trip I was considering to stay at Jacky's recovery house because I'm Dominican but I'm from Santiago. And my family is not really supportive with the surgery idea. So please any advice will be appreciated;)

Finally!!!!!! Yily answered she asked me what date...

Finally!!!!!! Yily answered she asked me what date I wanted in march with full details of procedure I emailed her back the date just waiting for a confirmation so I can give my deposit and book my flight..she also sent me the link to the recovery house and from what I saw all the rooms have two bed I don't want to be over paying when at the end of The day I'ma be sharing a twin size bedroom..so if you ladies know anything about the recovery details I will appreciate it..thanks in advance.
March 2013 team yily!!!!!!!

Omg!!!!!!!!!! I want to scream out of excitement...

Omg!!!!!!!!!! I want to scream out of excitement wooooo!!!!!!!!!
After being a psycho checking my email evey five minute dr.yily emailed me my confirm dat MARCH 23,2013!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo excited.ok I need to put myself together and start getting ready from now so I won't miss anything any advice or suggestion on what to pack will b so helpful ladies!!!!

Freaking out!!!!! So after this whole chaos about...

Freaking out!!!!! So after this whole chaos about western union going on with yilyspatient I've been keeping tract of my payment so I just checked it online n I was getting an error message I started to freak out cause I was typing the correct mtcn number so after a few tries I chose to call and the automated machine said my payment was picked up Monday 28 which was yesterday I'm praying to god it was dr.yily that has everything down pack and not a scheme....(fingers cross) anyhow forgot to mention (I think) my 500$ deposit I made it at my local western union location I specifically spelled the name letter by letter n the payment was made cash..so I'll keep u ladies posted ..gn

Ok so bad news I got a call back from western...

Ok so bad news I got a call back from western union n my payment was returned to me I have to pick it up at my local location :( yily needs to serious get on her A game cause forrealllll!!! (I meant that with a big EFING attectude) lol Jk .whatbim gonna try to do. Is since I'm going to Dominican Republic this weekend for 3 days to celebrate my grandmas 70th b-day I might just drive down to the capital to personally give hermy deposit.. N like that ill check out the area.. So I can let u ladies kno n maybe take pics...ssshhhh on the low..lol

I just called the office this is what they told me...

I just called the office this is what they told me that make sure u send the flight info...since the issue with western union they are working on a PayPal account so what is cofirming your date right now is your flight itianary. So send them a copy of your flight call them and ask if u are on the scheduled..so they can write you up. Good luck ladies and please call stay on the phone until she opens the email with flight info...I wasn't on her scheduled n yily had emailed me last week saying I was.so yari the girl that answer the phone told me she wrote me down.. I'm second for that date my girl cherryred is the first one together doll up..!!,!, so excited I want to scream.

So I went to dr this weekend to Santiago...

So I went to dr this weekend to Santiago unfortunately I couldn't make it to santo Domingo which is where yily is located but I'm going to post a pic of the form you guys have to fill out .US citizens is 2 one per family and another one that is for each indivually. It ask your name,last d.o.b what's the purpose of the trip either pleasure ,buisiness.if you have merchandise for which u have to pay taxes n that is no of course. They also allow u to take 10,000$ or less my advice don't put the ammount as long is less than 10k.please ladies don't forget to keep 10$ for the tourist card you have to pay as soon as u arrive to sdq airport.

I'm super nervous I had all my bloodwork done and...

I'm super nervous I had all my bloodwork done and an EKG how ever when the nurse perform the EKG them lines were all over the place :( omg!!!!!!!!!! Ladies please pray for me

So my blood pressure was high n EKG was a bit...

So my blood pressure was high n EKG was a bit irregular she said it was because my blood pressure :( I'm sooo down ladies I'm on a strict no salt no fast food diet because she said there's no way I'm getting surgery like that .she also said it can b due to stress n no sleep so ladies please try to relax your 8+ sleep is extremely important

Hey ladies.so I went today to my gyn doctor who...

Hey ladies.so I went today to my gyn doctor who has taken care of me for 9yrs and I explain to her what had happened with the new doctor I went to yesterday for the medical clearance she was in shocked that they told me I had elevated blood pressure today my blood presure was 110/75 yay!!!! I don't remember if I told you guys about yesterday's EKG that the doctor said it wasn't so good .well she put me a holter monitor for 24hrs I had a bunch of cables all over my body with this small machine my kids were super freaked out and so was my husband and I personally thought I was gonna die!!!!:( and no sx. Back to today well my gyn doctor told me to change drs that is impossible for someone with knowledge and experience to put a holter monitor on a25 y.o who has never had high blood pressure or suffer from cardio vascular problems.. With that being said I switched doctors .im just happy I'm ok and thanks for your concern and best wishes and my advice make sure you trust your doctors cause I had the worste nite of my life..:(some doctors in the USA don't like the idea of patient going to a third world country to get surgery on top she has a specialty in plastic surgery too n I didn't know this shame on me..

Hello girl zzz.its been a minute I don't get on...

Hello girl zzz.its been a minute I don't get on this site because it honesty gives me a bit of anxiety:/ moving forward I changed my sx date to march20,2013 the sooner the better (for personal reasons) anyhow I started taking all my vitamins and I literally have my bags packed I'm just waiting for the 19!!!!! Lol i order the feminine urinary funnel from rei.com is made specially for that..it's cute too(pink) I paid 22$ I also order the epifoam pads from biodermis.com I know many ladies complain about prices but in my view I'm purchasing what ever is best for my healing. I wish everyone the best luck ;)

Hey ladies incase you guys wanted to see what the...

Hey ladies incase you guys wanted to see what the funnel looked like here r some pics.i love it because unlike a regular one this one is made specially for that so it has the va-j-j shape it goes all the way back so no boo boos will happen is small n it's convenient..

Hello everyone it's been a while :/ a lot has...

Hello everyone it's been a while :/ a lot has happened ,but the good news is I'm still on for march 20th I'm literally 8 days away from flying to DR I get butterflies in my stomach.my bag has been packed since month lol so has my flight I don't like doing last minute run arounds.everything is set all I'm waitin on is the 19 n Dr here I come..I began taking my vitamedica pills last week. (From makemeheal.com) . I honestly have stayed away from this site because like every other social network site there's so much drama In here..lol I just laugh because is pittyful n we all get along please we abvious are her for. The same reasons.(#Aintnobodygottimeforthat!) anyhow I will post my post op journey I don't really have much to say the day I depart I will detailed everythin..

Hello ladies the moment I've waited so long is...

Hello ladies the moment I've waited so long is finally here..everything set in 9 hrs I head out to the airport. Hopefully my flight doesn't get delay :( it is storming in NYC like really in two days is spring n there's a snow storm..like really AIN'T NO BODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!!! Today was stressful I ran around like a chicken without a head (advice don't leave anything for the last day and by anything pedi manis and hair is included)..ladies this is the real beginning of my journey!!
2 days pre op (praying to god my flight doesn't get delay I will post some pics)
Please ladies pray for me :)

Hello ladies just a quick update.so I arrived to...

Hello ladies just a quick update.so I arrived to sdq on Tuesday march 19 at 1:30 pm my flight got delay for one hour but it was ok I was on the plane w my friend who also was getting procedure w dr.yily.the bad thing was the freaking turbulence due to the bad weather..so we filled out the paper in the airplane to buy the tourist card(10$) after getting the card u go to the gate to get your bags..junior very nice guy was waiting for us with sign that had our name .we then drove to the recovery house everyone is soooo nice and caring here especilly the owner jacky and sister AnA..the food is delicious They make home made juice insane how good!!! Anyhow I met a few other girls of dr yily that kept saying that she doesn't give a butt this and the third so I got worried I explained to Jackie that I was worried she was nice enough to take me that same day to see her so me a d my friend got our lab and X-rays done .i felt so much better and confident..some girls need to understand that if you have a pancake butt u can't end up with a nicki Minaj booty and if ur curves are like precious you can't end up with Kim k hour glass curves .they are plastic surgeons not magician ..moving forward just have realistic expectation..so that night I felt asleep at 8pm to wake up at 5;30 am to go to cipla..we get there our results from the day before were all in and we just had to see the cardiologist after the like at 9:30 am I see this gorgeous almost 6ft tall women w a banging body she introduces hersf and says who's dania Marte omg my heart drop I said i am she said u r first..she took me to the room and asked me what I want how I want to look we communicated perfectly I fell in love w her she is sooo professional she was upset because they are so many ppl hating on her and not for nothing but some girls from the us don't follow Instructions they want to switch drs last minute like its a joke..anyways I drank the blue pill and layed down at9:50am they came to get me to take mr to the or..I was. Calm I loved the blue pill lol..when I came out of the or almost at 12;45 pm I didn't have pain just some stiffness after the anesthia went away that's when he'll broke loose I had the worste nite of my life some ppl are diff I kno that but please peeped yourself and don't come without strong pain killers try to get them from ur us drs..the pain killer here sucks I was left with pain because they didn't want to over dose me I couldn't move at all I cried like a baby I was stiffed and in so much pain u have to sleep on your back and my back was killing me I had a catheter on and a drainage ..the hrs were going by sooo slow I couldn't control the anxiety nurse were getting upset w me cause I kept calling them for help..at 3 am I said fuck it and I turned around I felt a bit better still in pain at 7 am the phlebotomist came to do our blood to make sure we didn't need a transfusion at 10am a special nurse came to get us up and to clean us..btwi shared room w my friend at cipla too it helped a lot if ya can team up to give each other support do it..like at 11:50 am junior came to pick us up(advice if ya staying at the recovery house but the meds from them they will order it i paid from the hospital and a lot of things were missing.a nurse from the recovery house told me it would came out cheaper) so we get to the recovery house oh thanks god I didn't need a transfusion. When we get here they fed us made us a special shake put us in bed have us our meds .one thing I like about them is that u getting what u pay for the service is amazing!!!! I honesty feel like I'm In Good hands not in hands of stranger Jackie is a Christian and the sweetest person u will meet one thing she doesn't kno English almost none of them do .so for non Spanish speaking sister tag w a Spanish friend or get google translator..today the pain is 55% better I could get up by myself make sure ya buy a urinating funnel if ya can like the one I got from rei.com omg is the best easy and convenient no mess at all I lLOVE it!!! Nothing that was all so far is 1:35 am and I'm not that sleepy I slept the whole day..this was a looooonnnng ass post sorry but I hope it helps .take care ladies for those staying at Jm spa see ya soon..I'm in the room next to the kitchen level one..here is some pic of me and my friend the morning of surgery..I'm sooo swollen so I won't put pics of today maybe in a few more days..if I misspell or said anything confusing I'm on meds lol

Hey ladies today was a hard day for me :( get...

Hey ladies today was a hard day for me :( get ready for those I've been having mild fever and I beyond swollen not everyone is the same but prepare yourselves mentally ..going to bed:(

Hey ladies today I feel so much better..since I...

Hey ladies today I feel so much better..since I wasn't feeling good yesterday dr.yily personally came to the recovery house to see all her dolls mind you it was Sunday..bless her heart..anyhow she removed my drainage 4days p.o yay me so much better without it .some girls got me scare about the drainage removal how it hurts like hell let me just say I didn't even feel it... :) so don't get nervous over other ppls story..so today I got my first massage I took a Percocet before because I was also nervous based on other ppls stories it was a bit of discomfort but about half ways into it ,it felt soooo good and after I came out that room I felt like a new person..I noticed that is not good to stay laying or sitting for to long you get stiff is good to take walks slowly of course drinking lots and lots of fluids ..thanks good today was good I heard this was a rollercoaster praying I won't fall backwards

Hello ladies I believe today I'm 11 days p.o...

Hello ladies I believe today I'm 11 days p.o everyday it gets better and better I came home Friday the 29th lol I missed my kids n hubby soo much I was home sick...let me tell ya a lil about the flight it was at 4:40 am I was freaking the fck out excuse my French because again I heard from another bbl sistah that if u get massages within 24 hrs u can't travel and te afternoon before I got my 4th massage.well I'm still alive (my advise please don't listen to everything u read ppl without a life like to make sht up.) ugh I was so scare I almost had a panic attack.i did ask for wheel chair service a plus please get that u don't have to make lines is like VIP express service lol n it's free it help so bad because is bad enough we putting our body thru a bit of stress why not treat help it a bit.lol don't know Just my opinion..back to reading other ppls blog unless info not medically proven please don't believe ..my flight was smooth I was traveling in first class so the 2 seats next to me were empty I slept like a baby..the flight attendant noticed I had sx because of my stunning curves she came to compliment me lol awkward!! She them kept coming to me telling to drink alot of fluids and every 30mins she will tell me to walk a bit I in the plane back and forth so nice of her:) n that funnel i told u guys about a plus..if u speak up ppl will accommodate u..I'm now at the spa waiting for my 5th massage..funny story real quick yesterday I walk up calling Ana lmao that's the nurse from the recovery house that helped me soooo much... I'm sooo thankful I went to jmspamedica everyone was so caring..I love Ana and Jackie..well ladies happy Easter if ya have any questions feel free to ask..stay tune for post op pic loving my results..

Hey ladies quick update had my 7th massage so far...

Hey ladies quick update had my 7th massage so far n it only gets better my waist is tiny and my ass and hips are huge!!!!! Lol I'm laughing inside because I remember those first day how bad I cried .so far soooo worth it!

Hey ladies its been a min just wanted to let u...

Hey ladies its been a min just wanted to let u guys know just today I fit in a 2xs fajate garment yay!!!! Love it!!!!!!
Dr.yily de Los santos

So far so good if I need to change my ratings I will let u guys know ..so far extremely pleased

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey hun, its been a long time, how are you? How was your experience? Drop us a message i really want to hear from your experience and see your results
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Did you travel alone to DR ?? I'm so ready to go but I don't speak Spanish and I feel like I need a family member with me ughhhh pm I need to pick ya brain :-)
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same here...
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Did u do butt implants or your own fat?
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Hey boo. Hope ur recovering nicely nd feeling great. I'm abt to pm u.
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That fajate garment looks so comfy I can't wait to get mines on .... equipped with a bigger ass lol
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It is confortable..I'm currently wearing a 2xs n I feel like they are so comfy the r not compressin my lower abs as much I will like:/ so I'm like a bit confuse is also bending when I sit I don't kno if is that is getting big on me or if is stretch out..at first I didn't have this issue so h should b fine good luck
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Question... Dr. Yily is in Miami? Can I have the contact info for your surgeon please?
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Yily de la Santos is in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic drayilyplastica@gmail.com Hope this helps
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No hunn she is in domincan republic I been trying to change that forever and every time I submit it .miami pops back up..
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Hey I just sent you a question but I replied to the wrong post. But I just had mine butt done in the states fat transfer to the butt approximately 800cc's however my butt doesn't look round or filled out. So my question to you is did your butt still look flat? Did it fluff out as the days went by? I'm almost two week post op and I'm getting more & more worried
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it only goes down a small percentage which isn't bad at all but she speaks Spanish too so it would be a very big bonus if she would bring her butt with me. n we can buddy up and be more comfortable about leaving the country lol
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Lol yes please convince her language barrier has been an issue:( she will b very convinient for u ;)
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thanks so much for the review your results look great. it is very helpful and comforting that you are so detailed about your experience because I want to go to her too!! my sister in law wants to get butt implants at the same time I get my bbl I'm going to try to talk her into getting the BBL the only reason she doesn't want to get it is because she's scared that it will go down. but from all of the reviews that I've seen it
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Aw thanks yily is great and tell your sis in law that if she is specifically to yily on how big she wants her butt she will do it.. Lol I only filled in my side n I'm regretting it . I want more booty lol but I'm happy good luck keep me posted;)
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Super Cute Pics.. Hips Galoe Gurl... So, are you still able to wear your old jeans or you shopping for new jeans?
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Yes I always loved jeggings so I guess since they r spandex it works..;)
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Question when you first came out of surgery did your butt still look flat or was it already big? & since you've gotten it done as time went on have it fluffed out? You did use your own fat correct? How many cc"s
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Love ur results! wish for u a speedy recovery!
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Can't really see the booty but ur waist and the sculpting look phenomenal!
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Thnx for the mini update nd pics. Congrats on being n the 2xs. Lookin good. Take it easy nd take care
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I love your results. You look GREAT! I googled Dr. Yily and found that her website is in Spanish. Which I know nothing about lol.. is there an email that I can reach her at that would be more help? Help me please lol
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Aw thanks love...this is her email drayilyplastica@gmail.com of u can translate everything u want to tell her in Spanish I believe she will answer quicker however if u don't feel like her assistant Yira speaks English n is the one to communicate w English speaker pt. if u get inpatient this is the number 809-331-5050 the operator picks up in soanish just as soon u hears her dial ext 208 and ask for Yira..hope it helps ;) if u need further help let me kno hunn..u r on the right path
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ok great... thanks a mil. I will most def be calling tomorrow.... I'm so excited, im just ready to get it done already. Although I don't think I've put on enough weight. Anywho thanks hunn..
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Just stopping thru to say Hello to your Ass....
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