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After doing tons of research and patiently waiting...

After doing tons of research and patiently waiting for years to be able to finally get my butt aug done has left me overly anxious about my surgery coming up in a couple of weeks. I have studied several doctors before and after pictureson line and have narrowed it down to a few. Dr Jimerson, Dr. Jonathan Fisher, and Dr. Salama. All these doctors do great work. Unfortunately the only affordable one out of the three is Fisher. The total cost for his surgery is 4000 and Jimerson can reach up to 13000 and Salama is right at 90000. I am so excited it is finallllllyyyy about to happen. I will keep you guys posted with before and after the photos. I am getting a fat transfer to my butt and hips.


So im 2 weeks out from surgery and I get a phone call from vanity stating I have to also get massages and a garment that is not included in the procedure. So be careful make sure u save ur money for ur procedure. Ask as many questions as you need to. A nurse will also prep you a week before surgery.

just purchased massages

The patient coordinater contacted me and said I need 10 massages because im doing 12 areas... just dropped another 550...

just landed in miami

Finally made it here!! Im soooo excited... my emotions are all over the place. Im going to get my blood work done first thing in the morning. Sx is Monday.. I will keep you guys posted.

post op pics of dr. fisher

So I just left my consultation everyone was so friendly there.. all the girls made me feel very comfortable... the nurses that worked there have had bbls done and they look amazing... im feeling really good about the surgery with Fisher. I took some pics of a nurse that just had hers done yesterday...

almost that time ladies..

My sx is scheduled for Monday at 9 am will be arriving an hour early to meet him due to not be able to meet him today because of inspection..

the day is almost here..

Just thought I would give u guys a few more pre op pics . Counting down 1 morr day to go!! Yikes!

Im looking for a stomach board

Can someone please tell me where I can find a stomach board... or can I make my own?

shaking in my boots lol

man this feels like the night before xmas!! Just wondering how much pain im going to be in is kinda scary... cant eat any thing after 12 tonight.. the next time you guys hear from me I will be post op!! Wish me luck and send your prayers. Thanks for everyones support it really makes a difference. I dont feel like im in it alone. Thanks dolls.

finally im post op

Hi dolls im finally able to update you guys on how my sx went.. first off let me tell you im fine fine fine.. Thnk God Im still alive.. let me set the record straight for anybody that is considering Dr.Fisher.. He did an amazing job on my body.. he gave me a small waist a biggg booty and hips!!!! He was very patient and had a since of humor. He told me wht to expect.. and he has over 7000 patients.. I would like to thank Vanity cosmetics for being soo kind to me cause u sure need kindness coming out a sx like a bbl..

post op

There is soo much that im gonna share with the post op dos and dont but for now im gonna get rest I will take better photos when im feelin better.. thnks dolls may God bless!

another post pic

Feeln better lovin my results

as the days go by im progressively healing..

Time = healing... just been getting plenty of rest and taking my meds on time. Ive been getting up every 2 hours to walk for 10-15 mins to keep my blood flowing. This is very important ladies... staying moving so your blood wont clot. Drink plenty of water and juices.... fruits but not bananas it causes gas.... I will update tom with more pics... gn.

still swollen

Im but is still swollen.. im only a few days op... im guessing I have more swelln than average cause im tall so he had to spread a lot around. Im thankful. Cant wait till it really drops and forms... my jogging pants will barely fit lol

not sure

Im trying to c what my butt is looking like it is changing . Now it looks big and flat. Idk if its jus me.. hopefully the fluff will make it make sense.. we will c as time progesses.

made it back home

Finally made it back home and I got my
first massage it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. Also I went to a massage place. I am still very swollen but gettn much bettr as time goes on. Im looking at my results and starting to see the real shape. I realized I was looking at a swollen shape... overall im falling in love..


its bigger in person

Omg since ive been home every body is talking about how big my butt is.. it looks way bigger in person!!!

morr post ops

Here some more sneak peeks

she got a donk!!

I am out of control with these pics I know but im loving my body everyday more and more. I am so thnkful... went from flat to fab!

feeling a lot better.

Hello RS, just a quick update I am doing a whole lot better especially since I have been sitting. Still only gradually tho I only sit when I have to drive. The swelling is still there as well as the numbness. I havent been getting my masssages do to finances. But hey.... here are a few more pics to glance at or maybe stare lol.

update with pics

Hello Rs im jus giving a quick update of how im doing and a couple of pics from the front of me... ive been getting request for an update sorry its been a while. Been wearing my garment religiously its been a hassle cant wait till I can get back to normal.. life as I know it now is completely different since before I had the surgery. All I cansay Iis dr Fisher changed my life. Oh yeah someone left me a comment and said its funny how my pics are on another page for dr fisher she didnt really elaborate so im not sure what that means.. does she think my pics are not me or something I dont know and dont care if thats the case.. my pics r of me but I guess I can take that as a compliment lol..

Ask for Prescilla at Vanity

Ask for Prescilla at Vanity tell her Chastity sent you and she will give you a good rate and also she will show you guys a lot of Dr. Fisher before and after pics once you get to the office. Theres quite a few girls saying they will be going to Vanity and I would like for you guys to deal with the same sweet girls that I did good luck girls.. im feeling myself more and more evry day.. smooches! Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

More pics sorry for the wait

Hey ladies I would just like to thank all the ladies that visit my page that inspired from my procedure that leave all the kind comments. I know it's been a whole since I've shared pics with u guys. I bought a really good squeem today and man is this thing tight. I thought I would faint but now my body is taking to it and my waist is looking suuuuuperrr tiny!!! I will post more pics once I take all these compressions off it looks SOOO gooood thank u dr. Fisher I love u!!!

Few more pics

Quick update




Tryna get the pics right

Vanity went up in price!!!

Vanitys prices have gone up to 8000 now ladies so if you haven't put down a deposit for the 4000 then u may be too late!!!

correction on the price!!

i was told by a pre op patient that the prices have gone up to 8000.. well i confirmed with one of the nurses today and she stated that they have experienced a price increase but not to 8000 for full procedure that price includes staying at their recovery home so the price should be anywhere between 4500-5000... and Fisher has a tremendous amount of patients that doesnt post to realself... Also Dr. Salama use to work at Vanity... And to me he is better than Salama in my opinion.

Decided to post a few pics for a quick update

Hey ladies sorry it has taken so long with the update and photos. I'm much better the swelling has gone down tremendously. I'm still a lil tender and numb but overall I'm almost completely back to normal yay!!! Enjoy the new pics and I'm sorry I still don't know how many cc a I got I've been asking but it's like pulling teeth!! Anyway congrats to all the ladies with upcoming surgery dates and the ones that just became preop. Much luv!

Oh here's the pics

Pic update


more pics

Hello all my real self sistas I see a lot of ladies have gotten their surgery done and some are still waiting good luck to all just wanted to drop a couple of pics up way.

Going ham with the picture updates!

Just thought I would flood the scene with more post ops. Don't know if I will be posting more pictures... I think my job here is done... I will update again at 6 months post. Hope I have helped you ladies along with ur journey.. I'm still open to answer questions I will try my best to answer asap. God bless..

omg update alert!!!!!!!

Ok so I was just playing around on Google and I ran across some shocking news....... A 51, year old mother of 5 just died at vanity cosmetics in MIAMI!!! Yes the same place I had surgery at and where a lot of people wil be going... The surgery was done by dr. Hasan... she died of lung failure from that fat that was transfered!!!! Wtf... Thank God my Jesus had my life in his hands I was thinking about going back to get a tummy tuck but never mind now... A bad body ain't worth dying for.. I'm done no more surgeries ever.. oh here's the link so u can c for yourselfhttp://wordondastreet.com/another-one-mother-5-dies-undergoing-butt-lift-miami/



something else I wanna share...

I have been goin thru it... and man it is hard being this damn fine lol... u get treated completely different from ur exs new guys etc.. they automatically assume u going to be Wilding out and in actuality yea it's a new world sooo many people trying to talk to you its so easy to always choose a new friend to talk to. It's crazy the life of a big booty... a lot more that i wanna say on that but just can't but people attitudes are stronger for you weather good or bad...
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Well girl enjoy it because we go thru a lot to look beautiful and we deserve all the attention lol :)
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Girl, I don't even have the SX yet but know for sure fuckers are going to come from the woodwork. Already been asked by some folks to let them hit it from the back first. I just giggle and don't respond. I already know this cell phone of mine going to be full of unknown numbers (cause it has been deleted) come late July/August. Can't wait for your 6 month post. Yeah that death in the states freaked me out cause my mom brought it to my attention. I was so happy it wasn't Fisher but as risky as surgery is no one knows what would happen. Only wish for the best and have the Lord to be with me, the SX team, and the doctor during this life changing process.
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i did not want to see this 8 days before my surgery. WHAT THE FUCK. fisher fisher fisher.... and i considered hasan.....
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Yea Fisher is good tho he is board certified... but everyone goes in knowing people have died.. it just be shocking to hear when it hits close to home. But when u keep God number 1 you have nothing to worry about.. be blessed doll.. you will be good with Fisher...
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Also, there are risks involved with any and every procedure.. You just have to research your Dr. To make sure he is qualified to do the procedure. God bless!!!
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I read about this months ago :(
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I just read that Dr. Hasan is not a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon :( I don't understand why he is still performing these type of procedures?!?
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That is true and he has a death under his belt from last year that was surgery related. He is only a Board Certified Dermatolgist not a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He also had a malpractice suit against him that he settled for. My sister scheduled with him but getting her money back after finding this out. Did u schedule with him @LOveB?
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Yes I just read the same
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I'm scheduled with Dr. Fisher. I just got a Breast lift and augmentation done by Fisher also.. I wish you all the best!!
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wow, I am now wondering the same as I am scheduled for May 22nd with dr. salzhauer
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Fisher did u right!
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Hey I love the results! I will call in to speak to him and see. But your belly ain't that flat. Or is it the way you wanted it? Please give details about the 12 areas you did lipoed??? Thank you so much. You look so great!
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hi, 12 arwas of lipo are upper and lower belly area are 4 (divide your front in 4), sides are 2 including love handle and whole back are 4 (again divide your back in 4), if you are overweight with belly lipo alonevno going to do much, because yes tge dr. Can suck all the fat out of you but you skin dont going to shrink all the way, or you loose weight or do a Tummy tuck first then lipo or combine both all depends your body frame, weight and BMI, l just did a vaser lipo with dr. Bass at Vanity, l love my results, lam still sweel, l will look very natural (my expectations), well babe hope to read about your journey soon. Good luck in your search, (go with instint)
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You look beautiful
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U did thanks, bunches.
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omg!! im in love with ur results like ive been lookin all over for a year and a half for affordable docs with great results and i think i jus found him!lol
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I apologize if I missed any info regarding those 12 areas you had lipoed. Would u please list those areas? Thanks a bunch.
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Hey u look great. Can u post a little about how you are treated in public? Just curious how men and women act.
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Hey big sis did you notice a drop and fluff yet? If so at how many weeks?
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Hey, Did you do your surgery with Dr Fisher yet? Share your experience. What do you mean by drop and fluff? I'm clueless! Thanks.
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I'm lock and paid for May 27th with Fisher and buddy less @bigbootyjoy i also have my plane ticket already ..... *no games*
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damn why could it not be Jun 27th. i have to stop smoking weed, so i need a lil time thats y i perfer junissh/july no later
  • Reply
Bigbootyjoy ;( I want to be fully recovered by summer.... I have plans to go to Trinidad in July to see family ..... Best wishes to u tho ;)
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How much did you weight b4 surgery? i go in Jun with Fisher, if anybody ready put down a deposit n lock a date & be butt buddies inbox me pls ASAP
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