Okay girls, round 3 is scheduled for October 2013.

After doing all my research, I have finally...

After doing all my research, I have finally decided on Dr. Salama, a board certified physician in Miami Florida. I have been on a few consultations, but after speaking to his staff, I have decided that he is a keeper.

For 3 years I have wanted a BBL and now I have finally build up the nerve to get one. I really wanted to stay away from the tummy tuck and most of the doctors said I needed one, but because I have had one in the past and it was VERY painful, it would take an act of God to get me to take one or the US army.

I am so excited and I will post before and after pictures for everyone to see.

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Let the count down begin!

Let the count down begin!


@BBLNikki, my consult was great. He is a very confident doctor, he is not cocky or anything like that, he just talked as if he really knew his stuff. I was very impressed with him
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@Want a new body, that you. I am sure you will be happy with the results. Just meeting the doctor and to get the feel of the situation was just great. I flew down on Saturday to get my lab work done and there was line out the door. There was no place to sit at all so that just tell me that he is good. What hotel will you be staying at?
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Congrats! I see we are both from MD. How was your consult?

I have only 10 days left before I get my new me. I...

I have only 10 days left before I get my new me. I have added a breast aug and I am so excited. I will be leaving on February 15, (this so happens to be my birthday) to go in search of the new me. This is the best birthday gift I have ever given myself.


Your up next! i know youre excited , hope u have an uneventful surgery and amazing results!

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Were almost there! My surgery got moved up a day so I am super excited! Do you have all your stuff together? Im so scared I sonny have everything I need but I know I do. Lol my nerves are starting to get the best of me! Lol help me girl!
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^dont have everything

One week to go. Next week Thursday, it will be all...

One week to go. Next week Thursday, it will be all over. I will be bootiliciously beautiful.


i had a breast augmentation back like three years ago and two years ago i had a tt which i was very unhappy with my scar is very high and he did not do a m.r. (muscle repair)but im feeling good cus now it looks nice by the way i order the faja i went to the site tan salome and order number 0527 free shipping and you get a gift as well my faja was 99.00 dollars well stay safe stay well and in touch ok ..... Lana
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Hi Lana, what is a faja? I feel you on that tt, I had one too about five years ago and it wasnt done right too. And now I have a little skin too.
by the way im sorry that i did not reply but i did my surgery in philadelphia pa with a triple board certify plastic surgeon he is good so far i have no complaints . you stay positive ok n keep us all posted
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Four days to go and counting.

Four days to go and counting.


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Thank you && I'm glad she's well :)
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Oh soooo soooo glad she is better and tell her that it is going to get better Lana The BBL family
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Finally had my surgery done and I am up again. I...

Finally had my surgery done and I am up again. I wanted to say a big thank you to 76 Love joy for being there for me everyday, from running around picking up my prescriptions and dropping them off and making sure I had my meds when I need them as well as she called and check in as well as Divaish. This was a journey boy. My chest still feel huge too and I feel like little pins are in them too. My first 3 days were HELL. I could do nothing for myself, I mean NOTHING. I couldnt get up on my own no go to the bathroom on my own. My daughter and my exhusband bathe me and dressed me as if I was a baby again. I was completely helpless I couldnt stand for no more thank 10 seconds as I would just pass out. This was rough man really rough. Girls, remember to take assurance pads with you for your beds. I had a lot of leaking and I know the hotel folks probably done like me right about now. Remember to take vitamins after your surgery too it really helps as well as your massages. I started feeling better when I took my massages as it help the blood to circulate more. I cant want to post my before and after pics.


hey ma, I was reading your comments on another page and i'm kinda worried. i'm getting a lift, Aug, and BBL done at the same time and hope that i'm making the right decision. I don't see your pics on her would you please be able to send them to me? I was excited at first but now i'm really scared and worried that I won't be happy with my results :(
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Yea you are night Nevaeh, and I will be going back the end of April to see him and If anything, I will do it in maybe June or July. I just have to see how much time I can get off from work again. Ruben said the pain is not as bad the second time around, so I will see. I will in box you in a second and please give me your opinion. Thanks
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You know I have bee thinking. I think you should go back to get more. Not bc you don't look good. I think he did a great job on you. The pics you sent me were on point, However, you have to be satisfied and I can tell your not. Go get a little more since he's giving you a deal on it now. I would go soon too so he doesn't change your price he gave you. I just worry abt the healing process since ur not totally healed from the first go around. Just thought I'd drop u a note since I was already on here. You look beautiful as is but you only live one life and if your not happy, do it
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Finally post some picture for everyone to see. But...

Finally post some picture for everyone to see. But I still think it could be bigger. I will be going for round 2 and I am hopeful that I can get the results I am looking for. Everyone tells me it is fine, but I think I could use about 400 cc more. It looks a little better since I took the garment off and start wearing the Faja.


Call me with that Info about the massager I might just try that instead
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@Getabooty, thanks so much I will go to walmart and get one.
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No problem Totallyhot. @ Banana, just go to the pharmacy area of Walmart and just ask for a massager They have tons of them

Well it has been 12 weeks since I have had my...

Well it has been 12 weeks since I have had my procedures and I must say after the swelling and everything has gone down I have decided to go sit in a corner somewhere and love my bootay. My only complain is my inner thighs and my stomach. I have also post a front view of my tummy for you all to see and comment. I cannot leave home one day without someone not admire my figure and my bootay. So to all my non hater realself family, I will be taking you all advice and be satisfy with what I have. Please feel free to comment and it will be welcomed, negative or positive.


I think you look amazing! Congrats
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Thank you wisfulthinker.
Nice! I also feel like I could have a tighter stomach I think if I can get to a 26 inch waist I will finally able to sit down somewhere lol. Congrat 12 weeks
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Hi my BBL family, well I went to see Dr. S and he...

Hi my BBL family, well I went to see Dr. S and he has decided that I really need a revision so it is scheduled for January 2013. I gave my deposit and I know it is going to drive me crazy just to sit here and wait. I had the pleasure of meeting Ruben and Nancy who was so nice and professional. So I am praying everything goes well with the second time around actually the 3rd time around lol.


Hey luv good luck. You got the faja ready???
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Yes girl I am ready, I am looking for a vacation home to rent but cant find anything
Were are you having it done Miami ??

All I can say is that I have the biggest ass in...

All I can say is that I have the biggest ass in the work lol lol. My waist is tiny and he threw in a TT. I am mow a happy camper, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I will be posting pictures shortly as I just did my surgery this past Friday January 11, 2013


Was the soreness the same the second time around or r u be able to handle it more because you know what to expect
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@Bre, I knew what to expect this time and the pain wasnt as bad. I was just mooping around the hotel and all. But overall the pain wasnt as bad
I came back to see how ur butt would turn out when u went back. Glad to see your doing well. I am still thinking of going back just afraid i wont have any fat to take. Happy healing u look good
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I got so much swelling it is unreal. Cant wait to...

I got so much swelling it is unreal. Cant wait to post more pictures, just waiting for some more swelling to go away.


Now that's what I call a really bubbly bootay! Lovely work. So I can see this is a process that works best if staged out. So with so many people disappointed after all the swelling goes down, round two is definitely in order huh?
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You are flawless luv it
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Thanks, I am going back for more. I need more of my inner thighs gone.

Went to see Dr. Salama yesterday and I am doing it...

Went to see Dr. Salama yesterday and I am doing it again. Not happy with my inner thighs and need a little more booty.


U had 4 BBL's? Good Results by de way.
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Yes, that booty is on point!
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hunny that booty is huge ... hope you aint going ne further lol .. dr did a lovely job
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

I changed my rating to all 5 stars because I didnt have to wait and he is in a different office and these people are so much more courteous than the ghetto office he was before. He spent a lot of time with me and he really and truly hooked me up. I am now a happy camper

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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