BBL with Dr. Mendieta november 13th 2012

I have been eyeing dr. mendieta since 2005..i have...

i have been eyeing dr. mendieta since 2005..i have called and researched every ASS doctor in the US!
and so far he has the best work YET VERY pricy =(
for all you ladies who has had work done by him...

1- whats included in the honored price he gives you??

2- what should i buy before i go there and purchase after??

3- best places to stay that are affordable being that were gonna be paying up the ying yang! im an out of towner =/

i hope someone can respond and help a sister out! =)
and best regards to all you ladies getting it done! if it makes you happy right?!! i hope you all have a safe surgery and recovery xoxo

- so i had some bad news..bec angel said i had to...

- so i had some bad news..bec angel said i had to drop at least 20 lbs before surgery =( i know im disgusting...
but having 2 kids and when i stress i gain nasty ass weight...its sad! and i have tried working out and i even had personal trainers and i have lost weight but BOOM when i start stressing the weight comes like a muthrfukr! so sad!!
so im dieting and exercising as much as i possible can...dr. mendieta said he might not even get me to be shaped how i want to bec i have so much fat and 4 liters wont do but he recommended i get the BBL first..then another sessions of liposculpture THEN a tummy tuck.....ummmmmmmmmmmm thats like $20,000 right there >_<
omg- i feel so depressed and disgusting now bec im so scared im gonna wake up and not look anything near an A shape
cus right now i got rolls every where..i wish all of you ladies luck tho xoxo

So i just posted up 2 more pics of how i hope to...

so i just posted up 2 more pics of how i hope to the LORD he can at least shape me since angel keeps stressing to me that ill need more than 4 liters of fat to get out if i wanna have a nice A shape..but since the law in FL is only 8 pounds of fat which is 4 liters than i guess im just gonna have to keep working out like angel said and lose that 15-20 pounds til november =(

I know my last 2 photos say tummy tuck bec that...

i know my last 2 photos say tummy tuck bec that was in plan..but it turns out dr. mendieta recommended i get the full liposculpture to help me and then a tummy tuck like next year-
uugghh money money money- my poor husband lol

Ok this is what i got for my list..yall can help...

ok this is what i got for my list..yall can help me out if im missing anything??
1.immune system supplement
2.multi vitamin
3. thick gauze
4. panty liners/ pads
5. granny panties? lol
6. neosporin
7. antibacterial soap ?? OR avino oatmeal body wash
8. suction cups
9. non stick medical tape
10. thermometer**
11. bath wipes
12. baby wipes [to clean mess]
13. arnica gel ***
14. DMSO ***
15. butt pillow
16. neck pillow [for the plane and sleeping on your tummy]
17. compression socks [ESPECIALLY for that plane ride home >.

Hey ladies.. ive cancelled my surgery =( my...

hey ladies..
ive cancelled my surgery =(
my grandfather had passed away so i took an emergency flight out overseas =(
so my money for surgery went partially for my papa and my trip....i wish all of you beautiful women great outcomes and all a wonderful recovery! since i lost some money with my deposit due to being close to surgery date..i AM going to try my best to try this one more time next sorry..i was really hoping to post pics and have the surgery done..but being there for my family of course was far more important even though i wanted this since forever =( it was like a dream ALMOST come true..but things happen..anyways..i wish you all the best and for all you to have amazing results that YOU want not what anyone should THINK you should look like!!!!!! i wanted a small waist and keep my fat thighs lol i know like 95% of women want the perfect toned tight body..but what i wanted ..was a tight little small waist i like my fat thighs with jiggle ;) stay beautiful stay true ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless
Miami Plastic Surgeon

researched and called every plastic surgery referral service -dr. m really knows how to take out every much of fat possible..whereas dr. s doesnt ..and dr. s put more butt whereas dr. m not so much50/50

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I'm so sorry for your loss, I hope everything's works out best for you first with the family and then with your dream :) I'm planning on getting work done with Mendieta too because of his reputation and work. I find it strange though that he only has 40 reviews whereas salama and Wendell have hundreds? And not (potentially) fake posts but ones with photos and a real critique.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, my condolonces go out to you and your family! Hopefully you'll get to have the procedure done in the near future, but as always - family comes first! Be blessed honey!
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Hi girl! Are you still having the surgery done this month?
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no i am not =( unfortunately i had to cancel due to a family emergency and overseas red cross trip =(
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Are you still scheduled to have surgery on Nov. 13th?
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Are you still scheduled to have surgery on the 13th?
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oh well i didnt get that paper just yet we just did the paperwork for the deposit bec i stressed it to angel i need the 13th i wont get that til later since its a few months away..but no i wasnt planning on wearing panties under my there a hole in between the crotch so you can pee or does it fully cover your vagina?
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Did you get all lists to buy? maybe you will get by mail later. You still have time.
Good luck!!
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yes i husband signed the form for the deposit
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did u get paper from Dr. Mendieta 's office yet?
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After surgery u can not wear underwear!! The Dr. Not around me to wear underwear inside garment. I can only wear underwear outside garment after all drainages removed. However I wear underwear to take pictures about 5-10mins. The dr didn't know.
I assum you stay with Dr. Mendieta. you should paper work from the dr. It will tell you what to buy.
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dr. jimerson did a beautiful job on me.....I would recommend him to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I agree Dr Jimerson would do well with your body type.
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I agree Dr Jimerson would do well with your body type.
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if Angle not nice ask to change to someone else. She was ok to me. Maybe i was there in the office. You can book with Salama and ask to switch date with other women. i know he doing BBL and TT together. Another Doctor i like is Andrew Jimerson in GA. He is very good too. In my opinion only 4 Doctors in the US i would let them do my BBL are Mendieta , Salama, Jimerson and Markmann.
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I sooo want / need a bbl but don't no were to start =/
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yes..i called salama but hes so booked out til freakn next year!!! i was like ffuuuuuuhhhhk-
bec since my hsbands in the army ..he can only take leave for november and so he wants to go with me and all that so dr. mendieta was available for november ok with it tho..but everytime i talk to angel she just seems kinda rude? idk- and i kinda got upset at her today bec she said im rushing into it..but im like no- im trying to plan things out for november and thats not a rush to me? bec ive been eyeing dr. mendieta for a loooooooong time and she has my info from a few years ago so idk how im rushing? i was sad and upset today..and i know my body is hideous right now but when i talk to angel she really puts it in my face have soo much fat all over i dont understand bla bla..and my face turns so red i feel so embarrassed? i wish i took ove rher job bec id make every woman feel as comfortable as possible and treat em like family instead of just a patient?
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i dont know who i want to go to anymore :( U got me thinking now.
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Hi miss. kae. Sorry to hear that you need to lose weight. You have enough fat make a nice butt. You I went to Dr. Mendieta for my BBL but I have to ask you this Did you try other doctors? i know Salama is good doctor too.
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were the drains bad? did it hurt or burn? and what happens if it filled up? the drains are whats freaking me out lol
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honey checked it looks ok price for condo rental.
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can any of you ladies give me your estimates on how much you paid total for your hotel room when you went in for surgery??!! por favorrrrr =(
my husbands about to back out and tell me i cant get shit done bec of all the other like duh??!! uughhh ..i know im gonna need a hotel for like 14 days mabe 10..a car rental...and food expenses but since my mother so dearly agreed to go with me.....i know she'll cover like the car probably n the food expenses? and if i buy everything i need in way wouldnt seem as if im splurging at the moment to buy everything i need for the recovery ya know?? can you guys help me? =(
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oh btw! K999- girrl at least he gave you a nice phatt booty ;) esp cus your a small chica that butt still look good ;) he gave a nice lower booty to it ;) so it looks natural girl**
you look good
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k999- thank you hun for the advice =)
theeaqui- yea girl mendieta will do good for latinas lol
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Wow I gotta say for me since I'm patina Mendota would do the trick..I like the figure he gives be honest I've seen salamas work too but I've noticed he focuses on giving a big butt more then anything..he gives good results but just not for me :/ the only b4 and after pics that I've really liked by him so far is by I belive her name here is enjoyself. Well good luck on your journey :)
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