39 Year Old in Need of a New Booty - Miami, FL

I am now starting my journey of looking at doctors...

I am now starting my journey of looking at doctors for the bbl.
Is there anyone who has had a bbl from Dr. Fisher in Miami??

I have a consultation with Dr Jimerson in ATL March 13th but he is more expensive then other doctors. I only want to do this one time. No time for revisions :) The office seems so busy and if I book through there fast track program they said they can get me in between 2-4 months but I am unsure if that is just a way for me to pay cash upfront. If not they say he is booked until 2015


still confused

Not hearing that great of stories about vanity..what to do??

Still confused....

I am wondering how some doctors fee's are in the range of 5-6 thousand and then you come across 10-11k for others. It makes me wonder?? Do you get what you pay for or are some doctors over priced or are they just in fact better??

As of yesterday it's official I am a new Salzhauer doll!!

After chickening out about 20 times I finally put my deposit down. My surgery date is May 22, 2014. 75 days and counting. I was supposed to go May 8th but that date was taken because I took so long to decide. I have so many mixed emotions as to if I am doing the right thing but I gotta keep pushing in my journey. Today is going to consist of finding a hotel and reserving my car rental. Wish my luch.

wish pics

Is anyone going to be at Dr Salzhaur the week of May 20th

no luck today with hotels. Booked my car rental and hopefully tomorrow will get my airline tickets.


So, I guess I was on the butt augmentation review. I think I am now in the correct area. I received my nice package from Bal Harbour yesterday with a nice booklet explaining everything that I need to know. I am excited and nervous all in one. Especially since my surgery date is 63 days away. Yayyyy
I had a consultation from Dr. Jimerson a fews days ago as well. I really like his work but his waiting list is out of this world. Even with the fast track program he has they cannot guarantee anything to a date. I really think Dr. Salazhaur is a great caring dr plus his staff has seemed to be super nice so far. Very professional. I have some wish pics I will post but will have to post them when I get home because they are on my laptop.

57 day but who's counting lol:)

So I booked my hotel and airlines today. With 57 days and counting the time is closer but I am more nervous then ever. I am going to pack light since I am traveling fro Ca. One suite case and will get all my supplies once I hit Miami!

52 More days until my surgery

Everything is booked now its just the waiting game. My emotions are all mixed up lately. One minute I am excited then next nervous. I need to take some before pictures tonight. Yuk..really do not wanna post but I know I will have to in order to give everyone a true story.

29 days to go but who's counting :)

Well I have been trying to get in touch with my doctor with a few questions. NO LUCK! I do not like that because we are good paying customers. I hear that he always gets back to his patients in a timely manner well its been since Apr. 11th was my email. I have now been looking at other doctors but do not want to stress out even more then I already am. Sometimes I feel that I need to stop reading reviews because it makes me emotional plus I think I scheduled my appt. too far in advance because I think too much. I should of just scheduled it and done it now I do a lot of second guessing.
Already booked my travel but my family needs to leave two days earlier then me. I hope I can hang by myself for 2 days. uggg...

Flying to Miami today

So I am taking the red eye flight tonight. I arrive in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow morning. I am so nervous. You don't know how many times I have said just cancel this is crazy! but then I look at these butt outcome and come back to my senses. I have been praying a lot more then usual so I just pray that god seems me through this and a speedy recovery. I have a l lot to do when I land. Supply shopping because I am trying to fly light. I just keep thinking about that plane ride back to California and how fun that will NOT be!
Oh well, I guess pain is beauty. My surgery is on May 22 and also I changed my doctor to Dr. Mel Ortega. Originally I was with Dr Salzhauer and we had some small issues so I changed. I was very sad about that because he was so nice but I just gotta move forward.

Until I land bye ladies...

Also a shout out to Lovemy2girls as she is having surgery tomorrow. Wishng you the best of luck and happy bootyness :)

I made it to the other side!

Hey ladies...i made it to the other side. I went into surgery at 11:40am and was out around 4pm. I can say this i was so scared and nervous. I was being marked up and was asking for a zanex. Dr ortega is really nice. He suggested not to take anything pill form and get all that from my anasteologist.
No paid yet very stiff and sore so far. I hope it stay this way. I ate about a hr after i got to my room lentil soup took a nap. Been peeing like a race horse. Keeping up on my meds, fluids and walking. I like a lot of people reccomend pineapple juice water and gatorade.
I would not rave about dr ortegas staff. Some if the ladies seem like they pic n choose who they are nice to. They did nothing special for my recovery and paid more attention to the patient that came out after me. Im not trying to speak bad on them just telling you my experience there.. dr ortega made up for all that because he is super nice down to earth and experienced.
Well i better get some rest! I will upload some pics tomorrow
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far I have not been in the office but I did have a Skype consultation about a month ago and Dr. Salzhauer was very nice and informative. Ari is great. She always calls me back and is able to answer all my questions.

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