22 Years Old Single Girl Hoping to Achieve a More Voluptuous Figure - Miami, FL

Hi ladies and gents. I'm hoping to get a buttock...

Hi ladies and gents. I'm hoping to get a buttock augmentation in the new year and I've been researching on and off for about 3 years. I've always wanted the "video vixen" body. I guess it all started when I saw the tip drill video lol

Anyway any advice from you would be amazing! in 5ft1 and 166.2 lobs
I'm from London and will be going to NY in October to begin my face to face consultations with doctors and then make a payment/deposit. After my surgery I will be staying in America for 90 days so that I can attend doctors appointments and also to prevent complications that can happen on a long flight.

I'm hoping to have my surgery with either Dr Salama, Dr Ortega or Dr Jimerson. I want to have an implant placed under the muscle along with having a fat transfer to smooth out the overall shape on my booty. I'm a similar height to Nicki Minaj but don't want my body to look out of proportion once my surgery is complete. I definitely want to read all of your journeys and learn about the processes involved in preparing for a surgery and finding the perfect doctor for you.

I'll be adding some pictures of my current shape soon so you can give me your opinions on what you think would be best :)

Current State

As promised here are some pictures of my current shape... I look okay with clothes on BUT not what I'd like to look like with them off.

I'm 5ft1 and 166.2 llbs, I am very good at managing my weight and if need be I will loose some weight before my surgery.

So what do you think, am I being realistic about having an implant and fat transfer?? or will I look like a balloon butt??

My wish

So I've been stalking Instagram for a good while and I think I've narrowed my body aspirations down to a small selection of women. I defiantly think that a Yaris Sanchez/Bria Myles type body is what I am aiming for as they have the upside down heart type butt with a nice curve to it and a healthy amount of sag if you know what I mean.
I've tried to add the names of each girl for those of you who want to use them for your wish pics

Decided on my surgeon

I've decided on my surgeon. I'm going with Dr Ortega. The only thing to decide on is whether I should have my surgery through Spectrum or CG. CG has been great with responding however Spectrum (Vivian) is bad with responding. I'm also going to be buddying up with a lovely lady from RS for this trip but I won't tag on her journey until she's ready (out of respect for her privacy).

I'm hoping for a July date instead of January as I won't have enough time off from work until then.
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