I am 5'5, about 165 with 34 G - Breast Reduction - Miami, FL

I have been considering a breast reduction for...

I have been considering a breast reduction for quite some time. I have always had large breasts but I have gained weight within the last two years causing my breasts to become larger. I am 5'5, about 165 with 34 G. I am hoping to go down to either a C or D cup. I have been looking at different examples of people (mainly celebrities) and their different breast sizes. So far, a D may be the perfect size for me. I have been looking at different doctors in the Miami area. So far I think the best Dr. is Dr. Hochstein. He has so much experience with Augmentations, Lifts and Reductions. I look at many other Dr's before and after pictures and none compare. He also seems to hae pretty good pricing, and I have found a company that will finance for me.

I would like to know if anyone else has been to this Dr. I am looking to have my procedure sometime soon. Probably in the month of October.

I would love your feedback!


Are you all set with Dr. H? I'm now almost a month post-op and couldn't be happier. I think he is an absolute artist. Good luck!
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I havent set an exact date, I found financing but I think I would much rather pay out of pocket so I amny not be getting the procedure until January. But I am sooooooooo ready for these balloons to go!
I had a BR lst Tuesday. The cost varies. Please see my posts CKMIA for more information than you probably want.

I recommend Dr. Hochstein in Aventura (you don't specify the area so I assume you're in South Floruida?). He is the best around. The consultation doesn't cost anything and they will tell you the cost and financing options.

When you call tell them Carolyn recommended you.
But please read my posts, you will get a lot of info.

P.S. you mention "next month"? Not sure why but be aware that any good doctor is going to be booked fairly far in advance. I had to wait almost 2 months. But it was totally worth it.
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After reading threads and threads on here and MMH,...

After reading threads and threads on here and MMH, I have no doubt that this surgery HAS to be done! AS SOON AS I get the deposit money, I am setting my date, though the procedure may not be until late January/early February. I have faith in this doctor because so many ladies recommend him. He is awesome at Augs, BLs and BRs. The all around breast man.

I cannot wait until these babies are gone. I am posting a before picture and what I want to look like. If any of you are familiar with Rosa Acosta, she is the closest to the size I want to be. She used to have implants but actually had a reduction. She's my exact height and body type (the shape I should be in).

This is gonna be a long process but worth it!


Any updates or pics?
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Thank you!! I will definitely will be keeping you posted!
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You're going to look great. Dr. H seems to do well with pictures so I'ts good that you have an "inspiration" to show him. I bombarded the staff with pictures of Elle MacPherson topless and I often laugh at how similar my boobs are to hers now.

Best of luck, keep us posted and please feel free to ask me anything you think I can help with since we have the same doctor. Later, gorgeous!
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