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Im 29 years old,,,i have a daughter....since then...

im 29 years old,,,i have a daughter....since then my boobs got bigger and 36 DD.... and they are almost in my stomach.... lol.
i cant run...i can wear shirts without sleeves... i can wear dresses like i wish....when i go shopping is a trauma or when buying bras is worse......
my expectations are to feel good when looking myself to the mirror...,when wearing a bath suit ...ill do exercise without fear...
my personal goals is to take care of myself im not fat but i have to be careful of what to eat cuz it may go to my boobs.
im feeling excite... im kind of confuse cuz im not sure to go to 36 dd to 36 c or b....i dont want them big anymore....noooo more..... im planing to get pregnant next year so they may be get bigger that's why.

3 weeks after surgery..i have two open

3 weeks after surgery..i have two open so frustrated..... everyday after work i take a shower and let water run over it...i apply Vaseline...but im counting days to see it heal.......i went to the ps and he told me it will heal to put triple ointment ... what else can i do?

I forgot to post that my surgery was January 2..13...

i forgot to post that my surgery was January 2..13.. and 3 days later went to PS....he saw something wrong... i had and hematoma where i have now an open i had two surgeries same week...he opened and took accumulated blood then i got a drainer for a week....
ADVICE : Please rest and don't think you can push things or do things like you use to.... don't rush to do things... i went shopping 2 weeks after last surgery and i think that's how i opened that wounds :(


I READ THAT Wounds heal faster if there is no pressure on them and if they are kept relatively motionless. Movement disrupts the formation of the new blood vessels but i cant cuz i have to work but i rest when i can

Has been 4 WEEKS ALREADY sometimes i feel pain or...

has been 4 WEEKS ALREADY sometimes i feel pain or /and itching under my breast... the open wound under my breast its healing but the other one next to nipple is taking time.
ill see my ps wed feb 6.. hope everything goes fine.

I added a new pic and as u see the open wounds are...

i added a new pic and as u see the open wounds are healing,,,,so going to PS today ..lets see whats up .!!

So i went to PS... He told me im healing just...

so i went to PS... He told me im healing just right... he took some pics... has been a month now.... i asked about the itching ...because it is itching not only my breast but my back and legs ,,, and so.. he told me it is normal my body is healing ,,he told me not to scratch myself just let it go...its hard so and putting anti itching cream and is working.
i have to come back in about a month to see he again.
ill continue with neosporin and changing gauze... and sport bra too.
i dont feel it is time for normal bra though.

I added a new photo... before i never could of...

i added a new photo... before i never could of wear this to go out...and today i did ...yay yay . so happy...

Hi girls.... i have a few questions cuz it has...

Hi girls.... i have a few questions cuz it has been 1 month and 6 days since my surgery and i still cant sleep face down just in my side and its hard for me cuz i love to sleep the other that normal?... i also feel like a sharp pain but goes away instantly....pls tell me ur opinion
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

this was the third place i visited.... when i met the doctor i felt comfortable.... i remember that the first place i went ....they gave price and everything but the doctor wasn't there ....just the secretary or the person in charge...can u imagine....unbelievable ... so i decided to do it on November,,,that same day,,,,they did blood test and im waiting for the big day...i bought 2 sport is from Colombia ...i think is good for it

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You look fabulous!
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Glad to see you are on the mend. Dont forget to rest when you can :)
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i ll rest... i love to sleep.... soy peresoza lol...thank u
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yay you are healing nicely,,congratulations!!,i cant wait!
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i know .... i can imagine..let me guess: u r counting the days.... :)
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yes im counting the days,,very easy when its in the busy with pre op stuff and preparation making time fly!.scared as i am i cant wait to get rid of this load!
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I also have an open wound under my nipple. Thanks for your post! I am 3.5 weeks post opp and have started a Neosporin regime as well.
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hope it heals fast... put it twice a day...mine is healing yay...
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A massage, thats a great idea!!! I may have to look into that !!!
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I have an open wound on each breast as well....SUCKS! I just want to get into normal clothes/bras & walk around naked without gauze! I just posted some progress pics of my wounds in my profile pics. They seemed to just be progressing worse and worse & at my 6 wk PO visit, he prescribed Silvadene, which has worked wonders in just a few days! Happy healing to you & good luck!
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Happy healing to you too.... congratulations u look great... it was worth it.
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aww sorry you are frustrated,,you will heal soon.just do as the other girls say,,they are experts from experience,,,,!*hugs* happy for you that its over and you can heal now..
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yesssss...u r right....... im posting before girls were huge....
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most of us experience this at this time. The breasts start to lower and there is still swelling. Add some neosporin or triple ointment, cover with gauze and keep it clean and dry. Mine closed within a week. Scab is still there, but it will heal. Also use a hair dryer on cool after your shower to help it dry a bit.
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within a week?...thank God.... im worried cuz i have been working 5 or 6 days straight...i work as a delivery parts in advance auto parts,,,,there heavy stuff but i haven't lift co workers are helping me a lot.
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Welcome to the community:)

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thank u
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