Breast Reducion - Miami, FL

I asked Dr. Gurani for a breast reducion i made...

I asked Dr. Gurani for a breast reducion i made shore i told him to reduced very small to 34b i was 34 DDD he said the most he could do is to C, so i was fine with me, but the after the cirugy i became a 34DD so i fell uncomfartable with the result, and on top of that, he wants to charge me again for the all prosses, and i have to get my self on a doble cirugy unnesssesary, because neither my niples came out even, and Vanity clinic wants to charge me $350 for my niples reconstruction! :( very sad!!

my original boobs

With so much neck pain

not happy

To much weight

new boobs

Unsatisfay still big on the out side and not to much lifting, i asked for very very small boobs, now no braw fit me because they are to with

not happy with results

Very uncomfartable under my arms there still much tegidos on the side,and i don`t feel no lifting at all, there just smaller because the cut lenght :(
And my nipples are`nt the same sides
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