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I asked Dr. Gurani for a breast reducion i made...

I asked Dr. Gurani for a breast reducion i made shore i told him to reduced very small to 34b i was 34 DDD he said the most he could do is to C, so i was fine with me, but the after the cirugy i became a 34DD so i fell uncomfartable with the result, and on top of that, he wants to charge me again for the all prosses, and i have to get my self on a doble cirugy unnesssesary, because neither my niples came out even, and Vanity clinic wants to charge me $350 for my niples reconstruction! :( very sad!!


sad indeed Im having revision on my sides August 25th Maybe you should get another opinion
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Thanks for the advise, and yes i ready did, i was right! They should have taken more breast from the side, under my arms it really bothers me no braw for my size fit me correctly now. the worst part is, i have to put my body for another cirgury! Good luck on your revision!!
I dont have to be put under this time its in office they will numb it up and cut it out of both sides scheduled for a two hour slot!!!!Keep me updated on yours yeah i suppose if taking more out they might need to put you under not to sure Good LUCK

my original boobs

With so much neck pain

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not happy

To much weight

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new boobs

Unsatisfay still big on the out side and not to much lifting, i asked for very very small boobs, now no braw fit me because they are to with

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not happy with results

Very uncomfartable under my arms there still much tegidos on the side,and i don`t feel no lifting at all, there just smaller because the cut lenght :(
And my nipples are`nt the same sides


Hi There! I'm just wondering if you ever had a professional fitting - before surgery? To me you look like a 34 F or even a G (before)! From the pictures it looks like you had a LOT taken off actually - I know you wanted small, but I was told that there is a limit of what they can take - safely! I hope it helps you when I say I think your breasts look FANTASTIC!!! I really do - I get the side thing though! I think it's almost a given when you are big chested - but with that in mind, then surgeons should either say that you need lipo on the sides, or have longer incisions!
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Thanks for your concern, but i always had got all my braws at victorias secret, and trustme! the were 34DDD, even in wallmart, i did went to 2 second doctors opinion, and yes they agree! I should have more taking on the side and could have it smaller,my side chest that`s just an excuse, i have seen bigger chest then mines and still got them very small! and so lifting, now i know next time im getting a better job with very small boobs, all they do is trick you to keep you as a customer, and not what the clients wants!! Now i beleive i have learn in my first experience on Gods will, thanks anyways
It's such a shame that they didn't do that for you! There's always all these extras isn't there?
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