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I have chosen Dr. Mel Ortega to do my Breast aug...

I have chosen Dr. Mel Ortega to do my Breast aug with lift using teardrop shaped silicone implants. He did my sister's boobs and they look so good.. However she did saline. I will be doing my surgery when I come back from vacation with my kids. Going from a empty C to a full D. Everybody says I don't need it but I want to improve my figure.. I have high self esteem already so no worries.. hope this helps ladies.
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So far the ladies in the office have been helpful. I sent my info and pics and they got back to me in a timely manner.. no complaints yet.

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That's nice your sister referral to your was able to refer you to a doctor. I'm sure it helps to know someone who has already had a BA. Do you know what type of lift you will be getting? Have you scheduled your surgery date yet? Looking forward to following your journey!
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