Lollipop Lift with Implants!! :) - Miami, FL

I am a 36 yrs. old mother of two lovely girls....

I am a 36 yrs. old mother of two lovely girls. Since my early 20's I have always had sagging breasts but it wasn't until I nursed that they became flatter than ever before. I decided that after having a family it would be a good time to do something to correct this problem that has been bothering for such a long time. I have a very supportive husband that wishes that I would not do this but understands that this is a personal decision. To be honest, I do not feel attractive at all!! I can't stand it when my hubby touches my breasts or even attempts to squeeze them; all he grabs is loose skin :/ They become completely flat when I'm laying on my back and look horrible when bend over.
Dr. Fisher recommended a lollipop lift and I will be getting moderate profile implants. I'm currently a 32B and really hope to be a large C cup. I'm really wishing for a pair of perky, full rack of mangoes ;) My surgery is in 9 days and I am extremely nervous. (breath in-breath out, eeeek!)


Wait a minute they quoted you $4,500?????
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Get those boobies!!! After my bbl I intend on getting A BA considering Fisher I def will be looking out to see your boobs lol
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7 DAYS!!!! Say whaaaaaaattttttttttt?!?!?!?! But whose counting?

I am freaking out!!!! So nervous I feel sick!! Looking at boob pics is my new addiction here on realself.... I hope my boobs turn out just right. My biggest concern is ending up with boobs that are so big I look like a porn star or that my nipples are pointing in some crazy direction...that's besides my concerns of getting an infection.. Oh my, I need to think happy thoughts :)


Woohoo you're surgery is around the corner
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I'm sooooo excited!!!!!!! :)
I can't wait to see ur results. You and MakeMeOver30 are having procedures done by Dr Fisher on my birthday. My journey is just getting started as I'll be having a MMO by Dr Fisher later this year. I wish you the best boobs Dr Fisher has ever implanted :-)
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:) Heading down to Miami!!!

Labs came in and I am good to go for surgery....


As long as you have a good doc. I bet u and your husband will love it. My boyfriend didn't like the idea either but seems to like them now. He's seems pretty interested in them and before always said he wasn't a boob man.
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Surgery tomorrow. Your going to look great! Just feel excited. I wasn't nervous going into surgery I woke up and the only thing that ached was my elbow from the blood pressure cuff. I developed nerve problems from too many years on the computer. Your going to wake up and have nice breast just be excited:)

Keep all your records organized and handy 'cause Vanity won't

Had my pre-op visit today and met Dr. Fisher for the first time. He is very down to Earth and clear about what I should expect. I don't know why I wasted my time looking for wish pics., he does not use them as a guide but instead looks at your body and listens to your desire and then tells you what to expect. We decided on 325cc +mod implants with lollipop lift.
Vanity messed up on my paperwork and said that they quoted me for a different lift not the lollipop and then tried to bump my price up by $1,500! WTH! Since I had already read all the negative reviews by other RS Divas regarding the administrative mess they run at Vanity, I was mentally prepared for this. I remained calm and simply showed them the original quote for the lift. They got kind of pushy with the increase but finally decided to drop it when I asked them to cancel surgery and give me a refund. Thank goodness!
The wait time in this office is ridiculous, get ready to sit around and wait. Besides the mess with the paperwork, everything else was great. Clean office, nice nurses, and lots of beautiful bodies coming out of surgery. A lot of HUGE booties! Lol! If you are planning on going to Vanity, make sure to ask for your quotes in writing, and also ask them to indicate on the email/receipt the type of procedure being performed. Keep in mind that Dr. Fisher is contracted by them to do surgical procedures, it is not his fault the administrative mess that goes on there. He charges the clinic a rate for each type of surgery, Vanity ups their prices so they can make a profit after they pay him. :)
Now heading out to eat some very yummy Cuban food, getting my meds for tomorrow after surgery, and then I'm calling it a night. :)


Hey honey love , just wondering how you are doing. This is two days post op for me, and it gets better trust. I sleep surrounded by feather pillows in the recliner of our couch, very comfy. Well I hope ur doing good babe, can't wait to hear from you !!
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I slept in my recliner for three weeks. 27 days out sleeping surrounded by feather pillows in my bed. I can sleep on my side with a pillow between my arms. My sleep is definitely improving. So glad to be in my bed again. Hope you get into your bed again soon:)
Hey headed to the clinic Now. Im glad you remained calm in that situation. If I don't see you There I wish you all the luck and well wishes on your sx.
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Got me boob!!!

It has been a great journey so far. Met many wonderful ladies while waiting for my surgery. Dr. Fisher, anesthesiologist, nurses, etc were all very friendly and funny. Once in the operating room I fell asleep quickly and woke up in the recovery room. Chest was very achy on the sides and felt engorged. The nurse gave me pain killer through my IV but it didn't do much. The prescribed painkillers are my best friends. Felt a little nauseated and very sleepy. Nausea went away immediately after inserting a suppository. After that, I was able to eat, sleep, and walk around.
It is certainly more pain that I had anticipated but it is manageable. Today is my follow up appointment and I will be able to see my new accessories. :) I will try to post pics later. I don't want to uncover them too soon for risk of infection. Thank you for all your prayers and support. I love this site, you're like family!! :)


Good luck today! Can't wait to hear how it went!!
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:) it was great. More pain than anticipated but it's all worth it. I'm filling my sports bra which used to be flat! :) I've been very sleepy and focused on eating well, taking my meds, and walking around every two hours. I'll try to take some pics tomorrow ;)
Hey honey wishing you a speedy recovery! Can't wait to see pictures.
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Stuffed and riding high :)

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Today I feel a lot better...

Walking often and eating regularly really helps with keeping pain minimal. Breasts bother me mostly on the sides. It is difficult to take deep breaths without feeling my achy sides. Getting comfy while laying down is definitely a challenge but like I said, today things feel a lot better. My body is very sensitive to temperature changes. The hotel room gets really cold at night and I tense up and start shivering, killer pain on my boobs when this happens. I'm all wrapped up in sweats and blankets. I'm amazed with how good they look even at this stage. I know they will change, and I can't wait to see how amazing they will look once they drop and fluff!


Love it. They are like an obsession aren't they! Finally went bra shopping and got sized at a 36ddd. Thought I was going to fall over. I do look totally normal in clothes. I was really worried as we'll but am 28 days out and they just keep looking more normal. Doctor says about 6 months and they will look the way he expects. It is different when you have a lift so be patient and yours will be wonderful. You look great already!
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You look great!! I'm loving mine and you are right on point about the obsession, I'm obsessed with mine!!! I keep looking at myself in the mirror. :) I've been flat for so long, I forgot how it feels to have a feminine bust.
Omg your pictures remind me of me..look at my first few pics after surgery..what did you think of doc? I thought he was funny and really nice.
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2nd follow up appt with Dr. Fisher

Last night my tatas were feeling weird. I could feel my muscles relaxing and contracting as the implant positions itself. It wasn't painful but just different. Dr. Fisher asked me to begin massaging my breasts. He is really pleased with my results and I couldn't be happier. I wanted fuller breasts; NOT big, and he gave me exactly that. I will be able to continue an athletic lifestyle and not worry about my breasts getting in the way. :) my sides do not hurt like they did before but pressure is still there. I can shower today! YAY!


Hey hun... Im glad your feeling better everyday. Your going to look great!!!
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5 days post surgery

Things are getting better everyday (thank you Lord). Painkillers continue to be my best friends although pain has gone down considerably. I began taking Arnica and Bromelian as a natural remedy for swelling and bruising. My mid section is very bloated; I hope it goes down soon. I am now taking full showers and patting dry (no blow dryer on cool as instructed by the doc). Recovery is going well so far. I return to work on Tuesday and really hope that the mid section bloating goes down considerably before then. :)


You are healing up very quickly , keeping thanking The Lord bc I think that's really what works the best;)
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Thank you! You're looking great also. I really like your updated pics :) you are rocking a bikini and everything!!! Good for you!
Lol thanks, for valentines day hubby got me a top of the line facial I'm hanging on too, daughter gave me a gift card to the nail salon, I've been getting my nails done for fifteen yrs, I took them off right bf surgery:( , and going to get my hair done , soon as some of the soreness subsides!! How are u feeling? I'm super-sore today. Tried to sleep in bed last night and that did not work out so well for me!!

1 week! Already!?!?

Things seems to still be healing well.. Tape is still on, tightness all over the breasts (massaging). I started work today and was fine all day. Just a bit more tired at the end of the day. Taking Tylenol for pain instead of prescriptions, it's working just as good on pain and its even better 'cause they don't have the side effects of dizziness, nausea, and drowsiness. I tried sleeping on my side but they hurt. I still have to sleep on my recliner. I was looking at my before and after pics today and it is amazing how different they look. I love them!!! ;)


You do look great! I am going to get a copy of my before pic's from the doctor just so I can see how big of a change it is.
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Thank you! ;)
Hang in the It will get better. I'm a month out and feeling pretty good. My first 3 weeks were rough but all of the sudden it just started getting easier.

10 days and things are feeling a bit more normal

I stopped all pain medications including Tylenol. My breasts have become softer to the touch and are beginning to drop. I'm loving my results!! As you can see the tape is still on and I will leave it on for as long as it stays put. I continue to sleep on the recliner. Whenever I try to lay on my side and it is too uncomfortable (feels like I'm juggling two watermelons on my chest ;) I hope all continues this way. Dr. Fisher did an amazing job on my tatas. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to get a pair of nice girls. ;)


Your doctor did a Beautiful Job your looking Fabulous...
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Hello lady....your looking great!!! I hope your recovery is going smoothly..
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Surgical tape is off..healing beautifully!!

The tape was irritating my skin at the bottom fold and I decided to remove it and replace with new one. I can't deny that I was very nervous about removing the old one and seeing my incisions but to my surprise, they are healing well. thank you Lord!!!! I washed them with warm soapy water (I only use Dial Antibacterial bar soap when showering) and then patted them dry. The new tape is paper tape and I'm planning on replacing it on a daily basis. Certain areas at the bottom of my breasts are a bit irritated. I applied some Aquaphor Healing Oitment which I have been using all along to prevent dryness and it works wonders. I did not apply it on the incisions, only on surrounding irritated skin after I was re-taped. I will hopefully start scar treatment gel in a week or two.
I am 90% back to normal and loving my results. Although my implant size is only 325cc, my breasts look so big for my petite frame. I'm no longer flat chested!!! ;)


How are you feeling darling?
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Hey love!! I'm doing great, thx!!! My scar is very itchy but I know it's because they are healing... I will be posting new pics tonight.. I think that swelling has gone down some more and they look an itty-bitty smaller. But then again it might be that I'm getting use to them 'cause every time my hubby sees then he's like BAAAAMMM!!! ;)
They look good, I wish mine wld round up some more . Then I been sleeping on my stomach so I have some fluid I think at the bottom of mine. I will post some pics tonight too

25 days!!

Not much has changed. Still healing... I still have some bruising on my right breast..but overall I'm almost back to normal. There are times I stretch my arms too far or too sudden and I feel a little bit of pain on my pectoral muscles. Nipples are becoming less sensitive to the touch. :) I can't wait to be 100% healed so I can shop for new tops.. All my old ones don't look right now that I have these beauties. ;)


Your breasts look freaking awesome! And I'm kind of jelly! Lol... I'm kind of freaking I wasn't lifted enough! I think he thought I was majorly worried about scarring and focused on that... Idk... I'm loving mine but I'm freaking I'm gonna need to be lifted higher and that's totally not in my budget... Your girls really do look fantastic! Lol
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Thx hun!! You are so sweet. I checked out your blog and it looks like you still have some dropping to do. Once they drop you will round up at the bottom.. you are healing nicely too! :) with my type of lift I couldn't go bigger than 325cc, but I wanted them small so I was okay with that. I pray that you continue to heal wonderfully and that they continue to shape nicely for you. :)
Thanks! I know... Patience is def not my middle name and I knew it would be a waiting, can't wait to get some silicone strips! Lol

Oh my!!!! Lol!!!


He did an amazing job on you. Wow!!!
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Thank you!! ;)
You look amazing! Congrats!
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What in the world is this???

Recovery is going well. Boobs are itching like crazy!!! I woke up this morning with. this red rash looking thing on the vertical incision of the left breast. It's not painful or anything; it's just there. I wonder if it's a stitch making it's way out??? We shall see....Happy Thursday everyone!!!


I had the same thing happen to me. At about the same time frame. A small hole developed and I put neosporine and a small round band aid on it and it closed back up and healed. I put a bigger regular bandaid on it first and that seemed to be really harsh on my skin. I had no problem with the little one though. Hopefully yours doesn't do that but the whole was small and really manageable and I just made sure it was healing and not getting worse or more red. I thought if the redness spreads maybe it could mean infection so my plan was see the doctor if it seems like it's not healing and getting worse but it did heal right up.
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I sent a pic to the Dr. and he prescribed some antibiotics just in case it is an infected stitch...nothing big..he also mentioned that it could be that I'm spitting a stitch. It doesn't hurt or anything. It should be okay.. :) from your scars, I can't even tell that you had a small opening! I guess it's all part of the healing package..
Well let's pray that it clears up . Saying one for you bf bed;)
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Still healing...

I emailed a pic of the red spot to Dr. Fisher and I am now on antibiotics just in case it is an infected doesn't hurt or anything, it's just red and said not to worry.... If it does open, antibiotics are in my system and should prevent infection... Other than that I feel great, thank you God!! My nipples are less sensitive and my breasts feel softer that at the beginning. I still feel huge and hope that they go down a bit more...I am currently a 34 D from a 32A or sometimes small B... I love them and I am so grateful to have been able to do this procedure and feel feminine again ;)


How are you feeling hon??? Sending you lots of prayers for a speedy recovery!
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Praying you are healing up nicely;)
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Thank you! Prayers are always welcomed!!

Some minor healing complications....

From an itchy rash, to a blister, to an open wound, to redish boobs!! Oh my! Sounds horrible but it's all good now. I have been on antibiotics through these stages of my "complication". Dr. Fisher has been reassuring me that it is all going well. I don't see a stitch spitting in the opening. I was kind of freaking out since my boobs got progressively worse before they began getting better. Once the blister opened, I felt a bit sick and feverish. My boobs became red and very tender to the touch. They were also super itchy. Now the open wound is closing up and the redness is gone. Dr. Fisher asked me not to apply Neosporin on it and I stopped doing so immediately. At that point, the opening began stinging a little but the next day it began to look better and dry up. Good thing is that the opening never looked infected but it worried me that my boobs got red. All is good now. :) Especially with my Elmo bandaid LOL!

I'll try to take pictures of the opening later tonight...


I love the Elmo bandaid!!!! Thank God you are healing up, praying for no more problems;)
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Thank you so much!!! I'm feeling better now ;)

Healing nicely


looks great !
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Thank you!! :)
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love them!! Have you ever seen any pics of his BBL work?
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The pesty stitch is out!!! :)

So after a week of watching this wound slowly close up, I noticed something white in the middle of it. I tried picking on it this morning but it seemed to be dried up skin. Once washed it got soft and dark so I was convinced that it was just a scab. This evening I noticed it was white again. I sanitized my tweezers and grabbed the white "skin" and gently pulled on it and it was a stitch not skin. Little stinker came out!! ;) I'm so glad it did. Now it can finally heal! Now I'm focused on another small opening on the areola. Come out, come out little stitch!

Good night ladies! Happy healing! ;)


It's like I'm reading my journey :P lol I swear your pics and stitches remind me of me.
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;) that's prob why we get along so well my dear! ;)

Time flies!!!

Feeling great and loving my results!! My hubby is obsessed with the new girls and I love it!!! They feel and look so natural! :) my small opening on the areola closed and the bigger one is forming a scab. I just keep them clean and try not to bother them much. I had some dried up skin around the bigger opening and I pulled it thinking it was a stitch but it was just skin. I'll just leave it alone to heal. I know it's all a normal part of recovery so I'm not stressing it. Other than that these girls are my new beauties. They have dropped and fluffed beautifully. ;)


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Thank you!!!
Just curious to know did Fisher say how many ba w/lifts he does a year? Any Malpractices or deaths?
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8 weeks and loving them!!!

At 8 weeks they seem to have settled some more and I'm very happy with them. The swelling has gone down and I'm now are a 34 C. They are exactly what I wanted. My workout clothes fit so much better with my new girls!! I'm still spitting stitches on my left vertical incision and can't wait for it to be over. :/


Angel I love them in ur workout clothes!! Nothing like working out and looking too sexy with sweat dripping down;)
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Mother's Day Gifts!!

My hubby had fun shopping for my new accessories!! Lol! Considering that they are my Mother's Day gift!! I never thought I would look like this. The have always been so flat and sagging. I'm very pleased with my results!!


Hello LOveB, sorry to bother but I was wondering. How long you had to use the elastic on the upper part of your girls? You see I got mine done and the md did not place it on me until the third day, then he even made the comment that it was too tight and asked the assistant for a longer one. He was told that Vanity only carries the one size. So he told me to put it on and take it out very two hours and leave it off for 15 minutes. But it is almost unmanageable. Monday I have my 1 week follow up bit I am So concerned that they may not drop as they ahould
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Hello! Dr. Fisher does not use the elastic band. He prefers them to drop naturally while I massage them. I never did and it they are just fine. They take time to drop, especially during the first weeks. I did not drop at all on my first week and had them supper high. Did you go to Vanity?
Yes I did, but i got my surgery at the plantation office with doctor Llorente. That is good to know so I hope that in Monday when I see him I can ask about letting them drop naturally... Thanks much for your reply!!

Girls still feeling and looking great!

Not much has changed. All the openings are closed and healing is still in progress. I am back to normal activity but now with a fuller and perkier bust ;) I will post at 6 months and then a year...or in between depending on any new sudden changes... Thank you all for your support!! Best wishes on your upcoming surgeries and recovery


the scar is so thin-incredible! you got the perfect size too. thanks for your post and pictures!
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I really appreciate your posts about the splitting stiches, so if it happens to me I wont be alarmed. I think your results are awesome!!! Really, they turned out great!!
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Made it!!! ;)

I'm in bed now... Will post pics tomorrow ;) thank you for all you well wishes!!!

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Sorry!! Posted on the wrong blog!!!



they look amazing, i want to get mine done too i will ask him when i get there in december
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They look very natural!
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Oh, I didn't know dr. Fisher did ur boobies too.. they look just like mine.. (not done by fisher)
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