23 Years Young Getting Aggressive Lipo & Large Saline Implants- Miami, FL

I have been researching for YEARS on different...

I have been researching for YEARS on different surgeons in the Miami area. I had previously had a consultation with Dr. Nalluri who was located locally...&He really upset me he was rude and wasn't very interested in what I wanted. It was an overall horrible experience.
From that point on I really did my research and read tons and tons of reviews on several different surgeons. But all this time I kept gravitating towards one doctor, Dr. Sean Simon. My consultation is officially scheduled for AUGUST 22ND & I couldn't be any more excited! I also have two more consultations scheduled for AUGUST 25TH with Dr. Leonard Hochstein & Dr. Robert Hunsaker.

The fact that I'm finally making these consultations gets me filled with joy. I've been waiting for this for years!

The surgeries I plan on getting are:
-Saline ultra/high profile implants w/ lift
-Fat grafting to my butt

I'm 23 years old if any one was wondering. Wish me luck!

Updating my Consultations...

I've decided to actually cancel my consultation with Dr. Sean Simon. I'm choosing to cut him off my list because I originally wanted him to be my plastic surgeon for the simple fact that he was 1) Young & 2) More expensive than other plastic surgeons in the area.... Through time I've done more reading on his reviews of him and looked more at his work and not that WOW-ed. I feel as though his work is meteor and just okay. His reviews were the lowest of the three doctors I've narrowed my choices down too.....&I don't really see any work where he made a HUGE DIFFERENCE. & That is what I'm wanting. I don't want a subtle change or for my body to look natural.... & He also is SO busy I feel as though I'd be rushed in and out. I feel more at ease eliminating him from my choices.

Now, it's down to Dr. Hunsaker and & Dr. Hochstein... I'm thinking about eliminating Dr. Hochstein because he's had more negative reviews rather than positive ones. He doesn't seem that caring and nurturing. I need a doctor that'll put me to ease and comfort me....Someone who will take care of me and make me feel comfortable. As I look into this more and more I find myself more comfortable with choosing Dr. Hunsaker. I'm just afraid he might not be what I expect when I meet him face-to-face. I'm so overwhelmed with the choosing I'm breaking out and a nervous wreck. I hope my mind eases out more.

Consultation Update + I'm In the Books!!!

Yesterday was such an amazing day. I feel so silly for all this built up anxiety and almost depression with feeling so overwhelmed with my two consultations I had.... Yesterday I went and saw Dr. Hunsaker first...My appointment was scheduled for 1:45PM and I got in probably around 2:30PM but that's fine because they were taking in post-op patients and if I were in their shoes I would want the same attention post op. I was greeted by Maria and as everyone has been saying she is the best! She's so amazingly kind, sweet, nurturing, and made you feel very comfortable. I was actually blessed because it was raining very hard and when I got into my consultation with Dr. Hunsaker he said he other patients won't show so he spent a good two hours with me. Talk about blessed! When I was talking to Dr. Hunsaker he didn't make me feel like any of my questions were stupid, he was very honest to me, and he actually tried helping me find what was best for my wants and what would look best on me and my specific body type. I knew a few minutes into my consultation I wanted Dr. Hunsaker to be my plastic surgeon so I never went to my second one. They even decided to give me a MD due to my past experiences with anesthesia at no additional charge. Yet another blessing! I will be getting TWO surgeries TWO weeks apart because unfortunately I will not be able to get everything done at once. I will be having XL liposuction next Thursday towards my full abdomen area and inner thighs and then two weeks following that I will be getting my breast augmentation...We decided to do smooth saline over the muscle (He said he typically will NOT allow over the muscle for patients 99.9% of the time but in my case he said surprisingly I am a great candidate and I can have over the muscle! I'm so excited and blessed! He said he couldn't remember the last time someone was a good candidate for that!) and then I will be done with my plastic surgery! ......FOR NOW! I am SO blessed because the price was unbeatable! I could NOT believe how much it was I was expecting DOUBLE! For both surgeries it's only $7,500. Such a blessing! I had to place $2,000 down because it's $1,000 per surgery which is fine I was expecting that when I heard it was two surgeries. My pre-op appointment is THIS Thursday and then next week is surgery for me! Dr. Hunsaker said it won't be more than 3-4 day recovery per surgery which is amazing! I will update again on Thursday!

A Few of My "Inspo" Photos...

These are the photos I showed my plastic surgeon when I went into my consultation for my "inspo" photos. &Even though I am not as petite as these women I will still have a very round and tight looking breast augmentation which is exactly what I am aiming for!

Pre-Op Self Photos for Liposuction on September 4th...

I decided since I'm basically jotting down as I would my diary I'd post my personal photos of my body prior my liposuction next week. & Update as my healing process rolls along. My stats at the moment are: I'm 5'4.5", weighing in at 168lbs, wearing size 6 in jeans. I'll get my measurements day prior surgery and document them later on. My surgery next Thursday will be aggressive lipo on full front side and back side + inner thighs front and back. Wish me luck loves!

Pre-Op Appointment Is Done!

Yesterday I drove back out to Miami for my pre-op appointment. &Let me tell you, the drive felt longer than the first time! & To know I have to drive back there four more times is exhaustinggg! But that is the small sacrifice I'll have to pay for my new and beautiful body I'll be receiving! I brought in my post-op bra to show Maria and she said it's okay that it's not front-clasp because it is extremely thin and very stretchy. So that made me feel better. I hate getting blood drawn, but Lucita was so sweet she just kept talking to me about my wedding and my surgery as she did it and my fiance just played with my hair....Before I knew it it was over. I know, I'm a big baby. I told you guys I'm a sucker for pain. But, Dr. Hunsaker took me "PRE" photos for his website, I got my prescriptions and signed all my consents for my first surgery and I will be heading back to Miami on Thursday next week for my liposuction!!!!!! I can't wait.

Told My Family About My Surgery... & Picked Up My Prescriptions

I was a little hesitant to tell my Daddy about my surgery. But he took me and my fiance out to dinner on Saturday night and I told him it was already scheduled...He was a little upset because he says my body is a temple of God and I shouldn't have to add anything else to my body. But after he saw how happy I was talking about it and understood my reasons he 100% supports me and is behind me which relaxes me. He's also okay with my liposuction because he knows about how hard it has been for me to workout how I used to since my car accident in 2012. My mom was okay with it as well she wasn't really shocked because I've been talking about this for years now.
So overall, I'm an even happier girl knowing my family supports me. Makes me feel more relaxed, at ease, and happier! :) ONLY THREE MORE DAYS UNTIL MY FIRST PROCEDURE! (MY LIPOSUCTION) As for my prescriptions, I was shocked it was $82 dollars! & Since I'm having two surgeries I'm going to have to refill them for another $82 dollars. That's the only downfall with having two surgeries....Double the hotel money, gas money, food money, time off work, and prescriptions. But that's the sacrifice I'm willing to pay because I want my new body as soon as possible. :)

1 Day Post Op from Lipo

I can not explain how much pain I was in when I woke up yesterday and how much pain I am in now. But, it was all worth it. My fiancé told me last night as he was wheeling me up to our hotel room that my butt now looks like I got a Brazilian Butt Lift because of how much fat is gone from my hips and back. Dr.Hunsaker wasn't lying when he told me I didn't need one right now!!!! The pain is a 20 out of 10. Everywhere he took fat out aches and just bleeds out this watery blood which I knew was going to happen. My ankles are a little swollen, I'm supposed to walk around every 15 minutes but last night I was so drugged up I did it once. My inner thighs do not hurt as much as my rib cage area, lower tummy and my entire back. That pain doesn't seem to go away at all. It is nearly impossible to sit up or lie down from the bed with my fiancé's help due to the pain. The surgery went smoothly. I arrived at 12:30 PM and I left at 6:09 PM I think it took a while to recover and Dr. Duvall the anesthesiologist gave me more medication as I woke up because I cried and cried begging for more. I couldn't handle the pain whatsoever. The only problem that occurred was Lucita had to rush to get Dr. Hunsaker because my left eye was swollen and irritated they had to put a patch over it somehow something got in it. He put this weird numbing drops in my eye and then some ointment which made it practically blind. It feels a tad bit better today I just wish I could figure out what's in it it. Everyone was very kind to me prior my surgery, as I stated in an older review I'm a big baby when it comes to my IV, so obviously I was crying but Dr. Duvall was comforting as he inserted it, Andre was very kind was relaxing me, and Lucita was holding my hand. Dr. Hunsakers team is amazing and comforting. The band I have to wear is this long black one that goes from my to cage to my knees with a big whole in the cootchy area. But everytime I pee it gets into it it's so frustrating. My fiancé is going to call Maria and ask if I can have a second one so I can have one as he washes the other. And more pain killers because the normal dosage isn't working for me I have to take three to feel no pain temporarily. Later on today I'll post photos because I need my fiancé's help. Thank you for all the kind prayers and good lucks yesterday!!! XOXOXO

Post Op Day 1 Pictures

Here's the pictures I said I'd post today. They aren't perfect lighting but I couldn't handle to stand very long or hold still for photos. You can clearly see how swollen and bruised I am.

Day 02 Post Op Liposuction

Day 2 Post Op. I woke up in tears this pain is so agonizing. I think the third day is the worst day for me. I am so stiff and every inch I make I can feel my stitches and it's so painful. I'm oozing out of my stitches anymore, that was mainly a first day thing. I ruined all of the sheets and blankets at the hotel I feel really bad. :-/ But, I'm still mixing my Motrin PM with the painkillers Dr. Hunsaker gave me and I'm going to get my other oxycodone prescription filled today so I have back up. My pain level is still at a 10/10 no lie. I can't sugar coat this procedure because it's so painful. My inner thighs still hurt the LEAST. MY back hurts the MOST and my stomach follows right behind that. My bruising has grown even further up my chests and the bruises around my body have become even more purple. My right vagina lip is so swollen it's like triple the size of my other one and it's all black and blue and aches so bad. I've been icing it. Maria told me to call Dr. Hunsaker but not to be worried because that tends to be normal. So I feel better about that. After I get bathed today (Which I'm regretting) I'll post more photo updates of all my bruising. XOXOXO.

Day 2 Post Op Liposuction (Photo Included)

Maria and Dr. Hunsaker told me I should be okay with the swelling in my right vagina lip, typically the swelling will move downwards from where the incision was. Puts my mind at ease to know I do NOT have an infection. My fiancé is currently washing my squeem and he bathed me...I passed out when he took it off, Maria was NOT kidding about that. I feel like I can't function without it on. It's so hard to breathe, talk, move. Just an odd feeling. I only have one picture from today, my fiancé took it so I could show it to Dr. Hunsaker and Maria about my vagina lip, you'll see how swollen it is it looks disgusting but at least I'm okay. Which is all I care about.

Day 4 Post Op Liposuction

Day 4 Post Op, & I can say my pain level has fallen down to a 7-8 as of TONIGHT. Earlier it was worse, but through walking around and getting plenty of rest I'm getting better and better. Thank God. My skin is still very bruised, it was BLUE yesterday it has lightened up a bit today, it's more of a dark purplish color. I'm having a weird brown discharge after I pee today. It almost looks like old period blood (My period ended day after surgery) but it's a little clumpy like cottage cheese so I'm unsure, I'm drinking plenty of water and just trying to stay hydrated and cleanse out my system. I extended my recovery time to one more day, I'll be returning to work on Tuesday, I don't see it physically possible being able to go to work tomorrow at all. Me and my fiance will be going to the grocery store tomorrow just so I can be out and be a LITTLE active. I tried talking on the phone with my dad earlier for a while and I couldn't I got really nauseous so I had to end that conversation shorter than expected. I just want to know I'll be able to care for myself at work tomorrow. It can be so stressful and overwhelming. I attached a few photos to this update today as promised. You can really see my waist coming in nicely especially with my swelling decreasing everyday. I'm pretty happy and pleased with my results so far!

Day 5 Post Op- Liposuction

Today was a stressful day. My pain level is worst in the morning... I'm taking a 1000mg of Motrin every 5hrs. I take more than I should because the pain is noticeable and I can't ignore it. I went grocery shopping with my fiancé today to Target and Costco and that was way too much for me, we stopped so much so I could breathe, relax, catch my breath... The second we got home I fell right asleep. The swelling in my vagina has blown up again this evening and I'm nervous because of my benign tumors. I'm calling Maria in the AM and immediately setting an appointment with my gyno to see me and get me more pain killers. My lower stitches on my belly have been painful throughout the day it feels like sharp needles poking me multiple times at once out of nowhere ... My bruising has decreased a bit, that Arnica gel is a lifesaver. & I'll be returning my original post op bra because it is only an XL and it isn't front clasp. Such a busy week ahead of me I never get to feel relaxed. :-( Stitc removal is this Thursday!!!

Oops, Today is DAY 5 POST OP (Photos Included)

Today was in fact overwhelming. My first day back at work and had no sympathy from anyone. It was so rude. Then I was so freaked about my vaginal swelling I made an emergency appoint with my gynecologist.. She told me due to all my previous surgeries down there I'm just very sensitive and since there is nothing compressing the swelling down from that region that's why all of the swelling is rushing down there. No need to worry and my benign tumors are fine, just to consistently ice it when I'm home and try to keep my vaginal area elevated when lying down. So, I'm relieved with that news. From there I had a hair appointment (No one cares I know) then rushed off to Wal-Mart to buy my front clasp bra that everyone has been telling me to get. I bought a 42 because they all looked so TINY. It wasn't even $10 so it was a good buy. When I got home....My vaginal lips swole up AGAIN like a balloon. It gets so filled with blood that it hurts to walk I have to walk like a hippo with my legs spread wide apart and it throbs and stabs and aches like no tomorrow. I'm currently icing it just wishing this swelling will end soon...But looking at my hips today I'm going to be swollen for quite a bit. The swelling from the upper half of my abdomen and back area has gone down a lot and now it's slowing rushing down towards my hips and lower tummy, legs, and vaginal lips -______- My stomach is still very numb and I can't really feel much of anything when you touch it. The bruising has gone done A TON! & The stitches don't look horrible at all. It's almost been one week since my liposuction and I'm loving the results everyday. My hair stylist, gynecologist, and co worker all asked if I got a BBL because it looks so much more shaped but it's just from the liposuction . Wishing everyone out there a beautiful evening and easy recovery!

Day 08 Post-Op Lipo (PHOTOS INCLUDED)

Sorry about the delayed post-op....Yesterday I went to get my stitches removed with Dr. Hunsaker and he removed the top two near my rib cage & chose to remove the remainder of my stitches during my breast augmentation on the 18th of this month (Six days away! :D) because he knows I won't be able to handle the pain of the remainder stitch removal without being under anesthesia, lol. It was very caring and considerate and I highly appreciated that. It'll make it so much easier for me and my anxiety. I also had to get blood taken yesterday because he said I was under such an intensive procedure last week...Wasn't expecting that so I was a little nervous. But Lucita is amazing when it comes to taking care of me. :) We ended up having to stay last night in Miami because there was a horrible storm and it'd be too rough to drive through. My compression band is getting EXTREMELY loose throughout my entire body, Dr. Hunsaker said it's already time to for me to drop down in a size, but he said it'd be okay for me to wear my squeem underneath if it compresses my body enough...especially the hip area because my hips are SO SWOLLEN. It's actually really, really painful! But, I'm on Tylenol and just hanging on. The swelling is slowly dropping everyday on my body. My vaginal area and upper thighs are pretty bruised up and swollen but that's normal and it'll decrease through time. I've updated my pictures...Today is one week and day post-op from my lipo and my results are already coming in so beautifully.

Day 11 Post-Op Lipo

My recovery is pretty much the same....My rib cage and upper back area is still VERY sensitive. It hurts to even touch it with my fingers. There is absolutely no fat up there anymore and it's just tender to the touch. My swelling has drifted downwards now..... My swelling is no caught in my lower abdomen area where the "pudge" area would be located. There's just a few hard lumps in there that I try to massage out but it's so sensitive to touch. My hips are the MOST swollen, my hips look like mini hippos. &When you touch my hips you can just feel the lumps they are hard as rocks. I have my fiance gently massage that area at bedtime but I cry everytime because it is such a sensitive area for me. My hip area is still very numb and has a tingling feeling. As for my stitches....They're still in me and ITCHING like crazy. I apply Neosporin to those areas because the scabs are huge and I don't want scars throughout my body. The most painful stitches are my low hip ones and my inner thigh upper leg ones. My bruising in my upper thighs is still pretty bad but I've been wearing very tight spandex high-waisted pants throughout the day because I find that helps with compressing my legs. My compression band now is a joke....I'm planning on going to Target today and maybe just buying some Spanx...Any suggestions? My mid section-below my knees is VERY loose in my compression band. I know if I could have more compression on these areas the swelling would go down a little faster.

Aside from that, my BOOBIES surgery is only three days away! I am so excited I can not even wait. I'm so excited to wake up with new BOOBIES on my chest. =] & P.S. I'm getting Juvederm in my lips today. I think I'm going to make a review on that as well.

Day 12 Post-Op Lipo + Getting Ready For Miami Tomorrow!!!

So, unfortunately I have been fighting off this minor cold I got yesterday legit out of nowhere! I've been drinking NyQuil at night and chugging DayQuil all day during the day. A coworker today gave me two antibiotic pills....I took one around lunch time and she told me to take the second one before bed with my NyQuil. I had a fever yesterday!!!! So, I am trying my hardest to at least DROP my fever because I'm afraid Dr. Hunsaker won't do surgery on me if I'm extremely congested or have a tough cough. Once I drop my fever I can just tell Maria on Thursday I have a MINOR runny nose (Which I'm hoping at that time that's all I'll have).

Aside from that, I went and dropped off my prescriptions today at Target and I asked why my anti-nausea pills were so expensive....She explained that it's because they are the dis-solvable ones not just the regular anti-nausea pills some surgeons prescribe. She said with the dis-solvable ones they immediately disappear into my tummy so if I do throw up under I won't throw up my pills. Makes a lot of sense now that someone explained that to me. So I can expect to pay $84 tomorrow when I pick up my prescriptions. He gave me the same medication as my liposuction procedure: antibiotics, anti nausea pills, and my pain killers.

Also, I went to Publix (grocery store) and picked up my groceries....I made sure my hotel room had a mini kitchenette so my fiance can make me meals rather than me having to eat yucky take out. I packed what I typically would eat:

For breakfast;
-gluten free waffle (just one)
-orange juice with the added calcium
-egg whites (i eat about 4)

For lunch;
-whole wheat bread
-light mayo
-turkey breast lunch meat
(I normally eat just a turkey sandwich or chicken breast sandwich)

&For dinner;
-chicken noodle soup (1/2 can each night)

I got a huge jug of Gatorade and bought some water bottles. So I'm fully stocked on my foods which is way cheaper and less stressful for me. :)

I decided I'm just going to wear sweatpants to my surgery and a loose tank top. I don't really have any flowy/stretchy dresses. Sweats are the most comfy for me. I have my 42 post-op bra packed and just my toothbrush. I have to still wear my compression bands into surgery Maria said and Dr. Hunsaker will determine where the compression band will lay on my body before I wake up (Dr. Hunsaker had me start to wear my compression band folded over to my belly button starting yesterday prior my breast augmentation to help the sensitivity to minimize).

My fiance and myself leave for Miami tomorrow. We chose to stay the night BEFORE my surgery versus trying to travel there the morning OF because it was way TOO stressful last time with the traffic and bathroom breaks. It'll be more relaxing to be settled in and just wake up later in the day and go straight to my surgery being close in town.

My boobies surgery is now only TWO DAYS AWAY! The excitement is eating me alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My annoying mother-in-law found out today that I'm getting my boobies done and she said horrible things which really upset me....Like, "You're just going to look fat after you get them done" & "You already have boobs! You need to save your money and buy a car" ......I'll have you know I already have a car, lol. She makes no sense UGH!


Today has been a ROUGH day. The suitcase I used to pack ripped open I ended up having to use a big duffel bag and then a small teeny-tiny suitcase. :( Then I forgot my turkey meat, so my fiancé will have to go buy some tomorrow when I'm in surgery (I refuse to eat take-out!) & then the weather has been like a tropical storm all the way to Miami! It was four hours of heavy thunderstorms with HIGH winds. Thankfully, I fell asleep in the car with my kitty on my pillow all the way to Miami. I will say, I am grateful I chose to check in a day earlier rather than day of operation because I feel a lot more relaxed and at ease and am able to just snuggle and get warm and feel better. :)

I did in fact call Dr. Hunsaker's office....Maria said I should have no problem with have a runny/stuffy nose and I will be okay taking Dayquil/Nyquil + antibiotics. I have actually been told by Dr. Hunsaker to wake up at 4:30AM and eat a big meal and drink lots of liquids before FIVE AM so I don't end up in surgery dehydrated. He said he does give me fluids but it's not the same as actually drinking orange juice, Gatorade, or water beforehand.

As for my procedure, I'm getting the excited/nervous jitters. I can't even imagine myself with bigger boobs & I'm a little hurt I'm not going to lie with what my fiancé's mother said about me yesterday (That I'm just going to look fat with bigger boobs and I'm wasting my money) She doesn't even know I had liposuction done or my lips...We're really not on talking terms right now. Sad right? She hasn't even wished me luck or said she'd be praying for me. That's very upsetting but I'll get over it. I need to remind myself that NOT EVERYONE will agree with me and as long as I'm happy that's all that matters. :)

I just bought myself a grande Calm brewed tea with extra honey from Starbucks to help with my cold before bed. Hopefully, it'll do wonders. :)

My liposuction....my stitches really ache they are literally growing into my skin and it itches horribly. My ribs don't hurt QUITE as much because I have my compression band down to my belly button due to Dr. Hunsaker saying it needs to be this way until my breast augmentation tomorrow. I am still agitated (I am being a brat, I suppose) with the lumps in my stomach...I'm getting self conscious and I feel like I don't look great anymore. I know I'm thinking crazy....I am just stressed out.

My boobies....I measured them last night and am posting pictures tonight of the before result :) My measurements are:
Around the rib: 36"
Over the nipple: 41"
Above my chest: 39"

Roughly a full B-low C & I am aiming for 750-800cc and full DD. That is my goal.
Wish me luck everyone! I am praying I wake up feeling better than the past few days and an easy and soft recovery :) Hope you all are doing well in your recoveries as well! I will update as soon as possible tomorrow! :)



Today is BOOBIES Day!!!

(I apologize for that review above this one...I was trying to upload my YouTube vlog I made this morning)..... Unfortunately it didn't work. So, please disregard that previous post.

Today is THE DAY FOR MY BOOBIES! I am so excited I can NOT even explain in in words!! I have been waiting for this for so many years and today is finally here, it's such an exciting feeling! I am NOT even nervous...I'm just excited! My family and fiance are very nervous today. But, I'm so comfortable and confident with Dr. Hunsaker that I just am happy and excited to see my results!!!

I made a YouTube vlog my username is "SalineBoobies" if any of you want to watch and subscribe to my boobie vlog. I figured, if I could help one person it'd be worth it to post a vlog. The link to my video is right here:


......I thought there was a way to upload the YouTube video to where you could just click on it in my review but I can't figure it out.

My surgery is only 2.5hrs away! It's at 1:30PM. We need to be there at 1:00PM, but we will leave about 12:15PM just to make sure we don't get stuck in traffic or miss our exit. WISH ME LUCK! I'll be posting another vlog to my YouTube channel when I wake up. :) YAYAYAYAY!!!!
Dr. Hunsaker

I am beyond blessed I came across Dr. Hunsaker. He made me feel completely comfortable and confident. He is a very honest man and you can tell by the conversation you have with him he is very knowledgeable and has a LOT of experience which is a huge plus for me. He is not a money hungry plastic surgeon and he does great work. I wouldn't change my plastic surgeon for anyone else. My surgery will be on September 4th, and September 18th.

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Good Luck!
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Congrat on previous surgery. Looking good. Wishing u the best for BA surgery;) can't wait to see after pics. Have a safe and speedy recovery chick.
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You look great as well. Ppl at work have asked me if I had a Brazilian butt lift too lol. It's amazing how different your butt looks just from removing the fat around it. I can't remember if you mentioned if you have kids or not but your tummy will probably look smoother and flatter than mine. I have two kids and mine it's as smooth as I wished. I'm starting my sit ups and exercising today so hopefully next summer I'll be banging. Happy healing to you.
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Thank you lady! It is so insane how that happens. I'm really happy with my results and no I don't have any kids but one day I will. My plastic surgeon told me I can workout in about 10-14 days....&Then I'll be in the gym everyday! Happy healing to you as well! :)
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Watched your YouTube video awesome job :)
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LOL. I'm still frustrated I can't figure out how to post it into my blogs. :( But I'll figure it out. I hate not knowing how to do something!
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I agree with Platinumbarbie....don't worry what anyone else thinks but you. You are the one that has to be happy with you. One day soon you will be able to put that tight figure hugging boobie showing dress on and say......ha I look fantastic! As far as the lumps go in your belly I know what you mean I have some rock hard lumps....I told my hubby they are part of my hard 6 pack abs :) They will get better with time. When do your stitches come out seems like a long time to have them? You really look great. Its going to rain all weekend so at least you will be able to take it easy and rest. Hope all goes well today. Sending prayers up for you and good luck! XOXOXOXO
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Thank you for that. Everyone here has been making me feel better about this whole situation. You're so right and I'll get over it eventually. HeeHee, that's so cute 6 pack abs! I know I need to be massaging but I don't like too at all. And Dr. Hunsaker is removing my remainder stitches ( I have 9 left) while I'm asleep getting my BA because he knew I personally couldn't handle the stitch removal process in the office he only took two out last week in my rib area for my BA coming up. I hope all goes well for your surgery as well beautiful!!!! Saying a prayer for you! XOXO
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Esummergirl. Thank you for stoping by and for your nice comments. That is all we need during our journey. I hope you are doing better with the swelling in your feminine parts. Keep a close eye on those. I just wanted to tell you that I am staying away from salt and any process food specially MSG this food present in billions, Chinese food, instant soups is a MONSTER. My Dr. Put me on a high protein diet (small meals very 3-4 hours)and loads of liquid. My swelling was nuts I was double my size on my 4th and 5th days. I drink FRESH pineapple and ginger juice. If you want to know a bit more about my diet feel free to send me a private message. You are looking fab. I will say a little prayer for you and the success on the revamp of your boobs !!!!! Positive energy for you !!!
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Of course and thank YOU for your kind words and positive tips. :-) I keep being told to drink pineapple juice I will have to buy that ASAP. The only thing I did pack was a low sodium instant soup that may be a bit high in MSG. But aside from that I have a pretty clean diet for while I'm in the hotel. When I'm home I eat 4 small meals every 4 hours. Thank you for your prayers and kindness. Have a beautiful day!
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I was told by a nurse it has to be fresh pineapple, it has something to do with the enzymes...can't wait to here how things went!!! XXXX
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Sorry packing went rough and forgot your turkey I understand I never eat out but I have too many serious food allergies. Glad you brought your kitty is it the 5 month old one? Or both :) Don't worry about futer mother in law some people just don't understand plastic surgery and are judgmental I actually only told my parents ;) And Boob's will only make you look thinner ☺ Prayers for you today sweetie
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Yesterday was rough but I'm glad we came yesterday to get any problems or getting lost out of the way. & I brought the five month old :-) The older one is able to stay at home without ripping it apart for a few days. Lol. I was thinking of what you said a few days back last night as Bellino was laying on my chest how he can't do that today I felt so bad lol. &Yes, thank you...She just really hurt my feelings especially saying "She's going to be fatTER than what I already am"..... I didn't realize I looked fat. Rude! Thanks so much for the prayers love :)
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Before you know it Bellini will be back on your chest :) I bet he doesn't weigh very much unlike my bobtail was 9 pounds at 6 month's old Lol but vet said he wasn't overweight just going to be a big cat and well now at 2 years old he's super tall and weighs 15 pounds Lol What I did was guide him to sleep beside me instead of on my chest ;) Your a beautiful girl people who say such things are just insecure themselves when I was at College I had a girl who was supposed to be my friend ask me when you go home are you going to lose weight!!!!!! What so rude!!!!! Yes I gained about 55+ pounds while there and not from over eating anyway it really hurt me it was like she was basically insinuating I was obsess which I wasn't . And you don't look fat at all!!!!!!!! What would she rather you be a ugly stick Lol it hurts bad I know I've been up and down in my weight most all my life and it does hurt most when it comes from those closest to you. My father not meaning to was rough on me. Just remember all that counts is what you see and like I understand not easy people are so judgmental but your super beautiful girl and going to look even hotter with ba and Lipo already looks Gorge Babe ☺
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LOL. I hope so, I feel so bad for him he's not going to be happy tonight. :( He's just a fluff ball. He probably weighs about 4.5lbs. LOL. AW, your cat sounds so adorable! :) & Thank you for that. I too was very thin at one point in my life, unhealthy thin. Then from there I've been up and down. I was fit until my car accident and she knows that.... But I learn to just get over it. And thank you so much, you're too kind! I finally made my first blog video! I'm so upset that I don't have my nice camera so the quality is going to be rather crappy today. But when I get home it'll be better quality! I'm posting it to my review right now! :)
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Awe he's tiny ☺ Really video blog? Awesome!!!! My weight is actually too low right now because of my severe food allergies literally I eat just protein, olive oil, nut's, sugar free Red bull if I eat veggies which I love get horrible joint pain and migraines and then my serious anaphylactic shock type allergies are all dairy,soy,eggs,citrus, okra :( Also through the years even when I wasn't eating much at all due to basically what they call gastrophresis which is delayed stomach empting but I still didn't lose a pound until I cut out all sugar and anything that easily converts to sugar I did it because my legs face major edema so painful but cutting out carbs and surgar knocked out 90 % of my inflammation and side benefit weight loss but now after my neck surgery went bad I have lot muscle wasting/atrophy so really I'm what you call skinny fat :( Just look at Kim Kardashion she isn't super thin but so curvy and sexy that's what guys like they don't like stick figures without any shape. Our society promotes being too thin I think it's pure evil!!!!!! Actually if you were too thin she would probably pick on you for that!!! Sorry about car accident I remember you telling me about that when did that happen? Have you had any spine surgeries to correct the bulged disc and other things you mentioned. Do you have chronic pain from this car accident?
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Oh my, that sounds like a very difficult diet to learn to live by. I love veggies! That'd be a tough one. From your photos you don't seem skinny fat at all. You seem rather petite! &Yes, I love Kim Kardashians body. She is beautiful head-to-toe. I have curves and I love my curves I just need to tighten them up is all. &No surgery, yet. Hopefully I won't need it but my pain can be chronic but it's livable. It happened back in December of 2012. &I can't figure out how to post my YouTube video to my blog. :( But, I put the link in my latest blog just now. :D
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I saw your video on YouTube fantastic job ☺ Thanks :) I need to tighten up badly!!!!!!! yes it's hard diet because I loveeeeee veggies I pray I will be able to eat again :) I love curves so sexy!!!! Yes I'm short barley 5'2 always dreamed of being 5'9 Lol not even close ;) Sorry for your pain I understand it all too well ugh ;)
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I can't wait to be given an okay to workout again. I just want to tighten up for my wedding asap! I always wanted to be that tall too! I'm only 5'4" but I throw in 5'4.5" LOL. A girl can dream!
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Well when I was 16 I was measured at 5'3 but now 5'2 guess my scoliosis became worse and also guess with age maybe I've lost some bone :( I would love to be 5'4 :) I used to run 5-7 miles a day 6 days a week but now my ankle tendons need surgery plus since my neck is unstable any exercise makes pain worse. Just be sure when he does give you the okay to exercise don't over do it because it can cause Boob's to get inflammation ect. Can't believe your ba surgery is almost here ☺
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When is your wedding? ☺
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Good luck tomorrow! :)
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Thank you!!!! I'm so excited I can't even describe it into words!
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YAY tomorrow us B day. Lol. Im getting surgery also tomorrow at 1030 so im fasting right with you lol. Good luck cant wait to hear from you on the post op side. Or and the nausea medication i wondered the ssme thing. They werr heaven sent. No sick feeling or anything. But i will say once you wake up i was in so much pain i couldnt talk. I was pulling Dr. Hunsakers arm for more pain meds and he had the nurse inject it immediately. I know my first 2.5 days sucked so its ok if you dont update your going to need your rest. Oh also dont be alarmed if your still feeling pain and your months post op, XL implants take longer to heal. Good luck hun.
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OMG, I had no idea you were already getting your BBL procedure done this month! For some reason I thought it was not so soon!!! How exciting!!!! I am unable to sleep. I'm getting annoyed, I think it's because I drank my tea and then my NyQuil and then my birth control and anti-depressant within minutes apart. My legs keep spasming and I'm peeing every 20 minutes!!!!!!! So frustrating. But, my body and head are so ready to sleep :-( I wish you the best of luck tomorrow on your surgery I will say a prayer for you! I'm so sorry I didn't realize your BBL was so soon!!! :-(
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