Breast Lift with Implants at Age 20. Hola Chicas! - Miami, FL

I'm 20 years young and Have had saggy breast since...

I'm 20 years young and Have had saggy breast since the day they started growing. I am 5'6 and weight 209. I don't have any children but have wanted this since I can remember. I'm hoping to have breast a girl my age has, perky and high. I'm very anxious for my surgery and have been counting down the days.

How exciting! You're going to look so perky when this is said and done. Please keep us posted.

I sure will. Thanks :)
I agree with Miss fact it was miss indigo review and honeydrops review that made me think youd get a fab result me..ive got implants...they are not for everyone and ive spent 8 years hating them and now im looking to have tgem removed along with a lift...big boobs are so ask a few more surgeons before you decide...they are a big commitment!!.xx

Helloooo Ladies!! So week 2 strated great. I'm...

Helloooo Ladies!! So week 2 strated great. I'm down 2 lbs and feel good. The weekend was full of temptation as my family ate all kinds of delicious food but I held in pretty well. I have 112 days left to wait and everyday I'm more anxious. How is everyone else doing?
So thought I would update today. There are 40 days left until my surgery. I'm still watching what I eat and going to the gym. I love it when I leave the gym I feel sooooo good about myself. Days are flying by and I'm so anxious!!!

Hey girls!!! I arrived in Miami at 10 am today. My...

Hey girls!!! I arrived in Miami at 10 am today. My surgery is in 3 days. Today was my pre-op for blood work, EKG, and tons of papers to sign and instructions to go over. I'm very calm which I can't believe. I thought I would be super nervous by now but I'm fine. Yesterday was my AA graduation and although I haven't lost very much weight I felt and looked great thanks to my personal trainer and better eating. My payment is complete, I will get my exam results on Monday, and surgery on Wednesday! I do plan to keep you all posted. Now going for some much needed sleep. Sweet dream!!
Dr. Spera

My aunt and her sister had work done here and recommended him. Everyone at his office has been great. Dr. Spera is Argentinean and has over 25 years of experience, he is also board certified. He has been on shows in Univision and Telemundo. I'm looking forward more and more to this surgery.

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