Getting Rhino, Nipple Correction, Breast Lift W/implants, and Lipo - Miami, FL

I will be having surgery on July 8th (only 13 days...

I will be having surgery on July 8th (only 13 days away!) in Miami, Florida at Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery. Dr. Salzhauer will be giving me a breast lift with implants, inverted nipple correction, rhinoplasty, and liposuction. It is a lot, but I wanted to get done as much as possible at the same time to save time and money.

Breast lift with implants & inverted nipple correction:
I currently wear a size 34dd/36d. I love the size of my natural breasts but not what they look like without a bra (because of my inverted nipples and the sagging). After losing over 20 pounds, my boobs became saggy and deflated. Dr.Salzhauer will be giving me a breast lift (lollipop incision) and then adding silicone implants to make my breasts into a nicer shape once lifted. My goal is not to increase my bra size, but for my breasts to be more full and perky.
I have had grade 3 inverted nipples since I was born. These will be corrected during surgery. I am concerned that I will not be able to breast feed and also that I will lose feeling in my nipples, but mostly the breast feeding. I plan on having children (maybe in 5-10 years) and I want to be able to breast feed them.

My nose has been a big source of my insecurity. I hate taking pictures, especially close ups. I have tried to use make up to make my nose appear more narrow but I still can not achieve my desired look. My nose is wide and has a bulbous tip. My nose looks especially wide when I smile. I feel like it takes up too much of my face. I know that my nose is not awful , but it is just something I have always focused on and makes me feel not as attractive. I want my nose to be more narrow and to no longer have a bulbous tip. When I smile, I want my nose to look more narrow and not take up so much space on my face! I will post pictures of transformations that I hope to look similar to.

I will be having liposuction on my flanks (love handles), abdomen (upper&lower), and thighs (inner&outer).
I have excess fat in these areas that I have found difficult to remove with diet and exercise. The love handles and thicker thighs make my mid section appear more rectangular in shape. Also, I feel very uncomfortable in shorts because the cellulite on the back of my thighs. I hope to see a major transformation in my body shape after the liposuction. I will post pictures of some transformations that I hope to look similar to.

My surgery is just 13 days away and I still need to book flight, place to stay, and care taker. I will be flying into Miami from philadelphia and staying for a week. I am on a very tight budget (since all of my money is going towards this surgery!), and I am looking for the best deals. My goal is to have flight and place booked by tomorrow, and care taker scheduled by the end of this week. If anyone knows of any good deals, please let me know.
I am sooo excited for this surgery and truly believe this will be life-changing.
I am so hopeful to be able to look in the mirror without clothes on and like what I see. I want to feel more attractive and confident.
I wonder if anyone will read all of this. I am basically writing on here as a diary lol .. and in hope of some feedback and suggestions from other people!

Pictures taken 1 month before surgery

Here are some pictures of me before surgery, as well as some "wish pics" and transformations that I like!

Nose before surgery

Here are some pics of my nose before surgery. I hate how big and wide my nose is, especially when I smile.
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Good luck with your journey. Dr. Salz is great
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I will be flying in July 7th from Philadelphia.
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I am still looking for a place to stay and a caretaker for July 8 & 9th. Please let me know if you know of anyone or would be willing to help me out yourself (for $ of course) :-)
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Wow your already so pretty .. From your pics he really doesn't need to do very much with you and I can already tell that you are gonna look smoking hot one your done girl !!! Can't wait to see how you come out
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Thank you that is so sweet:-)
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Hello ... It sounds like your about to undergo a whole new transformation ... similar but different to mine. Dr Salzhauer seems so great from the discussions I have already had with him and from listening to allot of his previous patients I'm sure you will turn out great and just as happy as the majority of them are. A friend of mine had a lift with implants and the Nipple correction for her inverted nips also and OMG hers came out great !!! She used a different Dr because this was about 4 years ago but OMG what a difference... She loves her perky poky outty Boobies and I'm sure you will love yours as well :) I will be following your journey and wish you the best of luck with your planning and your upcoming surgery. Girl ... don't worry about ever posting a book on here... As you scroll through others profiles you'll see we all tend to write allot... And that is good because this is our safe place to do that and to support each other while we go through this... prayers for you girl.... Take care and best of luck on your journey to a new you
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Thank you so much! I am really liking this website and all the support:-)
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Good luck he is great .. im a week post now.. Your going to love your self after !! I will be following you.. :)
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Aww thank you - excited to look at your page and results now!
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Good luck hun!! I can't wait to see photos!!!!
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Thank you:-)
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Best of luck to you! Dr S and his staff has been awesome so far!
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Thank you so much!
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