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Hello! I'm two weeks post op and have SO much to...

Hello! I'm two weeks post op and have SO much to say about this topic. I'm 33 years old. 150 lbs. Pre lift, 36DD or 34DDD depending on bra and EXTREMELY saggy with no kids to have an excuse as to why.
I debated a reduction for many years and thought that was my only option since I was so full chested. By chance I went to a plastic surgeon while on a sales call (I'm a med sales rep) and decided to ask what my options were. He told me he could give me a lift and implants. I almost laughed out loud when I heard implants. I was a 36DD, and I wasn't looking to be Dolly Parton. I researched more and more and spoke with my cousin’s wife who’s a plastic surgeon. She told me something that I will never forget when I said my goal was to be slightly smaller (a D), lifted and full. She said “If anyone tells you they’ll hit a home run with this surgery in only one procedure they don’t know what they are talking about”. I knew I found the right surgeon when he said that there was a good chance he’d need to go back to revise the incisions and take more skin at a later time.

I spent 2 months looking at breasts online. I was instructed to find a pic of what I wanted to look like post op. I settled on a pic of an augmented chest that was 34D. When I went in to my pre op appointment I was a little nervous to show the doc the pic. I was afraid he was going to say he couldn’t get me that small. He looked at it and said “no problem”. All I could think about was the Victorias Secret Clearance sale which I never had the opportunity to enjoy.

Ok so here’s the real deal. Make sure you have a clean house, plenty of movies, great pillows and someone who is calm and reliable to watch you for the first 5 days. Do not plan on doing ANYTHING (including showering) for 7 days. I was told I could drive after 5 days. I didn’t until 7. I honestly felt awful until then and didn’t want to push anything. I went into surgery with a very small post nasal drip. Well that was excrutiating torture when I came out of surgery and coughed. My front hurt, my back hurt, everything hurt. Your actual breasts are numb so you have to be really careful that you don’t pull any stitches. I came home with dressings on each of my breasts. After 4 days I went back for a dressing change and they put some light gauze around my chest to hold them together (still no bra). At day 7 they took off all dressings. There were no steri strips, just my boobs. I was still VERY tender. I tried on a shelf cami and almost cried. My boobs were PERKY for the first time ever!!! At day 12 I started trying on every dress in my closet and doing split screens of before and afters on my iphone. My poor friends must hate getting pics of my new boobs by this point.
Sleeping on my back is getting easier. I have a trick, I sleep with a bunch of pillows under my head/back and then I put a bunch of pillows on my side so its almost like I’m sleeping against something and then I put a light feather pillow over my chest. It helps keep me asleep.

So far I’m still a 36DD when I measure my chest with tape, however I’ll take a DD that is nice and perky any day.
The after pics are at day 13. My nipples look a little off but when I look in the mirror it doesn’t look like that. I think it might be me trying to fool around with the self timer. Honestly they could stay scarred like this and I’d still be happy, wearing clothes is just amazing now!!!
If you are thinking about doing it, DO IT! Just be open and honest with your surgeon about your goals. I have 250 cc silicone Moderate plus profile implants in each breast under muscle. I never discussed CCs with my surgeon, I just told him what I wanted to look like after and he did his magic. I’ll continue to update as I heal.
I have another appointment (to check on the breast massage progress) tomorrow (day 14) and I’ll be asking about the silicone cream for scarring. Stitches come out on Friday, ouch!


HI! I am currently looking into a lift with implants and everyone thinks I am crazy!. I am a 34 DDD but they look like stuffed saggy sock on my chest lol. I hate that I cant wear cute shirts cause strapless bras just don't really work. Victoria secrets are ok but I still have to keep pulling them up. I am going for my first consult on tuesday but I already know I am probably going to have to look around. Should I bring a pic of what I want to look like after? Thanks!
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Hi there! Do you have any updated pictures! Looks great! I am similar to you so would be interesting to see how things are a few months after surgery!
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omg you case is so similar to mine idk if i should get implants because i dont want to be bigger im currently a 32dd and my brest look just like your pre surgery breast . did you doctor suggest you do them in 2 stages
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