4 Weeks Post Operation - Miami, FL

Hello I had breast augmentation 4 weeks ago, I...

Hello I had breast augmentation 4 weeks ago, I think I needed more CC's and also needed a lift, will my breast get bigger? I was a small A cup and went with 360CC's I wanted a full C but my breast aren't looking as I expect them to look. I know it takes about 3 months to get the final result but sometimes I feel as it won't get any better. My breast are still really hard and my nipples are pointing down I been massaging and wearing my elastic band almost all day.

they are a good size they dont look fake but they look full and natural, maybe give them more of a chance :) good luck
Well I think you look perky and natural, but I bet you wanted them to be full and round. DId you take a sample pic to your doctor the day of surgery so they had something to go off of? I know a lot of them get an idea of what you are want and can put different sizers in during surgery to match your desired look!
What size are you?
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