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I am in talks with dr. freiman's people for ...

I am in talks with dr. freiman's people for saline breast implants.
very excited.
after loosing some weight my boobs lost soo much volume :(
right now im 5'2 123lbs.
I keep debating between saline vs silicone, i want silicone but im young(24) and saline will most likely last.
i plan on being about a DD
Do you know how many ccs you want and are you getting a lift?
I also wanted saline. However i showed pics and told my doc how especifically i wanted them to look, and also turned out all the pics that i disliked and didnt want to look like that were with saline, and were under muscle, so each case is diferent a good doc will defo guide to the right way, if u are especific about what u want to look like. I saved lots of pics on my ipdad and took it w me. And also pics that i didnt want to look like! Some people depending on breast cavity etc have under muslce, etc etc. That also determines the size of implants, when my doc told me 240 cc i thought was too much, but he knew what he was doing. Good luck. Let us know !
Thank you @tatyuk. I have now changed my mind that'll I found out id need breast lift :( will have to wait


Will have to push surgery to summer as Iwill need a lift.
Hey there, did you decide when you are having surgery? I am scheduled with your doctor on 4.24 for a lift and implants.
Waiting sucks! I have been wanting this scheduled and done with in January but my BF couldnt get his vacation until April so he can take care of me. Time has gone by so slow. I hope everything works out for you!
Oh my god i just realized that ur boobs were similar to mine. Defo i needed a lift so make sense u need one too, i just contacted realself to know why my review of boob op in january is not here yet!!!
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