I like the size but had bottoming out and horrible scars - Miami, FL

Hey! I am 19yrs old, 5'3, 120lbs. I started...

Hey! I am 19yrs old, 5'3, 120lbs. I started off with a 34B and am now a 34D. I got the 421cc Silicone Teardrop implants- under the muscle, in attempt to look a little natural. My breasts were small to begin with but I think I should have had a better result because they were pretty even and perky. My Implants now look a little uneven (one is droopier than the other) and overall, I guess they are not "bad" looking but I expected a better result. I don't have any cleavage (which i asked for) unless I wear a good bra and Honesty I think they look more like a C than a Full D- without a bra.

I heard recently that Teardrops are not recommended for Implants bigger than 400cc because gravity will naturally bring them down anyway so MOD+ or HP would be better.

I definately do want a re-do soon. I am considering the same PS, since they do offer a huge discount for re-do's, but I am a little scared that I wont get the result I want. It has also been 9months since my surgery and my scars are still VERY visible and pink. I should have gone through the crease and NOT the nipple. I regret messing with the nipple and hope it will heal well soon! The crease would have hid the scar pretty well since I have larger implants. I hope to go up to 500cc and do either MOD+ or HP to make them look perky but still soft.

Overall, I do have to say they look great in a good bra and clothing. I like them better than my little B's lol. And I have gotten many compliments about how soft and natural looking they are. I guess I want more cleavage because I like to wear skimpy little bikinis or dressy shirts when I go out sometimes that cant be worn with a bra.. I dont regret the surgey, just wish we would have gotten it right the first time. The pain was bad as soon as I woke up from the surgery and it hurt the first few days to sit up from bed, etc but after a few days it wasnt as bad.

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Just a little update- I did NOT get the Teardrop...

Just a little update- I did NOT get the Teardrop Implants. I was under the impression that I did, I guess it was just mis-communication. I got the 421cc Natrelle Implants- Midrange style, which are similar to Mod+. Now all I have to figured out is why one dropped so low (they also both moved down and out, very little cleavage). I spoke to my PS on the phone recently and he was very helpful and answered some of the questions I had and cleared up the mis-understanding. He said that it could happen from working out your chest, but i never work out my chest. I will be setting up a consultation after the Holidays so he can see what is up.


hi there, i think ur breasts look great!! did u think ur breasts were kinda far apart before the surgery ? coz mine are quite far and im just worried that ill b even worse when they\re bigger, cleavage is what i want to have after the surgery
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I am so glad you brought up the subject of "cleavage." This is one topic that doctors do not try to educate a woman about, probably because they assume we already know all we need to know! I am here to tell everyone, if a woman is small-breasted and has never HAD cleavage, she does not need to be the one to define it - a doctor needs to provide guidance and education.

Cleavage is a condition that exists when a woman's breasts are brought close together, usually by an article of clothing. Breasts, in their natural condition, are not positioned that close together. If they were, a woman could not breast feed her children.

When I was a 36A I made the mistake of trying to define cleavage to my doctor prior to having my implants done in 1998. As a result, he agreed to push my breasts closer together during surgery. BIG MISTAKE! The result is now my breasts are no longer in a natual position, so I cannot wear all those expensive molded push-up bras seen in the catalogs. I can only wear certain types of underwire bras. And I can't wear certain types of bathing suits, either. And if I put on weight, my breasts look noticeably misplaced. This was all my own fault.

All small-breasted women should receive practical education on "Breasts and How to Wear Them" before they have surgery, and the course should be given by a naturally well-endowed woman of mature years. I didn't know what I didn't know until it was too late.
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What a well-written review! Thank you. I see what you mean about your breasts looking natural. They really do! And the size looks great. It does sound like you might be happier with round implants, though. It seems like a lot of doctors don't love the teardrops and it's too bad your surgeon didn't give you his opinion one way or the other.

Please let us know what you decide to do. Thanks for being part of our breast implant community here on RealSelf!

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Hey everyone. I thought it was about time to add...

Hey everyone. I thought it was about time to add some final thoughts and concerns about this experience. Since my last review I HAVE gotten a re-do by a different doctor. I was too scared to go back to the same doctor because of the horrible scarring and bottoming out I got in the first place. I had consults with several doctors and they told me the scarring was so bad and should not have been extended out of my nipple area so much.. if my nipples were too small to accommodate a nipple incision then the doc should have gone with the crease incision. I was so embarrassed to be naked and had to put a ton of cover-up on my red thick scars. The scars even peaked out of my bikinis so I always had to keep adjusting them.. I wish I would have had a better first BA experience. I waited almost 2 years then got a re-do with a different doctor in the area who is amazing. He did some correction on my nipple scars, they look good at 10months out and keep getting better and better...much better than I was at 2 years out with the first doc! The new doc also did the internal bra procedure on me to correct the bottoming out. MSG me if you'd like new pics and info about my new doc who did my re-do in the Ft Lauderdale area.


I feel So sorry for you I have a similar dislike for mine however yours are much saggier, I saw your questions to the doctors and their reply and this saying its a great result isn't quite what id expect them to say. I mean they don't look perky or youthful at all which is why most women get a surgery . I hope you get a re do
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I already got mine re-done :) The scars are almost gone and I went with a bigger size as well as internal bra to fix the sagging. They are big and perky but soft natural looking :)
Oh my and it was 2yrs ago!! Geez I should have read our story first before I commented. Lol
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have been researching different types of Implants and Plastic Surgeons for about 2yrs before I was able to finally get my breasts done. I was excited when I found Dr. Hochstein online. He seemed like the perfect Doc on paper & Dr. Hochstein was friendly in person. We discussed a few different things, but by the end I still was not sure what I wanted so I thought I'd obviously leave it up to him- the Pro. I had no doubt about him until AFTER surgery.. My nipple scars were looking horrible.. my right breast had "bottomed out". I looked like I had saggy breasts! I am an average weight female, no kids.. I had small but perky boobs to begin with. I dont understand how they came out so horrible! The scars were thick and red up until I got my re-do with a different doc 2 years after Hochstein did my first Breast Augmentation. I was embarrassed to show my breasts to anyone because of the horrible scars. I wish I would have had a better experience with him.. it would have saved me the embarrassment/suffering and saved the $8500 that had to be paid to another doctor to fix my scars and bottoming out with an internal bra. Overall, Dr Hochstein and his staff are very friendly people. Friendly is nice, but I was there for a good boob job which I did not get. This is my 100% honest opinion about the work I received.. I would not recommend him to any of my friends... Wish they had "stars" to judge the actual work I received and not just the process.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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