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Hello ladies, First of all thank you for sharing...

Hello ladies,

First of all thank you for sharing your experiences, they super helpful! I am super anxious and nervous about my surgery next week. I am 5'9, 153 pounds. So far all I think is about this surgery and I can't wait until is over. I am traveling to Miami next week and my doctor is Dr. Ortega. If you ladies have any advices please feel free to send them my way. (I will post before photos tomorrow)


Good luck and keep us postrd
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Thank you so much. OMG Tomorrow is the day
Good luck boo.. keep us posted.. I'm deciding bt Ortega and Fisher.. please post pics..
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TODAY is the day ladies

Today is the day, I am super nervous of the post care. I am preparing myself mentally that I need to recover first before I go on to my normal routines. Also, that I am not going to be perfect. Please ladies I need yall to pray for me for everything to go well.

Here is my before photos


Can't wait to c your results happy healing
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Thank you. Thursday when I arrive to PA I will post a review still super tired and a lot of pain
Hope everything went well...update us when you can to let us know u are ok.
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