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I'm planning to have my implants removed finally....

I'm planning to have my implants removed finally. I feel like I've been through hell already. I had my first set 23 yrs ago. Saline 325cc above the muscle. They were perfect for about 15 yrs. I started developing ripples so as soon as I saved enough money I went for a revision. The doc said I need to switch to silicone and go under the muscle. I did and the ripples became way worse and my boob wrinkled when I am on my side. I saved more money and went to a different doctor 1 1/2 yrs later. The new doc said they weren't positioned correctly and all he needed to do was re-position them. On surgery day he decided that we would go with a different implant after all. Now my wrinkles and rippling in even worse than before. I've spent so much money and so much time in recovery mode that I am just exhausted. My breast hurt everyday. I can't do push ups or jumping jacks when I'm in my exercise class. I am ready to just get them out of my body! I had a consult with Dr. Melmed yesterday and I have a consult with Dr. Khouri in 3 weeks. I will schedule my surgery for December when school is out so that I have time to recover.

My explant surgery is scheduled for Dec 9th with Melmed

Since my last surgery I've gotten CC in my right breast and now feel more urgency about removal. I'm so over these boobs! I consulted with Dr. Khouri in Aug and was planning to consult with Dr. Bednar in Dec.about fat transfer but decided that there is too much risk involved. I can't afford to do a second surgery if it doesn't turn out right. I'v opted to just remove them.

New explant date Jan 3rd!

I had to change the date due to final exams at my school being on the same day. I'm now scheduled for explant on Jan 3rd. I'm starting to get cold feet but I know these implants need to come out.

I'm starting to panic!

I'm getting really nervous about having the implants removed through the nipple. I've seen so many great results with just going through the original incision. At first I just really didn't care and now I'm thinking that I don't want the extra scars. I'm sad. This is hard.

One more day!!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified.

It's done!

I'll post pics tomorrow. I'm still bound tightly, I guess until I see Dr Melmed tomorrow.

Day 2

Done!!! I wonder what's under there??

First peek


First peek photo

Day 3

Looking much better today. Still really sore though. The right one is the one that had CC so it need some TLC!! Poor little thing!!


Just when I thought things were looking up I start developing a hematoma/seroma. I can't see my doctor for 2 more days since its the weekend and his office is 4 hours away. He said not worry and it will be okay until Monday. Ugghh!!! I feel like I can't catch a break!

one more pic

The seroma breast looks like it has an implant in it.

Seroma Update

I saw Dr Melmed on Monday and he drained the breast that had filled with fluid. I still have some swelling and the right breast still seems to be sitting way higher than the left. It even seems like the breast is starting to fill with fluid again. UGH! The crease is way above the original scar from the implant. I don't know why it's doing that. This is becoming a nightmare.

bad day

I've had a really hard day today. I've been crying all day and second guessing all my decisions. I can't even stand looking at myself without clothes on. I feel like I've been mutilated. I've had so many problems with my breast over the last 2 years, I just wanted to take them out and be happy with small breast. My right breast is still super hard and lumpy. Both breast are wrinkled and sad looking. I never wanted to have to have surgery again and 74-now I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to need some kind of reconstructive surgery or fat transfer. There is a big portion of tissue missing from my right breast and the only reason that it looks halfway decent is because it's still filled with fluid. I'm upset that I'm feeling regretful.

At this point I'd rather have the implants back

Things have gotten worse. I'm so depressed. I felt so hopeful at first. I don't feel that way anymore. I don't know what's happening to my breast. It's been almost 2 weeks since I had the hematoma/seroma drained and things have only gotten worse.

Sorry for the bad attitude

I haven't posted in a few days because I've been so very busy with work and school. Things are looking so much better. Not completely better but way better. I still have a lump that is pulling skin but it is shrinking everyday. I'll post pics in a week or two after it has a little more healing time. I'm feeling much more positive than I was last week. This can be an emotional roller coaster.

Feeling regretful.

I'm updating pics. I had scar tissue revision surgery with Dr. Melmed on the 10th. I don't feel like I'll ever look normal again. For me, I feel that this was a big mistake. I'll wait a year before I do anything else and then I'll reconsider putting implants back in.

5 months .... not much change

I'm looking into fat transfer now. It's hard for me to look at this site much and see how others have had great results and I have to be one of the small percentage that have a bad result. I'm saving money and researching doctors to move on with this journey to try and feel normal. I'm learning a lot about myself in the process.

6 months since last surgery

I'm adding this pic because I want to show how the adhesions look. This happens anytime I flex my muscle even the littlest bit. I cannot wear any clothing without padded sports bras or it obvious. This is most of the reason that I say that this has not been worth it. For me this decision wasn't the best thing. Maybe it's good that I no longer have fake boobs and implants inside my body but I have been left severely disfigured.
Dr. Melmed or Dr. Khouri

Is there a way to change the Dr? I have decided on Dr Melmed

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Hugs and good vibes your way. It has been a long road for you. I'm still hoping that there is a good solution. Btw my boobs look like hours when I use my pecs - all scrunched up Not quite as much but the muscle is adhered to the breast tissue. Have you tried myofacial massage?
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I'm just starting my journey with finding the doctor to explant. I'm afraid of what my breasts will look like, but your story has shown me that there's a possibility that my breasts won't look like all the other perky tata photos and that my explant results are uncertain. I really appreciate your brave blog and photos. They're inspiring and honest. Stay positive and keep posting. I hope you feel better.
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Sorry you are going through this. You are brave! I know you are not happy with one breast, but was your removal totally not worth it or would you still do it? You marked not worth it for removal so just wondering.
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If I had know that I would have these results then no, I would not have removed them. I still have pain everyday. My breast are disgusting. I have massive adhesions from scar tissue. I have no idea how much more money I will have to spend to even look sort of normal.
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Let me change that by saying that I would not have left them the way they were but would have gotten smaller ones or just had the fat transfer to begin with. I can't believe how much money I have already spent and still have to spend.
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I'm so sorry for all the pain you have experienced but I have to say that you look better in your last updated pix than when you had those silly bags. IMHO when you have implants that do not resemble each other in size - this looks very odd (as if each boob belongs on a different body) but when you have natural breasts that do not resemble each other in size - this looks "more normal" and visually more appealing than the first scenario. You are probably stronger than you think and there is something that needs to be revealed to you as you go through this process. I wish you love, acceptance and clarity as you sit with your thoughts regarding your next move. I hope you keep us posted - take advantage of ALL the support and knowledge here on RealSelf.
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I hear ya, honey! You said, "It's hard for me to look at this site much and see how others have had great results and I have to be one of the small percentage that have a bad result." I feel the same way. Take it from me, before you have your next procedure, make sure your surgeon tells you EXACTLY what he or she will do and what he wants to cut and move, so you won't wake up with more surprises.
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Hi, bless you and I hope you feel better. I think there are doctors that can help you rebuild, just make sure you do the research and have a good feeling with the cutting edge expertise. At the same time I just wish you to be happy and feel better. Bless you.
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I'm glad to hear from you. I know you're in the Houston area, have you considered Dr. Paul Gill in The Woodlands? He is my PS and one of the reasons I really felt good about going with him was because he does a lot of breast reconstruction on women recovering from breast cancer. I have a very dear friend that is a nurse and went through cancer and chose Dr. Gill. He is very good and kind. My friend went with fat transfer and had nothing but good things to say about him. I had explants and a lift but also one breast that was larger and needed more reconstruction on it. I'm very pleased and highly recommend him. Prayers coming your way for peace and direction.
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Thank you! I will for sure go and have a consult with him. Do you think that your friend would would be willing to talk with me?
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I'll certainly find out and let you know.
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Hi! So I talked with my friend and she strongly suggested you see Dr. Gill and his staff for a consult. Her surgery was completely reconstructive bc she lost both breasts to cancer. She opted for the fat transfer and even though they had to pump fat twice bc not all the fat survived, she is very pleased with her end results. She really wants you to consult with him and his staff bc although she is a nurse, this is not her field of expertise. Dr. Gill is well known in this area for reconstruction surgery for cancer patients. He doesn't try and sell you on implants and gives you realistic expectations for whatever option you choose. He told me what to expect with my procedure and what size he thought I'd be based on my breast tissue and he was right on. My results are very good and the scars are healing so good, much better than the original BA. Stay in touch, I want to know how it goes for you. I work in the Woodlands area and would be glad to meet with you and have lunch or coffee.
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I talked with his office and Dr Gill won't do fat transfer unless you have had a mastectomy. I'll have to look somewhere else.
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Oh no! This may be a dumb question, but did you explain to them your circumstances? If not, why not just make an appt. for a general consult? Then when you see him, you can ask about reconstruction via fat transfer on the one breast. I can see where that may be the general guideline for the office staff to say that, but that may not be the case.
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I'm so sorry, those pictures so your pain physically and emotionally!! Take.the.time to do research and you will get the result's your look for :)
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It seems like you would be a candidate for what I went through (I had my implants removed and my breast reconstructed via an upper abdominal lift. My surgeon did this so he could use that skin to create new breast tissue. It sounds brilliant, right? Unfortunately for me, however, I didn't consent for my surgeon to perform this one me. He also inanely removed my implants from an area that is CLEARLY visible when I wear a bra and a bathing suit....... I was also left with crippling pain because my doctor (Dr. Khouri), again without my consent, inserted a "Refine" permanent, BARBED, mesh, surgical suture device to "lift" the breast. I'm telling you all of this so when, and if, you decide to get reconstruction done, you'll be prepared........Check out my review to learn more before you make another mistake. I still need to update it with my new findings (of that horrible, implanted, lifting, torture device).
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Hi Itannos. I just sent you a pm and then read your review. I'm so sorry you are going through all this. You were wise to give your body the time it needed to heal it self and to decide what your next step will be. I'm sure that whatever decision you make it will be the right one for you. We all try to give the best advice we can from our experiences, but in the end the you need to do what feel right for you. I've done the implant thing (2 sets) and had them in for 30 years until I decided to have them out. I was just going to replace them and then found this forum and decided that for me the right decision was to have them out. I didn't have the best results after the implants were removed. Then I decided to do the fat transfer. Please keep us updated on your progress. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
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massage massage'll soften up and relax over the course of time. Left one is a soldier...and the body strives for balance and its natural given state at all times...healing with helping hands:-D
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Hi, I'm following your story and want to thank you for sharing it with us all. You posted that you think this was a you mean having the implants in or out that was a mistake. Did your surgeon say why a haematoma pulls the skin tissue up and is this just something that can happen to anyone or is there a reason this happens to sme of us. I hope you're feeling enrgetic and healthier. I can tell from your comments this is not a result you want to stay with but your positive attitude is very inspiring. I am wishing you inner peace and good health. Big hug. x
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I think for me that removal was a mistake. I'm broke from so many surgeries and still very unhappy about my results. I cant help but think that I should have just tried a capsulectomy. Chances are, especially with my luck, it would have happened again anyway. I'm just at a loss of what to do now but wait and keep wearing padded inserts on one side. My Dr. didn't say why this happened to me. He just said I have to wait it out and see what happens. Hmmm. What else can I do?
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You're on my heart and I continue praying peace and healing over you. Waiting a while sounds wise and your body will continue to heal. Weigh your options carefully for sure. Maybe look at fat transfer for the one breast only, but after much healing. Implants are not your only option. You are not alone and this does not define who you are. Lots of women praying for you❤️
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Thanks for posting your story and I'm sorry this has been such a trying experience for you. Did your doctor say what caused this reaction in your right breast? Is it just the scar tissue? Hang in there love!
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...Hi again....hope you're feeling a little lifted. I didn't understand what you meant by thinking that you should have perhaps "just tried a capsulectomy". Do you mean you wish you had had the capsules removed as well as the implants removed. The surgeons I have seen said that the capsules are naturally absorbed back into the body if left in, but it could take up to 12 months. I don't know how things are done over there but in England you can ask for a second opinion on the NHS. I think it's reasonable to want some answers as to why your ski hasn't smoothed out on one side immediately and to be told whether it is likely to smooth out over time. Surgeons I have seen have said it can take as long as 12 months+ to heal after this sort of an operation... but even so, it would be nice for you to have some reassurance one way or another from a professional Can you seek a second opinion or will this be something you would be charged for.x
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Thank you for posting your story. I too, am not having the results I expected and may be having some scar tissues issues. My doc advised me to keep the capsule in because I would have a better cosmetic result. I'm fearful that my capsule is not pulling in my right breast and now my left one is starting to bubble as well. I'm only 5 weeks out. I have an appointment to see me doctor today. My guess is he's going to say to keep waiting. Or more surgery. I've spent more money than I care to admit. I have nothing left. I'm feeling that I should have kept my implants in as well. Please keep updating, your posts are very helpful to me! ((Hugs))
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I am so sorry for your trials and difficult outcomes through repeat revisions. Thank you for your honesty and bravery in sharing your story. Many women go through multiple revisions, each time meeting with disappointment, and that factored greatly in my original decision to explant after my first set of implants. However you choose to deal with your current situation, you are loved and supported -- nothing about surgery, implants, explants, revisions, etc is easy, and all of us here know that from first hand experience. Your idea of waiting for a year is very good, though I am sure it will be difficult, because it takes that long for everything to truly heal and "settle down". Also, it seems each additional breast surgery leaves its own tissue damage and stress to the natural breasts, so it is wise of you to let things resolve to their best possible point before moving forward. Rest your body and mind, and try to find some peace with your body and decisions, think positive thoughts and do your best to have patience. You are alive and active, in school bettering yourself, and probably have a pretty great life beyond the implant/explant saga, focus on the positives in your life and it will help carry you through the negatives, however difficult they may be. Much love and support to you! xoxo
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