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I am having my silicone implants removed after 24...

I am having my silicone implants removed after 24 years, I have had them replaced ones in this period. I have a bit of tuberous breast naturaly. It is going to be done by dr. Khouri. I am 45 years of age, I weigh 130 pounds and I am 5.7 tall. Here some before photos, I will post more photos so you can see what the results are, not only from my breast but also the stomach and hips. For all the woman who are considering this.

More before Photos

Here some more before photos of me so you can see the difference before and after I have my breast implants removed and replaced with bodyfat by dr. Khouri.
Not only the breast but also my stomach, hips and legs. I wont be able to post after photos until the end of september 2013. Thank you everybody for you support and comments. Best wishes from Brigit.

The before photos

I have my scars from my breast implants underneath my breast, what you see on the side of my breast is from my bra.


I am ready to leave for Miami tomorrow, I am so very excited and nervous. I am trying to get some more photos on here, but it doesnt seem to be working, I will try again later.

My visit to Miami breast center

I just had an appointment with dr. Khouri, I thought he was very kind and professional. I had an appointment at 10.30 and didnt have to wait long, he took a lot of photos.
I had my MRI last saturday, cost $650.

Before photos


I want to warn everyone who is considering liposuction when you are older and/or have cellulite. This will get worse with lipo. Look on this site and see the before and after before you consider this. I am having the fat taken from my stomach and flanks mostly. I do hope it is coming out oke, I have cellulite on my legs and bottom. I think it is better not to graft any fat from there.



It has been 36 hours since I have been operated, It is very painfull, I use a lot of painkillers. Mainly my breast area hurts, lying down and getting back up is the worst. I think my breast have had a lot of work, I have 2 staples in my neck. I will see Dr. Khouri this monday, then I will see my new breast for the first time. I am very curious what my body will look like. I am also worried what my lowerbody will look like, I will have to wait 6 weeks until all the swelling has gone down.


4 days after sugery

Here a photo of my breast 4 days after having my implants removed and replacing it with fat. I think they look much better then my implants breasts. Swelling and bruising still has to go down. I bought an spanx pant one size bigger then usual this afternoon to replace the ill fitting compression garment I had on after sugery. I feel much better. I was allowed to take the bandage of my breasts today and take a shower. There was not a 'cast' there, just bandage and tape, there are some staples. Right now I am just wearing a shirt, I will see dr. Khouri again tomorrow.

My body

I will post photos of what my waist, belly and legs look like after the lipo in a few weeks. They are swollen and bruised right now, the final result is much more interesting.


I found out there is something called PDS Suture in my breast to give them a nice shape, it will desolve in 3 months I have been told by dr. Rotemberg, she also works at the miami breast center. It would have been nice to know this before hand, so I know what is being done with my body. I did not ask specific beforehand but there is nothing on there website about it and I would have liked to know beforehand. Thats why I write about it here. If you are having done the same as I have, ask the doctor what exactly is going to happen. Here a photo of the 'cast' there I have to wear for 4 weeks.


My 'cast' is off, I am happy about that. It was painful to get off. In my opinion it had no use, it was quite heavy and pulling my breasts down, it was put on to prevent shriking of the breast what usualy happens after fat grafing. It was already lose after 2 days. Now I was adviced to wear a quite large supporting bra, not a sports bra but more like a pushupp. But not thight.


I am doing ok, I still use painkillers, I found it to be quite painfull, it has been 2 1/2 weeks after surgery now. I have had RAFT, this is where the skin of your belly has been pulled up to create a fold in my breast (I had tuberous breast) and I believe the Rigotti maneuvers where scar tissue is being created underneath the breast to hold the breast in place. I will post photos in a few weeks.

Photos after 4 weeks

Hello Girls, here some photos of me after 4 weeks. I am still healing, the numbness of the lipo is still not gone, also does my stomach still feel hard and is a bit swollen. I eat well because I have been told several times to eat well. I am a bit heavier on these photos then before the operation. The scar tissue that has been made underneath my breats is also still healing, see my photos. It is worse on the right side. It is still painfull and uncomfortable, I work 2 days a week right now and that is already hard.

After 3 months

It has almost been 3 months since I had my implants removed and fat transfer by dr. Khouri. Here are some photos. I had tuberous breast so this is not a usual removal and fat transfer. My skin of my belly has been pulled up to create a fold/breast. The sutures on the left have desolved (the last photo) the sutures on the right have not yet desolved. You can see this on the photos. The shape changes once the suture has desolved. I am happy with the shape, I hope they dont go down in size anymore. You can see my old scar that was used to put my teardrop shape implant in 11 years ago, it is larger then when a round implant is used. I might have this corrected in the future so it is less visible also by dr. Khouri.


Is there anybody who had the same thing done? How long will it take untill all the sutures have dissolved? Will my right breast lower as well?
Thank you so much.

after 7 months

Here are photos off me after 7 months, my left breast is smaller then my right breast, something didn't go just right. Also is my left waist not as thight as my right waist. I am a bit disappointed about this. I hoped and expected everything to go right and fine but it didnt. I seems my breast keep getting smaller but I have wait and see, maybe they stay this size. I am still not sure if it was worth it. I might go back. I am not sure.
What do you think about my body, is it an improvement??

Miami Breast Center

I do have to say, there finance department is a disgrace, I have been trying to get an invoice of my operation which was over 8 months ago for my insurence, I have send more then 12 emails, now I start phoning but it doesn't help. This causes a lot of stress which is unnecessary.


Now after 10 months I still have a tight uncomfortable feeling underneath my breasts, I hope this will go. Now, when I look back I would first have my implants removed and then see if I felt satisfied. The website miami breast center I think is to optimistic. My lipo areas feel a bit numb still, also the holes from lipo are visible. I will post photos so you can see. Cellulite is a bit worse.

After one year

Here are photos of me after 1 year. I am satisfied with the results, if I have to give the results a number between 1and 10 I give it a 7.5
My breast are different in size/ shape but it is ok with me, i want to go on with my life. The first 3 months were very painfull. No I am doing better, the numbness of lipo is gone, the tight feeling around my chest is getting less. My body is a bit different, my upper legs are thinner, i have less fat or almost none on my belly. It is impossible to find pants that fit well, I have to alter the waist which is very narrow. My skin is a bit more ' loose' I have lost volume because of the lipo, I am 46 not a good age to loose volume. My weight is the same as 1 year ago.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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I think you look great - you are being too hard on yourself. Most women (naturally) have one breast larger than the other - same thing goes for hands and feet - they are never exact. ALL women - ok...maybe not all but 99.9% of women have cellulite. You are a beautiful woman - accept your are fit, you are healthy.
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jeez, thats so great of you to post all your experience meticulously. I was considering using this dr. but after reading what you've gone through, I think i'll keep my implants. I have tuberous breasts too. I'm actually happy with my implants but have a capsular contraction so I know once you start trying to repair that , it is a slippery slope. Thanks so much to the women who write here, because you just saved my breasts. I think it's nice to be without implants and I try to warn girlfriends considering them as a solution to their flat chestedness. If only we could learn to be ok with what we have because there is no obtaining perfection, unless you were born that way.
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Did u get your invoice for the operation yet
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I have never received my invoice, I even had an attorney but the Miami Breast Center refuses to supply one. Please if you are a patient out of country, make sure you have your invoice before leaving the clinic, I would refuse to leave without one. I have a loss of 4000 euros because of this.
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I agree with you, it is best to never start with plastic surgery, unless you are deformed. I have very little fat on my upper body and tuberous breast so I am happy with the breast I have now, they are 1 size smaller then when I had my implants. I am so happy the implants are gone. It has been 1 year since I was operated on. I am doing good now, the thight feeling around my chest is going away slowly. I feel it mostly before I fall asleep. The numbness from lipo has also gone away, If I have to give the result a number between 1 and 10 I would give it a 7.5
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No, I even got an attorney on it but the miami breast center refuses to give me an official invoice, my loss is around 4000 euros because of this. Out of country patients: do not leave the clinic without your correct invoice you need for your insurance, a operation report will not do. You need an invoice with universal codes.
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I would advice not to do anything to you body unless you are deformed. If I could turn back time.....I would have done nothing. No I have small breasts but many scars and lots off euros lighter. I can not say I am happier, it is an illusion.
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I'm going through the same hell, sweetie, horrible doctor ,I'm 34 and I'm so much pain as well.we were tricked, into believing he is the best, you an amazing person that you posted so everyone can see the truth Hugs answer kisses
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Brigit, thank you for posting. Your breasts look better compared to when they were implanted. Have you asked Dr Khouri about the skin folds that have developed under each breast? Is he going to correct this for you? Having looked at other implant removal + fat transfer reviews and having also gone through this procedure myself, I have noticed that this skin folding seems to only be happening with Dr Khouri's patients. Surely he must recognise there is a problem with his technique and want to rectify and correct previous patients' surgery outcomes. Congratulations to you Brigit on being implant free! :)
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what makes you say only dr K's patients? Which doctor is better? Please let me know!! I need to use them. Very hard to find which doctors knows what they are doing. Since they are few and far between BUT some really know this latest technology. Thanks
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What makes you say only with Dr K? Seems tough to figure that out since the majority of these doctors are guessing on this new technique, yet few actually know what they are doing. Please let me know if you know any better cutting edge doctors?? Doctor K is the pioneer but I want the latest young doctor that will continue his work. Doctor K did a great job for me but not even!! I can't believe they could F that up with my breast were already symmetrical! Thanks!
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To be clear. Dr K is a great doctor! It's just know that this is cutting edge technology so it is developing rapidly. He is way ahead of 90% of doctors doing this procedure and he invented it!! I still highly recommend him.
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I mean he discovered the correlation between brava and blood circulation and space. Seems obvious looking back!
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Hi everyone, I want to post a clarification for the statement above. Dr K did a great job, I had a major!! increase in size and symmetry. The post above is not well said. Thanks Doctor K is still the best doctor in the country and I would not want another. I think I was confused by another posting below about reconstruction, which is not what I had. Dr K has the latest cast technology, he discovered, and I can't imagine post recovery without it. He understands how this stuff works more than anyone in the field. I tried to remove the posting above as it is not clear, but this is not like other sites where you can remove or edit!! So frustrating.
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ocean, can you post pics?
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no need. I would not want me pics out there. they look great so I don't show them off, since everyone already notices! Lol. But seriously, Dr K did an amazing job!
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paranoiduser1970 (aka ocean), I have seen several women on this site who have a "double bubble" or skin folding as a result of the type of surgery that Dr Khouri performs. Brigit has some visible skin folding under each breast. What I am saying is that other ladies who have been brave and kind enough to post their stories having undergone implant removal + fat grafting with other doctors have not ended up with this "double bubble" or skin folding under the breast. You stated in your comments that you now want a new doctor because Dr K caused asymmetry and then you say Dr K made you more symmetrical and that you wouldn't go to anyone else. Which is it?
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Again, I apologize for the confusion. In my case, the symmetry is good. My writing was very bad and when I went back I realized that, but could not edit. I appreciate everyone sharing their stories and it is helpful for so many. I was curious as to which doctors may be better then Dr K? But he does a great job. I would share my photos but I am a very shy person and I would worry if anyone saw them.
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I can go back and have something done with the fold underneath my breast. I do have to pay for this. I am not going to do this. It is quite expensive all together, flying from holland, staying in a hotel, the surgery. Also i am not ready for pain again. The fold is more visible on my right breast, it is the old scars from my prior breast enlargement, the scars were quite high.
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I see your advanced skin did not stay up on your breast, where it should have. You should NOT have a double bubble--aka bottoming out. That's NOT what is suppose to happen with typical implant removal with fat grafting.....Prior to surgery, did you know you were going to have the RAFT? I didn't!......I, too, had this surgery, but I'm the new Guinea pig. The old experiment, which you had--of using a cast, was a failure--Internal sutures alone with "protection" from a cast, didn't help accomplish the goal of making the advanced skin take root in it's new spot.....The new experiment, the one I had in May, is to use ROCKTAPE, a stretchy extremely sticky and strong tape that is bound around my chest. I'm suppose to also wear a TIGHT bra to force the advanced skin to stay in place. So far so good--but not really, since Dr. Khouri thought it was a good idea to remove my implants, NOT from my original, hidden inframammary fold, but from my torso, under my arm! I just realized this when, yesterday, I went to try on bathing suit tops. NONE of them covered the exposed Frankenstein-looking scars. He told me the scar would be hidden. NOT. He made two 2.5" incisions for the whole world to see. What doctor would think it is a good idea to put breast surgery scars in plain sight? WTF was this guy thinking? There is absolutely NO excuse for deforming me. Can you IMAGNE what this would do to my image if I was a Hollywood star? But I am not a celebrity--so apparently I don't matter. I'm just another lab rat for an experiment that hasn't yet been figured out. Anyway, hopefully he didn't do this to you. May I ask--from where did he remove your implants?
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I had the same surgery done, April 2, my suture didnt desolved
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Can u please send me a private message so I can message u back privately, thanks
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Bridgit, Thanks for continuing to update your review. I'm sorry you still have discomfort from your RAFT. The more I read about it, the more I realize it's an experimental procedure with unknown risks and recovery. Do you feel your breasts have stabilized or do does the size seem to continue to decrease?
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The size of my breast is stable now. I will post photos soon. X
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Experimental surgery? If I knew I was going to be a guinea pig, I would not have signed up for this procedure, which I actually was not aware I was going to have! I thought I was just getting the run of the mill implant removal with fat grafting. I'm beginning to think the pictures on his site aren't even his, and if they are, they CERTAINLY aren't photos of people who have had their upper abdominal skin ripped from the underlying fascia and advanced upwards into an awkward-looking alteration, which only lasts a few weeks before it fails--Obviously the experiment is FAILING--and producing casualties instead of successes. I would expect a $20,000 surgery to give better results! Am I crazy for expecting this? How many of us have to be disfigured before Dr. Khouri figures out how to do it right? And why weren't we informed that we were to be lab rats and that the pain would be unbearable???? Huh??? My husband is a surgeon and when he was in residency, he and his colleagues practiced new techniques on a pig. A PIG, NOT a human!....To top off the insanity, was that we have FUNDED this unethical experiment!
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