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I am having my silicone implants removed after 24...

I am having my silicone implants removed after 24 years, I have had them replaced ones in this period. I have a bit of tuberous breast naturaly. It is going to be done by dr. Khouri. I am 45 years of age, I weigh 130 pounds and I am 5.7 tall. Here some before photos, I will post more photos so you can see what the results are, not only from my breast but also the stomach and hips. For all the woman who are considering this.

More before Photos

Here some more before photos of me so you can see the difference before and after I have my breast implants removed and replaced with bodyfat by dr. Khouri.
Not only the breast but also my stomach, hips and legs. I wont be able to post after photos until the end of september 2013. Thank you everybody for you support and comments. Best wishes from Brigit.

The before photos

I have my scars from my breast implants underneath my breast, what you see on the side of my breast is from my bra.


I am ready to leave for Miami tomorrow, I am so very excited and nervous. I am trying to get some more photos on here, but it doesnt seem to be working, I will try again later.

My visit to Miami breast center

I just had an appointment with dr. Khouri, I thought he was very kind and professional. I had an appointment at 10.30 and didnt have to wait long, he took a lot of photos.
I had my MRI last saturday, cost $650.

Before photos


I want to warn everyone who is considering liposuction when you are older and/or have cellulite. This will get worse with lipo. Look on this site and see the before and after before you consider this. I am having the fat taken from my stomach and flanks mostly. I do hope it is coming out oke, I have cellulite on my legs and bottom. I think it is better not to graft any fat from there.



It has been 36 hours since I have been operated, It is very painfull, I use a lot of painkillers. Mainly my breast area hurts, lying down and getting back up is the worst. I think my breast have had a lot of work, I have 2 staples in my neck. I will see Dr. Khouri this monday, then I will see my new breast for the first time. I am very curious what my body will look like. I am also worried what my lowerbody will look like, I will have to wait 6 weeks until all the swelling has gone down.


4 days after sugery

Here a photo of my breast 4 days after having my implants removed and replacing it with fat. I think they look much better then my implants breasts. Swelling and bruising still has to go down. I bought an spanx pant one size bigger then usual this afternoon to replace the ill fitting compression garment I had on after sugery. I feel much better. I was allowed to take the bandage of my breasts today and take a shower. There was not a 'cast' there, just bandage and tape, there are some staples. Right now I am just wearing a shirt, I will see dr. Khouri again tomorrow.

My body

I will post photos of what my waist, belly and legs look like after the lipo in a few weeks. They are swollen and bruised right now, the final result is much more interesting.


I found out there is something called PDS Suture in my breast to give them a nice shape, it will desolve in 3 months I have been told by dr. Rotemberg, she also works at the miami breast center. It would have been nice to know this before hand, so I know what is being done with my body. I did not ask specific beforehand but there is nothing on there website about it and I would have liked to know beforehand. Thats why I write about it here. If you are having done the same as I have, ask the doctor what exactly is going to happen. Here a photo of the 'cast' there I have to wear for 4 weeks.


My 'cast' is off, I am happy about that. It was painful to get off. In my opinion it had no use, it was quite heavy and pulling my breasts down, it was put on to prevent shriking of the breast what usualy happens after fat grafing. It was already lose after 2 days. Now I was adviced to wear a quite large supporting bra, not a sports bra but more like a pushupp. But not thight.


I am doing ok, I still use painkillers, I found it to be quite painfull, it has been 2 1/2 weeks after surgery now. I have had RAFT, this is where the skin of your belly has been pulled up to create a fold in my breast (I had tuberous breast) and I believe the Rigotti maneuvers where scar tissue is being created underneath the breast to hold the breast in place. I will post photos in a few weeks.

Photos after 4 weeks

Hello Girls, here some photos of me after 4 weeks. I am still healing, the numbness of the lipo is still not gone, also does my stomach still feel hard and is a bit swollen. I eat well because I have been told several times to eat well. I am a bit heavier on these photos then before the operation. The scar tissue that has been made underneath my breats is also still healing, see my photos. It is worse on the right side. It is still painfull and uncomfortable, I work 2 days a week right now and that is already hard.

After 3 months

It has almost been 3 months since I had my implants removed and fat transfer by dr. Khouri. Here are some photos. I had tuberous breast so this is not a usual removal and fat transfer. My skin of my belly has been pulled up to create a fold/breast. The sutures on the left have desolved (the last photo) the sutures on the right have not yet desolved. You can see this on the photos. The shape changes once the suture has desolved. I am happy with the shape, I hope they dont go down in size anymore. You can see my old scar that was used to put my teardrop shape implant in 11 years ago, it is larger then when a round implant is used. I might have this corrected in the future so it is less visible also by dr. Khouri.


Is there anybody who had the same thing done? How long will it take untill all the sutures have dissolved? Will my right breast lower as well?
Thank you so much.

after 7 months

Here are photos off me after 7 months, my left breast is smaller then my right breast, something didn't go just right. Also is my left waist not as thight as my right waist. I am a bit disappointed about this. I hoped and expected everything to go right and fine but it didnt. I seems my breast keep getting smaller but I have wait and see, maybe they stay this size. I am still not sure if it was worth it. I might go back. I am not sure.
What do you think about my body, is it an improvement??

Miami Breast Center

I do have to say, there finance department is a disgrace, I have been trying to get an invoice of my operation which was over 8 months ago for my insurence, I have send more then 12 emails, now I start phoning but it doesn't help. This causes a lot of stress which is unnecessary.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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Thank you all for replying girls. I am happy with my new soft breast. The best to you all.
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Bridgette, I think you look good, soft and natural. I hope you are enjoying wearing different bras and loving cleavage, and softness.
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Bridget, I have reviewed your before and after implants, major improvement in visual appeal and your health long term!!!
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Thanks for updating! I am amazed that he can do all those things at once! You look great- I don't see the difference you feel in the tummy. Your breasts have a nice shape. The only issue is that scar from correcting tuberous breasts. How is your nipple sensation?
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Hi, thank you for your comment. My breast do look a lot better then before, natural. My nipple sensation is about the same as when I had implants. It has never been as sensative as when I was a young woman and had nothing done.
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Hi Bridget, it's true your breast at 7 months appear to be even fuller and they look great!! Filling out nicely!! Natural is the way to go!! I am recovering now at week 4 from doctor K!! Time is passing really slow right now!! Lolz
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Wow there perfect. Ive never seen wearing a cast before!!
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I want to know more about the cast. Bridget, I have been searching for this photo for a long time so thank you for posting. I like to know everything upfront and have done all the research. I have asked Dr K's office and they are a little ambiguous. They said if it comes off just come back, but for out of town patients they don't really say and aren't clear about this overall. You mentioned it actually was heavy. Do we know if the cast is really helpful? It is a big deal to know what works and what doesn't before getting started. Btw, hope this is okay my question is for cosmetic as opposed to recon. Thanks all.
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How's the pain holding up? Any better? Also, how do your breasts feel? Are they pretty soft? I wasn't sure if they seem hard at first kind of like implants, or if the fat feels soft as soon as the procedure is done.
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Hi, I am doing better now. It took 5 weeks until I felt better, it still is uncomfortable but not bad. Slowly things are getter back to normal. I cant move my arms all the way up or do sports yet but in time everything will get back to normal. My breast are soft (it feels like fat/what it is) they have gone done in size but have a good shape. Right after surgery they were heavy, I didnt know fat weight so much,they were soft right after surgery and they still are soft.
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Glad to know you're feeling better. Are you still maintaining a good size? Did you enjoy your experience with Dr Khouri? Definitely don't have the finances now but I would love to eventually do something like this and heard he was too dog in the area of fat transfer. Did you like him?
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Wow!!! You look awesome!!!! I wanna do fat transfer!
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Hey!! You look great already!! They really are ver full, and such a lovely shape!! I'm very sorry to hear your still in pain, I hope that gets better soon! Thank you for being honest about it though, as I feel many who do lipo-fat transfers arnt open enough about the physical discomfort. xxx
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Brigit, thank you for your sweet comment on my page. I just hate that my breasts are smaller compared to before implants and I only had my implants for 9 weeks. I was talking with BeagleBaby1 about the BRAVA system. If I remember correctly, you didn't use this system prior to fat transfer, correct? You just had a straight removal and immediate fat replacement after? I'm not able to afford fat transfer, and after all this messing with my body I don't think my fiance would be a fan. However, I have read that BRAVA alone can yield permanent results. Even plastic surgeons on this forum agree that BRAVA does work, but not always to the extent the user wants, which is why implants are more popular. I am only looking for a small increase in size/volume that I lost due to my implants/removal. If you have any information regarding this please let me know. Also please keep me updated on your results with the fat transfer as it may become an option for me later on if things don't improve...
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Hi, nice to hear from you. Yes, I had my implants removed and immediate fat replacement. I did not use BRAVA before or AFTER. I will post photos in a few weeks so you can see my results so far. A small increase in size is very possible with fat transfer, in my opinion. You do need to have some fat on your body. I am 5.7 tall and weight 130 pounds, I had enough fat to transfer to my breast. They put more in your breast then the final result because they do shrink a bit. Mine have already gone done in size a bit since my operation. I keep in touch, best to you. X
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Hope you're doing well!!
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Hey, I just saw your post. You look great already. I'm excited for you and look forward to your updates. Keep resting x
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Why is Dr Khouri keeping your breasts in a cast after the fat transfer for 8 weeks. Is it some how supposed to help you retain the fat? I had fat transfer done March 15. My ps trained under Khouri and I am going back for a second fat transfer and will mention the cast to my ps. Any info you can pass my way I would appreciate. By the way you look great.
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Yes, the cast is there to prevent the breasts from shriking, but I believe it is an experiment. It has been on for a few says and it is coming loose already. This is curtainly not going to stay for weeks. I will go and see dr. Rotemberg today or tomorrow to discuss this. The cast is nothing but tape like bandage that he stuck to my breasts and then applied soft latex which got hard in a few minutes. I hope you understand what I mean, I am not native english speaking.
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I phone consulted with Khouri's office before my explant (I considered going to Miami for all-in-one explant and transfer). They told me that compression can harm the fat cells - this is why women with tight breast tissue have better results if they use brava system to stretch their breasts pre-fat transfer. I think the idea behind the cast is to keep your sports bra from compressing the injected fat & causing the new cells to get absorbed before they "take". Unlike simple explant - over-compressing is not good for the fat transfer, because getting "squished" can kill the transferred fat before it has a chance to connect to the blood-system which will keep it alive. This is something new that Khouri came up with (I called in, I think Jan 2013 - and they were very excited with this breakthrough and so far think it is helping to get higher retention of fat).
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Wow Brigit! First off you look awesome, and it looks like your going to have great results!! But, geez, you mean to tell me they didn't tell you beforehand that you were going to be in a cast for 4 weeks? Would have been nice to know!!! Anyways, it will all be worth it in the end! xoxox
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Ah ha! So that is the famous "cast" I heard about from Khouri's office. You look tremendously good, your lipo and breasts look perfectly sculpted! I am so excited for you, and to learn more about your final results, so I hope you will keep updating. All the best for your continued healing - Luv
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Brigit, you look GREAT!
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Hi, thank you. I also think it looks good. It is hard work. They put breast in some sort of 'cast'. It has to stay for at least 4 weeks, then replaced and stay on for another 4 weeks. Did you have this? I will post a photo of it, it can not come off or can get wet, uncomfortable.
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wow so its a totally different type of recuparation.
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