Fat Transfer to my Breast Done by Doc. Roger Khouri in Miami Breast Center - Miami, FL

I am not satisfied with the result after almost a...

I am not satisfied with the result after almost a year. Only 1/3 fat remains with Brava using and fat transfer to my breast. Doc. Roger Khouri was careless, he didn't give me a normal breast shape nor same size of my breast. And plus, this procedure is TOTALLY NOT no incision, no scar, quick recovery procedure. In my and most patients' experiences, it is painful, leaving scar tissue, 6 month recovery for those wants breast augmentation with their own fat. My arms couldn't move for several weeks after this surgery; my breast size are different after this surgery, plus there is several dented injection marks or called dimples on my right boob, which is very obvious; my left boob is sagging and shaped awkward. I have two questions:
1. Is it better to stick to my original surgeon to have my boob shape and size fixed or is there any doctors could give me recommendations on my case?
2. How can I deal with the dented injection mark? Have a surgeon fixed them or find a dermatologist?

Result after a yr done by Roger Khouri

Lost faith on my original surgeon. Should I? Shouldn't I?

I suffered a lot from his protocol. Both physically and emotionally. Tired... But I'll still be brave, positive, happier and stronger. I will go to Miami and ask them why they stopped responding me and helping me and let myself suffering? when I have time and effort.

I like their responsible attitude and they care about their patients

Actually, the stuff in Miami Bresast Center, Dr. Roger Khouri, nurse Roise, Cindy, brava coach Darlene, they are very responsible people. Dr. Khouri said he'll try his best to help me with my unhappy result. I was impressed. And I'll ask them for the specific proposal.


Diformity boob:( heartbreaking

He said there is no guarantee to fix it!

I wanna a reason

Why my surgery failed? Because of using Brava or the protocol doesn't fit me or the surgeon or what? My boob separated, it has two parts. How come?

Boobies are so important to a girl. Who can understand how I feel?

Deformity boobies, please look your work. Roger Khouri I told you I am a patient, how can you ask for a patient's apologize? I need respect.

Need some help!

Please help! Whoever is the best to help me out of this bad situation. My boobs need repaired. Who's the best??? Emergency!

Conflict mood

I kept myself busy and tried to forget about my experience.

Comments was removal from Realself team. It against human beings WILL

I am very upset about my experience in Miami Breast Center, I would suggest every lady to make sure it's not worth it to do it in Miami Breast Center. The reason is that they don't care about patients real feel and ONLY care about their Reputation. If they care about me, they wouldn't stopped helping me and forced me to write a review against my will. Ok?!

A survey.

Does anyone know how much a plastic surgeon contribut to the public advertisement to improve their reputayion against those bad reviews? So ridiculous?!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I just read your update. I am so sorry. I hope you will visit some doctors and give someone a chance to correct the mistakes. You might look beautiful and be surprised. Don't give up yet.
Hello, American Dream Girl. I am so sorry for the abuse and attacks you have experienced on your review lately. However, I want you to be aware that your honesty is beneficial for us who come to this site. I thank you so much for your review, and I know not to go to Dr. Khouri.
Hi , I'm sorry for your unhappy outcome . Many have found great results with Dr. Revis in FL Use your own judgement and check out his web page and also the women here who had surgery done by him. Best to ya
Hoping we can all focus on "healing" and finding future solutions for those that are unhappy with their results. I have seen some positive things come from member reviews seeking help. Keep up your research too. We're thinking of you and others in your situation often!
Seriously tiffanysurvivor30? You're trolling on Americandremgirl's review too? Let me guess, did you tell this poor girl, "You are wrong, wrong, and even more wrong than that. You were vain and should be happy with whatever results you got. At least you HAVE a double bubble to complain about. I didn't. I was saved by someone who you are trying to RUIN. How dare you? YOU!...... You vain, vain, complaining, ungrateful woman....You don't even KNOW pain until you have had to go thru what I have and bla, Bla BLA!"............Whichever name you choose to write under, we all know your litany. And sorry, hun. But you can't whine away the truth. Americandreamgirl OBVIOUSLY got shafted......Hi Ilovebreasts, I see you've found your way over here too.
Yes, I have flat2fake2fab... I am so grateful for honest reviews. I'm hoping for the best for Americandreamgirl.
I will have surgery next month, with Dr. Pozner in Boca Raton. wait until my results, which I will post on my review.... and then I might recommend him, okay? keep in good spirits until then.
I was 28yrs old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, decided to get a double mastectomy and reconstruction. After the implants were not natural looking nor did I have any feeling in my chest and back and they caused me pain, did I then decide to go to Dr. Khouri for the fat transfer. Him and his staff are amazing and the fat tissue transfer is the second best to having your own breasts. He takes his time and ensures that he is giving you the best results. Although the process is done in several surgeries (3), it was worth the wait and outcome of having fat tissue as your breasts. He gave me back what I thought I lost forever. His staff is amazing and caring and I recommend him to every single or double mastectomy patient out there. When I show other mastectomy patients my results, I always get the same reaction. They cry with joy because they are cancer free and still have a chance to look their best. They make me feel like apart of the family every time I am there. I am so happy that I found him and this amazing procedure. It has changed my life.
You were not a breast augmentation patient. You've now posted numerous comments attempting to rebut the experiences of other women by referencing your own surgeries, the facts of which, by your own admission, differ dramatically from theirs'. These review pages are not intended for "he said, she said" debate. If you're pleased with your surgeries and outcomes, great. Post your own review and tell the world, but don’t do it here.
Althebest is totally right. Write a review and include pictures.... you haven't even done that. Stop promoting a doctor on other people's reviews and write your own review. Then you'll have a proper place to discuss your experience, tiffanysurvivor30.
You're right Althebest. I wonder how many people without reviews are writing comments about D. K, sounding like promotional scams rather than real people. I wonder.
You are very diplomatic. I am not. Not anymore. They anger me. But it's kind of amusing, isn't it? It's also kind of disheartening. Agendas make people do things they normally wouldn't do. Sadly, it is easy to be blinded...when the incentive is enticing enough.
Ilovebreasts, As per Realself guidelines, members may not post if they have an affiliation with any doctor, who performs plastic surgery, unless the member makes that clear, when she posts. (That's not verbatim, BTW.).........Trafficking this site isn't easy, however. All one needs is an email address, and patience to try to wear us out, and possibly kickbacks to make it worthwhile. Oh and a good memory. You know what they say about lying.
oh yeah, it would be easy to pretend to be someone and make a profile here.... i sense a conspiracy. it's too weird for a real patient to be posting comments on someone else's review that have so much anger toward someone's honest experience. it is not realistic. Americandreamgirl even said that the doc was mad about her review and told her to rewrite it with dishonesty. that sounds very very unprofessional. what a loser that doctor is; I'm glad he is too expensive for me to even have considered him. and I'm glad for everyone who is being honest about their experiences with him because it will save a lot of people.
okay, the tiffanysurvivor profile is hella fishy.... it has review with no pics... really really short review, unlike most of us who post on different days and include pictures... furthermore... her cost: $1,000 furthermore... one person commented on this fake review with questions and "tiffany" didn't even respond. some peoples gotta get a life.
The truth always comes out at the end :) and I am proud that I helped people see the truth, cause that's what this is all about , helping each other :)
Is hard to believe that this post is not from someone in his office. It is strange that the one that have had great results never post before and longtime after pictures.
He asked you to apologize to him???? my goodness. I am sorry for your experience with him... after all i have read about him, i would not go back to him. and after all the reviews of here about his fat transfers to breasts, i don't think the images used on his website are even his work.
I wish I knew that, and the extent of pain , I'm going through. .. I'm in hell, we just found out that he put this Refine mesh implant in me without even telling me(see refinemedical.com) advertise that the patient can not feel the presence of the device. On the contrary, from the moment I wake up, to the time I fall asleep, the Refine implant causes me so much pain, that's it's essentially turned me into an invalid.
I think he should be stopped. he put something in you that you did not consent to.... I think you should find a lawyer and get a settlement that will afford to fix what he's done, as well as compensate for emotional damages. I am so sorry for your experience.
So, in florida the law is different and you can't sue, don't do plastic surgery in Florida, and not by Dr. Khouri
Ohhhhh, I'm so sorry. there must be some organization that provides oversight to plastic surgeons... he should be reported and hopefully stopped somehow. How about going to him and stating that you require a substantial refund to repair the damages he has done. well, I won't go to D. K, but I am going to Dr. Pozner. I am hoping all works out well.
We need an apologize letter from Miami Breast Center at least!
I know there must be someone or something we can do, I'm going to resurch it, thanks for the support