Saline. HP. Unders. 380cc & 420cc. BA 1/16. No more itty bitty titty. =)

I will be going in for breast augmentation in...

I will be going in for breast augmentation in about 3 weeks! i wont lie, i am very nervous and the closer i get the more and more i question it.
I wonder how i will feel once they are done and the feel. How will i adjust to this? It wont feel like my normal breast now. How will my partner adjust to them? Would he miss the old breasts and how they feel? Would i regret this? I have this anxiety about regret! ive wanted this ever since i was 16. Getting angry at my sister because i would brag i had more breast than her, and then literally one night i feel she woke up and was a C and i was a small B. She then went on to become a D and i stood at my small C. Being called Tit-less Terror, Pancake boobs etc really stuck on. I want this really bad! But everyone keeps telling me i dont need them. Most men i talk to said they prefer real to "fake".
I have so many shirts and dresses i refuse to wear because i simply do not have the boobs for it. Im sick of seeing other woman with BA and looking fabulous!

Im in a limbo here. Im doing this for ME!!!!!!!!

Post op day 1-4

I got my BA 1-16 at around 7pm. So today makes about post op day 4 ish. The surgery itself was not bad at all. If anything the IV hurt more. I woke up fine and poked my chest and said, "I have cleavage!" My boyfriend had picked up my medicine and got me flowers while i was in recovery. In about 45 mins or a little more i was wheeled to the cab and went back to hotel.
I was mostly groggy and tired and a little dizzy. But other than that minimal pain! I needed help getting in and out of bed until today. I went to work yesterday. I stopped taking my pain meds percs the same day they gave it to me because it made me sick so i took tyneneol ES every 8 hours. My pain wasnt awful or extreme and i stopped pain meds about post op day 4 ish (yesterday).

3 weeks out

Left boob is way more soft and smaller than the right which is harder and bigger!! when will this end!!! i hope my left doesnt have a slow leak. Bigger one is still riding high which is a pain!!!!!

Things you didnt know before getting breast augmentation

You will get bloated and not be able to poop. I couldnt for a week and a half. Laxatives and stool softeners didnt work for me. Maybe it will work for you!

Getting put out really isnt as bad as you think. I was more terrified of getting put out then the surgery itself! its literally, 1-2-3- and your up with cleavage!

The IV sucked. Yeah i hate needles!

You will need straws to drink your drinks from! believe me

Things like pulling your pants down to pee and wipe will be difficult and uncomfortable for days 2-3

YOU WILL NEED HELP getting out of bed because you wont be able to put pressure on your arms (if you do will you be in pain)

Drinks loads of water before and after surgery

Arnica helped me to not bruise at all!!!!!! its natural!

Frozen peas are your best friend.

Flexing will hurt, omg yes it hurts.

3 weeks out, one boob is higher and harder than the other, and the other boob is smaller and softer than the other. this sucks. you will worry. you will get paranoid. im always paranoid.

Incision will be more sore than your breast itself (this is my personal experience and will vary). the Word, SORE not hurt. You may get scar tissue inside your incision that feels like a huge damn rock (that can be uncomfortable and soreeeeee). 3 weeks out i massage it, and hear mini pops and some parts are flattening.

The surgery bra makes me feel secure- i love it, you may not.

let me think of more!

4 months update

4 months In a couple of days.
Dr. Mel

Great PS!!!! Funny, witty, nice personality along with the wonderful staff!!! I did not feel like a number, i wasnt rushed. Everything went great with a great staff! updated 2/10 when Emailing my coordinator she responds quickly, but no luck in speaking to surgeon about concerns. not too happy about that.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you so much for all the updates and pictures! I'm really wanting to get my breasts done and I'm looking for a great Dr to do it that won't cost me a ridiculous amount of money. I'm coming from out of state and reading all the great reviews about this Dr is really helping. Thank you so much. And by the way your breasts look amazing I can't wait to get mine done!!
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Wow! He did a great job!
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Thank you so much! A lot of people disregard and put down surgeons who give the surgery for less than others and I think that is so wrong!!!!!!!!
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Do you still feel like one side is still smaller than the other?
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Yes and no. One is definitely more softer than the other. But their beginning to look equal.
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Do you know what size implants they are?
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yes 380 and 420cc xo
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Well I meant what size prefilled.
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i dont remember.
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Please post updated photos! I had my surgery with Dr Mel Ortega 2 weeks ago. Waiting for them to drop, fluff and soften is not fun! Lol
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Oh hey! Okay I will update!!!!
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Thank you! How do they feel now? Do they feel more natural and soft? Do you think they evened out in size my left is larger and wider than my right check out my profile!
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Oh that's going to take time lady!!!! Mine were off and one was bigger than the other for 4 months and even now that I'm four months out one is much softer than the other. I will say that they feel natural and look natural. No one ever questions if their fake or anything. I wish I had gone bigger. I am a 34D now I was a 34B before.
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Thank you for sharing your experience! They look great already! What size and weight are you? I am having my BA in May and I too am struggling with size argh it's so hard! Love your tips at the end thanks x
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I am currently a 34D at 380 and 420cc. i measured one month post op. I am 115 pounds.
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Hi you look great! I live in nj and im going to coral gables for my ba in april. Is there anything you would suggest for traveling? Where did you stay? Im still not sure how many ccs im 32a now...anything is better lol. I started getting tattooed when i was 15 still love them almost 38 :)
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What clinic are you going to??? And what surgeon? I bought button down shirt and a jean jacket and shorts and capris. I didn't bother bringing any bras bc they give u one. Bring straws, arnica if u bought it, ice packs that u can pop with hand, some gauze, and basically that's all I brought with me. Ask hotel for extra pillows believe me it'll be your best friend!!!!! I was a36B before and am I believe a month and 1 week and was measured at 34D and it's still early in the recovery. I got saline one is 380 and the other is 420cc
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Your boobies are looking great for 3 weeks congrats love =] Xo
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You can sure see the difference with your tattoo ... Beautiful! Happy healing
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How do you like the feel of the saline? I'm leaning toward saline but am curious about that.
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Hey! I'm only one week out but my left boob already seems to be getting squishy soft and actually has some bounce. The right boob is my dominant boob so it's still being a little stubborn! So far I can't feel the implants and I'm liking saline! they definitely don't feel like "sand bags or water ballons" like I hear people saying. Any more questions let me know! Xo
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No offense to everyone who said, 'don't do it or i wouldn't do it if i were you', but they can't understand how wonderful it feels to have confidence and feel like a woman. I had so many friend's tell me they wouldn't do it either, but they weren't in my body, and all of my friend's HAVE boobs! You look awesome and I LOVE your ink!
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thank you so much babe! omg im such a paranoid person! I keep looking at posts of women who wanted their removed!!! I just dont want to regret it in the future but i guess its too late for that! Being 5 days out, i enjoy them so far even though they are still sore and what not. Its nice to look in the mirror and see boobs. Everyone kept saying i didnt need it and had perfect boobs. To me they were small and i got tired of buying 70 dollar bras, tightening them as tight as i can, being in pain from it being so tight etc.
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Your boobs were beautiful before. There is no right or wrong decision, and if you were not happy with them, then that matters. Maybe the rest of us just wished we were starting with as good a "set" as you :) You look great, and I'm sure you will be very happy with your upgrade!
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Awe thank you so much! The one thing that kept killing me was the fact that I've been told numerous times I've had wonderful boobs and I felt that enhancing them would makes regret it! Hopefully it won't be the case because it's too late!!! I'm one week out and I can't say I hate them! But it's very early in the process! I forgot what I looked like with small breasts! Xo
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