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Hello! I am 3 months post op from my BA...


I am 3 months post op from my BA surgery. I went from a small 36B to a full 36DD with 550cc in the left and 650cc in the right. My breasts came out FANTASTIC, my right breast was larger than my left and dr. hunsacker made my breasts seem even in size so now i am no longer self conscious about that.

My recovery was not easy I guess i learned that i have a low tolerance for pain lol..things got easy after the first 10 days. My incision was in the armpit so raising my arms immediately after surgery was painful!

Okay..so yes i am happy with my end results HOWEVER i would not reccomend coral gables plastic surgery to anyone because they are disorganized, money hungry, and you only get to see your doctor on the day of your consult and the day of your surgey. For all of your post op appointments you see a DIFFERENT doctor. I say they are money hungry because on the day of your consult they expect you to put down a 1000 deposit but it's like umm HELLO can i atleast THINK about whether or not i am going to go through with this before you pressure me into coughing up a grand.

I would also have to say that dr. hunsacker needs to seriously brush up on his interpersonal skills. He just comes off as arrogant and cocky. I went to see him again a month later because my friend wants to get her BA done by him and he didnt even recognize me! I am just being very honest. once again i am happy with my end results but not happy with the service

I will be adding pics soon however I did not take...

I will be adding pics soon however I did not take any pictures pre op

Just realized I left out important details I...

Just realized I left out important details I received SALINE implants through TRANS AXILLARY incisions. My left implant is MP and my right is HP.
Hi, yours look amazing, I'm flying in to Miami on nov 28 for my BA on nov 30 at coral gables as well but with dr Marcelo ghersi & I've never seen any of his before & after pics :/ now I'm nervous there might be complications I'm going with saline implants as well under the muscle not sure wat size yet maybe 400cc , I'm sop excited & nervous at the same time, I hope they do a good job .
I am sure that the surgeon will do a great job. My issues were mainly with the facility, staff, and patient care coordinators. The facility is tiny..like really tiny..I had to literally squeeze into the consultation room and my patient care coordinators office which bothered me. These r minor things that will have no impact on your surgery so don't worry lol I'm just super picky I guess
Did you have any assymetry pre-operation? Did you have any breast tissue before? Your after pictures look great and I am looking for something similar in size, maybe a bit smaller. I have quite a bit of breast tissue to begin with and am so confused about size!! You look great!!

So I've been receiving messages from girls wanting...

so I've been receiving messages from girls wanting specifics about the issues i had with coral gables cosmetic..i was very brief in my original review because i was typing from my iPhone but i will go into more details now.

- on the day of my consultation i arrived 20 minutes EARLY and ended up seeing Dr. hunsacker and HOUR later, he did not even apologize for being so late when he finally showed up
- he did not come alone into to consult room he had a young girl with him who did not say a word, just sat in the TINY room with him and looked at me (and my boobs)..he could of at least stated what her purpose was..she wasn't even dressed in scrubs or a lab coat at least
- dr. hunsacker spoke to me as if he was reading from a memorized script..he did not let me speak much and when i did speak he quickly cut me off
- after the consult i met with my assigned patient care coordinator who immediately wanted to know if i had $1000 to pay for the deposit fee.
- my patient care coordinator told me i could get my blood drawn the day b4 surgery and then she calls me the weekend b4 asking when do i plan on getting my blood drawn because my surgery is soon and when i told her what SHE told me she said no no no it cant be the day b4 so i had to change my plans around in order to go earlier
- making payments was a huge pain because it would take a long time for me to get in contact with my patient care coordinator. i would be put on hold for up to 15 minutes sometimes.
- on the day of my "PRE OP" appointment i was told to go into a room to sign a bunch of papers and take pre op pictures and to get blood drawn. what i disliked the most at first was that they had me go into the room WHILE ANOTHER GIRL was still finishing up with HER PRE OP appointment. every thing was so rushed and OF COURSE BEFORE I WAS done they quickly let the next girl inside the room.
- i was suppose to receive 3 prescriptions on my pre op appointment and of course they did not have all 3 ready for me they only had 2 and couldn't give me my last one because my doctor was on vacation. i had to wait til the DAY OF surgery to get this prescription which was for antibiotics and when my mom took it the the pharmacy they did not have it there so they had to order it and it took me 3 days to get it. mind you i was suppose to be taking those antibiotics starting the day of surgery in order to prevent infection. all i can say is thank god i never got one.
- i received one check up call after surgery on the day following surgery which i thought was pretty pointless because they know that all patients are required to come back in the day following surgery to be looked at.
- the "PHLEBOTOMIST" ended up bruising my vein badly, that was the first time i have ever bruised from getting blood drawn
- the day following my surgery i was seen by a doctor who was not MY doctor.

the only positive thing i have to say is that they have a GREAT anesthesiologist who made me feel at ease and on the day of my surgery everything moved along very quickly

if i could do this all over again i would go to a DIFFERENT cosmetic center that was more expensive
Wow juicy, you look great!! They look so very natural.....BUT HEAVY!!! Does your back hurt?? I only went with 304 cc's and often feel like I'm carrying around basketballs on my chest lol
Lol thank you! My back never hurts..they do not feel heavy at all. They weigh almost 2lbs in total though lol. The only down side is that I no longer like sleeping on my stomach because since my boobs r huge it feels like I'm laying on a mini mountain lol

Added a new pic 4 months post op

Added a new pic 4 months post op
Hey there JuicyJ. Congrats. Yours are looking great. I am in that same range. I got 616 silicone moderate profile 4 weeks ago and loving them. I'm going to post new pics today. Mine seem to be settling in similar to yours. Did you notice that they got bigger as the time went by or just the projection of how far they go out changed. Very happy with mine and looking forward to them fluffing. Glad to hear that everything is going well. I was a deflated 36B and will most likely end up being a 36DD. Enjoy your babies and Happy New Year!!
Hey! As time went on I didn't notice them getting bigger or smaller I only noticed them dropping. The projection also got bigger. I'll definitely be checking out your pictures now. I'm glad you love your new girls!
By the way did people notice your BA? I'm hoping mine won't be a dead give away lol

So I am now 5 months post op..no new changes. I...

So I am now 5 months post op..no new changes. I added 2 new pics. The next time I will update will be at 1 year post op. I still love my boobs..they do not feel fake and are definite head turners! What I love most about them is that on certain clothing I look like I have normal sized breast but in revealing clothing you can see that their actually really big!
hey JuicyJ that size looks amazing on you. I'm only 5'1 but I hope mine end up looking similar to yours :)
Thank you! I hope the best for you and your surgery!
Hi J, I wanted to know were your breast before surgery really perky? I have slight sagging from weight lost 15 pounds and it went straight from my boobs smh , but yours look amazing

Hello ladies just thought u might want to see a...

Hello ladies just thought u might want to see a bikini top top! No new changes other that me noticing two new long veins on my ledt breast :/ hope I don't get any more
I loveeee your results. They look amazing
hey i was wondering where u did your ass at? same doc? hes doing my boobs july 5th :)
I have no gotten my ass done yet. The girl in my pic is Stephanie Santiago. I will be getting my ass done with Moises salama. Good luck with your BA!

Stay away

Ladies I just saw on the news yesterday that an 18 year old girl is now in a coma after having a breast aug from coral gables cosmetic. These people are running a breast aug factory and are extremely careless!
i got my boobs done with dr hunsaker JULY5th. and they came out GREAT, straight up. so Idk, theres always a horror story to everything! Go with your gut. I did ,and I loooove my results.
Very true. My boobs are perfect in my opinion and look natural..no one thinks they are fake even though they are big. He did a great job but I don't think he cares about his patients at all.
All their doctors have their own private offices so if you like them you can see them there to get your surgery.

Link to article


This is the girl I was referring to in my last post
Same As dr Salama too the reason why he is popula because he had a pa who respond quick on real self and would never use him . He is rude . I will post his text messages he send
I'm confused lol?
Thanks for the review! I just found out about this place but after doing some research look what I found http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/health/2013/08/19/teen-in-coma-after-breast-augmentation-surgery-in-florida/ Is Diaz the only anesthielogist there??? If he evn works there any more:O hopefully not Do u know of any other good surgery centers in south Florida?

Boob greed!

I actually thought I was going to be one of the few girls who did not have boob greed because my implants turned out being way bigger than I expected! I am a tall girl I'm 5'9 so everyone thinks my implants are real. Getting them redone is absolutely out of the question lol. I am going to wait 10 years when I have to get them replaced to go a little bit bigger. Right now I am focusing on getting a BBl. after getting my breasts done i became top heavy and hate that. I now need a big booty to look proportioned!


Few pics
Reconsider the before and after process, If you have questions don't hesitate to ask! Dr.Robert H.Hunsaker was my surgeon for BA, He decided because of my chest captivity 700cc,saline,auxillary,under the muscle. My results are extraordinary! No complaints! I am very well pleased!
What is there to reconsider ?
I already knew from watching Dr. 90210 that sone male doctors have a female come In the room with them to protect themselves against wrongful harassment suites. I went to CGC on my first consult with dr freiman and a little lady came in as well who didn't say snug hung and also at the office where I chose to do my surgery. It's normal and I expected it so it Didn't bother me

Will be 2 years po in 3 months

Haven't updated this review in a while..I have been focused on my brazilian butt lift procedure which I had done 5 weeks ago.

My bra sized has changed from 38DD to 36D..I am still completely in love with my breasts..most people are surprised to hear they are not real..this has been one of the best investments I have ever made! Don't regret it one bit! I love my girls :)
Does the implants feels natural? Love your results
Yes very natural
Never mind I see it


Still the best decision I've ever made ;)
Your girls look great
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