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Like all of you here I put wants behind the needs...

Like all of you here I put wants behind the needs of my children. I am blessed and proud to say one is graduation University, # 2 is year 2 and the baby is legal to work which equals more money for mommy to do what mommy wants lol! I had D's when pregnant but now flabby C. I am getting back to the happier sexier me
Working out, praying and smiling more. Raising kids is hard work lol. I did some research and will be heading Miami as it is cheaper than Canada. I want to do gel and still haven't decided on the teardrop or round.
I wish I could say I have a lot of support but to be honest this site will be my support team I you all will have me. My family are in the medical field so they are totally against it but then again they all have bigger breast than me lol.
Thank you for reading and have a positive day


Congrats on finally doing somthing for yourself!! I too know exactly what that's like!! I have 3 children and a hubby so 4 children lol. You'll love your new breasts!! It really is life changing!! Can't wait to see your jeorney :) xoxo
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It is so ridiculously expensive here in Canada. Flew to Atlanta to get mine done..no regret..do your research amd all will be well. Saving for my tummy tuck for January. .:
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Ya I'm going to do mine next year too. It will be easy as they can go through the same spot as the hysterectomy scare. Thank you for sharing and please let me know when you do yours

June 27th the BIG day- Literally!

I'm heading to Miami on the 25th and Dr. Ortega will be performing my surgery on the 27th. Because of a few positive reviews and my research on his 25 years experience I decided to go with him.
I am nervous and scared but overall super excited.
Now the BAD news- my hubby can't go with me as he is a teacher and school finishes that same day.
My family are still not sure why I want to do this but I don't care - it's that mean to say?
They say strangers are sometimes your best sounding board so you guys may see me in here A LOT. Lol


I couldn't agree more with you and the community. Regardless of your family's medical background, how are larger breasted women allowed to judge you? You have raised three kids (mine are 15, 13 and 11,) and it's a lot of work. Glad you're doing this for yourself...you deserve it. We're here for you all the way so keep us posted and update us often!
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You won't regret it! Bummer about your hubby though. I never told my family because it was none of their business and it's been nice to just have something for just me.
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Good for you, it's an exciting journey. This website has been invaluable to me!!
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A week away and a minute short of a breakdown

Hey ladies
It has been awhile and next week will be my BA surgery. I'm a bit nervous and getting scared at the same time.
Some of you may remember I told you my hubby can't go but the good news is my awesome niece will come with me so I won't be alone after all:)
I have been having a few negatives in my week and Im trying to do my best not to let it affect me but: I've noticed I have gained a bit of weight and I can't find any pictures lately that are not scaring me. I am also have a hard time finding bras for post -op. My blood work still hasn't reached the US. How do stay positive and not cave? Oh I almost forgot to mention my 14yr old will now be living with his father as I yesterday because I found weed in his bag and he has been kicked out of private school for cheating.... How the hell do you cheat in religion class?!?! Sorry I know off topic but honestly I'm here typing and I just ha to get it off my chest before I break down.


I just saw some of the photos you posted. Was hoping that wasn't your wish pick lol How many days post op are you? Did the patient coordinator call you? You might want to call then office and ask some of these questions. I felt better getting up and walking around for a bit but needed to rest often. I think that most breast aug patients go through boobie blues. Mine were worse at 2 weeks but started early on. Kind of depressing sitting around. It does get better but takes some time to get through it. Hope you feel better soon and post some updates!
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Hope all goes well on your surgery today!!
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Hey Coco, can they fax your lab instead as mine was fax . I did the text and the results were faxed in two days. That is an option just in vase it is not there before you leave. Keep your head up, everything has a way of working out
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