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Hi realself crowd! I decided to do my duty and...

Hi realself crowd! I decided to do my duty and post my experience here since this website has been my very useful source of information on all things PS, and there isn't much on BA with fat transfer, so I'm sure this will help somebody out there. I had my procedure on 12/2/13, just one week after my consultation with Dr. M. I knew I had to jump on it or the chicken in me will talk me right out of it. I am 29, 11 mos. post partum, 5'7" and hovering around the 150lbs mark right before surgery. Having the right amount of fat to spare was a concern for the surgeon since even at 150 I am very muscular (not really curvy, more the jock girl type, until now that is haha!) but I was glad he didn't send me to fat camp, loosing and gaining is equally hard for me and that would have pushed my sx very far, we made do with what I had, it just meant finding more areas to lipo. I ended up having liposuction to flanks, whole abdomen, inner thighs, and back. I will update on the total amount harvested but I do know that 600 cc went into each breast. It is soon to tell but the results look Aaaaaahhhmazing and the contouring done by Dr. M with the lipo got rid of every stubborn fat pocket I ever had, even when I weighed 125 lbs pre baby. My breasts didn't suffer much the pregnancy/breastfeeding thing, they were super small for my frame and deflated looking my whole life. In my consultation with another doc (Dr. Khouri) for this same proc. I found out they were underdeveloped due to excessive excercise during critical development years ( heed this teen athletes of the world lol) and also even though I did not have tubular deformity, the breast fold was very high, which combined with almost zero fatty tissue and breast tissue the size of a golf ball made my breast very unnapealiang (see before pics).
Surgery is, well, surgery. A royal pain in butt (boob in this case). I am local and went home about 2 hours post op, I had 2 stitches under my breasts, 3 along the bra line, 2 on the butt dimples, 1 in the tailbone, 2 on the gluteal fold (where thigh and butt cheek meet), two drain balls sticking out of my pubic area, and one short drain sticking out of my belly button (btw, mommies out there, one extra plus from this, at least with Dr. Mendieta is he reconstructs the navel, removing the :( sad face moon shape we get after baby). Overall, I felt like the Avengers kicked my a$$, but the rec room nurse, Valerie, was a total sweetie and did everything to get me back "to life". Right after sx my boobs looked like Dolly Parton, but thanks to time and lots of Arnica (our best friend) they look totally natural and barely hurt already, still slightly harder than normal, but it is only one week po.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mendieta is an artist. He has the best credentials out everyone I reviewed for this procedure, and I am a picky choosy person with my docs. After working in a top notch hospital for 3 years at some point of my life, I look for more than the average patient in a regular healthcare professional, so when it came to a PS, I had even more on my wishlist. I got what I wanted and more! Yes, he is more expensive than other docs out there, but for me, the deciding factor was quality and tastefulness of the results ( a rolls royce and a chrysler 300 look alike from afar right? But look closer...) Yes, he is more conservative with his contouring than some dics, but he puts your safety and the end result before agressiveness, the result: a natural looking contour, with less uneven areas and without the cartoony Jessica Rabbit fake figure (nothing against it, if it is for you, by all means, just not my thing). I have read some negative comments on here abt his staff, and although I can only comment abt my personal experience, I have to say one thing: VIP service, attentiveness, follow through, manners and knowledge. Angel is his surg coord, and her name doesn't even begin to do her justice, she is a true Angel!!! Colleen, the receptionist is sweet, kind and very approachable, Valerie and Norma, the OR and RR nurses are no nonsense awesome ladies who know their stuff and can get u out of your whiny state quickly. Andrea, I don't know her position, but she went over my pre op and my garment fitting is very nice and has great advice for you always. Also, there are other staff members there who I feel horribly bad not remembering their name, but everyone I've met, from the anesthesiologist to the cleaning lady are as superb as Mendieta himself, who is a very personable man, and a wonderful doc. The results have yet to be seen in full, but overall experience with the 4 Beauty Aesthetics team is A+++

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Shame I don't see any pics ?
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Loved reading your review! How are you feeling and looking these days? Here is a link to help you add photos to your review. Also, this link describes how to upload photos from a tablet or mobile device. Feel free to PM me if you continue to experience difficulty. Congratulations!
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How are you doing? Any pics?
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Thanks for the information. I'm scheduled for this procedure in one month, I already chickened out and rescheduled twice. I love seeing positive reviews on here, I hope I have the same results.
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Thanks for the reply. I too am thin with little breast tissue but I just felt that fat transfer was a gamble for me and still pretty new on how long the results last.
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Thanks for the review. I've always wondered about the fat injections. Please post pics!!! I'm curious and i bet it would help another RSer out there considering this. Why didn't you go for implants if I may ask?
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Hi Iris34, pics are coming soon, I just need to figure out why my pc isn't taking my phone and tablet software, since we cannot upload from mobile devices. In my case, the fat was not injected into the breast via multiple needle sticks as I had previously seen here on RS, but inserted into the areas I wanted it on through a small, very small incision under the breasts, my PS explained this was the best way for me since, my "before" boob shape was something I wanted to try to change (get cleavage and upper fullness), which although it is too soon to tell, seems to have worked very nicely. Even with the expected absorption the shape of my breasts looks totally different yay!!! The decision of not doing implants was bc had very little actual breast tissue and almost 0 fat in the breast, so implants would have looked like round UFOs on my chest like they do on extremely thin women, also, I just wasn't comfortable with a revision every 10 years, and last but not least, the liposculpting that Dr. MENDIETA did to harvest fat for my new "girls" got rid of spots I couldn't get fit even a couple of years ago at 125 lbs, and I'm 5'7". They were genetic fat pockets and some post baby flab that was not budging to circuit training, beach power walks, juice cleanses and every single supplement under the sun... muffin top, lower ab quadrant, middle back and inner thighs are now GONE!!! Plus he added some extra waist definition and fixed my half moon over the navel that we get from being preggo... thqnks for asking and hopefully I can get pics up soon. I will update more on how they hold up and the lipo results as more swelling and hardness goes down from the abdomen, thighs, and flanks. Back and breasts are now back to being soft and painless although I still have some bruising (doc and I expected tons of more bruises due to a circulation/platelet issue I have, but praise be to Arnica cream, gel and pellets) xoxo!!!
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Sounds like you're happy. I'd like to see pictures. Good luck healing.
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