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1st Consultation Scheduled for Breast Aug, TT & Lipo............. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! - Miami, FL

I am soooooo Excited i have my first consultation...

I am soooooo Excited i have my first consultation scheduled for next week thur the 27th with Dr. Soler-Baillo. I have done lots of homework and I Love the results i see on all his work.

I am 5'1, 177 pounds and I am 30 years old... I have been going back and forth on surgery for about 4 yrs now. I want my body back!!!!!

I will let you ladies know how it goes :)

I love dr soler!!!!!!

So I went to my consultation with dr soler and I felt very welcoming ever one was awesome they greeted me by my name. I filled out my paperwork and turned bit to the girl at the front desk and I say back down and not even 2 mind later they called me in to the consultation room and asked me to undress. I waited about 5 mins and dr soler walked in with a huge smile on his face. He was nice and genuine I immediately felt comfortable. He took my history and physical. He even told me I have an herina in my belly button& slight scoliosis. Go figure I knew knew that. He asked me to open my robe so he can examine me. He said I have great cleavage and was so exited about that he says everyone always ways the lay but due to their anatomys it's not always realistic. But dr soler was very professional he asked me what size I was going for, I told him I want the nice full round breast and would like a full D or DD. He than said wow ur are going to look great with he took measurements and said he can use uhp I think it was (500cc) he also stated its best to go bigger because everyone always wished they did. Then he looked at my stomach and said I have great curves and that a tummy tuck will take care all the loose skin and lipo the flanks the back and that will give me a great contour. But I need to loose 20 pounds. ;( then he asked me about my dental hygiene.... I told him I need an extraction and a crown.... Then he dropped a bomb!!!!! I need to get all the dental work done first before the breast augmentation. Because is there is any bacteria in my mouth that can pass thur the blood stream and cause capsular contracture ;( so I have to loose weight and get dental work done ASAP.

I absolutely live him he is the most down to earth dr ever and very handsome too ;). Expensive but well worth it IMO
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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How did your consultation go? I'm going to see him next week for a BA consult!
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Good luck next week! Here is an important list of questions to ask your doctor during your consult. Be sure to start your own review soon. We'd love to hear how it goes!
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Good luck with you surgery
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Thanks mama same to u ;)
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