Day 10 Pics ***Boob-tastic Journal: I have a womanly figure now!***

AlrightY so for 3yrs now i have been researching...

AlrightY so for 3yrs now i have been researching into getting a breast augmentation done due to the lack of fullness ive had since i began puberty and lack of confidence i have in wearing some clothing and even around my fiance:(. I am 20 years old and have decided to take the plunge! Earlier today i emailed my photos and info over to Dr.Moises Salama since i am an out of state patient.I recieved a phone call a few hrs later with a response that was thorough and very informative. I did not expect to recieve an answer till next week because of how popular Salama seems to be! Anyways so far so good..i am excited and ready to get this going:DDD..
goal:full c
getting:silicone unders..incision through the areola,moderate plus,325-400ccs(wont know till my try ons june 3rd;)

p.s they have awesome deals and specials going on at the moment for literally any service:check it out!pricing includes everything which is a plus as well. xoxo
Good luck and post pics! :)
Keep me posted!! Can't wait to see how they turn out and how your healing process goes!! I'm planning to have one late August! And I'll be 20 in July! My stats are 5.4" 106lbs and I'm a 32-34b as well! So not too much difference!(:
I will for sure keep everyone posted and up to date. I had to switch my date to the 1st of July and even though that sucks I'm still very excited! Can't wait to see your progress:))

Yayyy my story finally posted! Excuse me for being...

Yayyy my story finally posted! Excuse me for being so brief in that first post.. Il go a little more in depth in this one. So my name is Desiree and I am 20 yrs old and have decided to get my breasts augmented. Why?..because during the beginning of puberty I had a moment in my life where I wasn't getting the right nutrition,exercise, and sleep that a kid should get at the age of 10 which set me back( this situation went on for 2 years). Growing older I realized that coming from a family of very thin females with big breasts these genes had not passed on to me;( Towards the end of middle school and all throughout high school I remained active,mostly running cross country and some track and field. I LOVEEEE going to the gym and working out and I have a thing for drinking protein shakes. I am pretty curvy down below thanks to my hispanic side so I feel as if my body proportion is uneven. I know some boobage would even me out and complete my body. Being that I have such a high metabolism I lose weight easily if I catch a cold or anything like that..and the little breasts I have are the first to dissapear.

  I contacted Dr. Salama's office to put down my deposit yesterday for the 1st of july WOOTWOOT! I am soooo excited and ready to upgrade my current girls. I love the shape to my natural breasts so I am really looking foward to seeing them filled out more and with natural clevage. (side note: I actually have more breast tissue developed on the sides. Not sure how to explain it but i have a good amount of side boobage naturally) My pre-op is june 30th around 4pm for sizer try-ons. Im thinking that ill go for 375ccs but we shall see! UUUgh the only thing is that june 30th is soooo far away  :(. What should i do in the meantime?! lol

p.s im adding wish pic photos of females with similar stats as me.
currently: 32b
goal: full C small D
115-120 lbs (depends) 5'6/5'7
Getting silicone unders,moderate plus profile, through the areola.

So since I have time to kill I wanted to know if...

So since I have time to kill I wanted to know if maybe it's a good idea to get a head start on taking immune boosters. Maybe vitamin c? Ive heard of rose hips too... Not sure what that is or what it does. Any ideas? Thanks:).
Maybe in the meantime ill just workout like crazy and get my body in the shape I want since I won't be able to exercise for a while after the BA...
congratulations on finally taking the plunge and booking in your BA. I'm sure your going to love the new assets :-) I can't wait to get mine one day. I'm looking forward to reading your progress.

Congratulations on scheduling your surgery! Who will accompany you on your trip...and help you with recovery? Here is a link to our Doctor Q&A that addresses your question about pre op supplements. Thanks for sharing on RealSelf!

Congratulations and good luck

Still have a ways to go but im still looking...

Still have a ways to go but im still looking forward to getting my BA done. I should be receiving my BA package in the mail soon. It'll tell me what pills I should stop and what to take etc... In the meantime I have been toning up and going to the gym to get my body the way that I want it so that I do not have to worry about that after. I also have been searching on groupon(I live on that site!!!) for deals to Miami and they have sooo many good ones. This is the best way to save money if you are going to be staying at a location for a while! I'm still deciding how long I should stay over there for. I put my notice in at work to take off from the 30-6 so a week. I forgot to mention that my fiancé will be the one going with me. We're driving down so that should be a fun road trip. He doesn't think I need the BA because he loves mine the way they are but I'm doing this for me and because I know I have space for more curves up top to match my booty lol and I know I'll be able to feel more confident overall and not feel like everyone sees me as a 15 yr old girl:/ I want to be recognized as his woman..
Not his little sister-_- . I keep telling him that once he sees them he'll LOVE them even more;) haha. He's still supportive and looking forward to having a mini vacation! I'll post more before pics in tanks so that I can do my afters in the same shirts:)).
Yes. I'm not sure how to explain it but it's a rule not a law kind of situation. I did have one center tell me they were not going to do it because of this but I'm the one paying and it's my body. Many females under 22 have had it done and a lot of the really good well known surgeons do it. But I've noticed it's the surgeons that have had a few years doing the surgeries that do not care. So I'm not sure If you want to maybe find another surgeon... Im not willing to pay for saline to then switch them later on. I'd rather pay one time and get them how I want them. Good Luck!
You're able to get silicone even though you are only 20? I am 20 as well, I've been told I need to be 22 :(
I can wait to see your post op pics you are hot now so wait until after I don't think they ready Chica

Telling my mother...

Hey ladies! So I had done my research in march to try and get a date going for surgery and after I figured everything out and set my date I decided to tell my mother. I remember speaking to her when I was 16 about it and she agreed and told me" itll be your decision you'll be old enough to decide on that". Well the time came and like everything else she is against me getting them!:/ I wasn't surprised though because she has a history to reacting this way. When I was 10 I said I would get my belly pierced at 16...she said okay! And the time came and she's like no..18. So I just laughed when she said she doesn't agree because I know she thinks she knows a lot about the subject but like so many other people who just hear and see the bad from the media I know she doesn't know the least bit of info about BA. She has always had boobs. She's a D cup and she is thin! I'm not going to change my mind because I've waited too long and the look I'm going for is tasteful so it's nothing to be ashamed of personally. Although I would like for her to back me up I know that at the end I will be happy and more confident with myself and I'm positive that she will come around and like them once she sees that I'm alive and doing well lol.
Hey, I got my BA done! (you had commented on my page before) I started taking vitamin c with rose hips, i couldn't find any without rose hips, and vitamin d, which is supposed to strengthen your immune something we should get in food, but a lot of people don't get enough of. There is so much controversy with what to take, my surgeon offered me to purchase "medical grade" vitamins, but I just got some stuff at the grocery store. Also, wanted to tell you to get a zip front sports bra, bc I'm five days post op and have been on a wild chase trying to find one. I finally found on at dillards, but wish I would have gotten one before surgery bc ur not going to wana wear the surgical bra for very long
Thanks for the advice!!:)
Your mom sounds like I didnt tell my mom I have surgery monday.. I just talked to het abt the idea of it and she freaked. What does your dad think? Parents will get over it ;)

Make Me Heal Vitamins?

So I have read reviews about how great these vitamins are and how easy it to take them because they come prepackaged or something like that. I looked up the price for them and I Must say that they are pretty expensive. Does anyone have a specific list of vitamins that I can just buy individually and probably cheaper?! If not i'm really just thinking or ordering these by next month.

Time is going by fast by the way.. Im so anxious and excited for the 30th of june when I will be headed down to Florida! WHOOT WHOOT! Ive been taking on shifts at work to help time pass by and I must say that it's working:)) More before pics coming..
i am just ordering the make me heal vitamin kit. i have spent so much already, why not have prepackaged vitamins that have all i need already put together, right?
I hope everything works out for you. Sorry your mom is not supportive. I hope that with time shell have a change of heart. Good luck on your journey. I'm just a couple of days ahead of you. Wish you the best of luck
Thank you! I wish you the same with your surgery. I can't wait!

That much closer!!!!

Hey ladies! So today I received my pre and post operative package with all the information and instructions I need. I was sooo happy and excited to see it come in. My pain killer is Percocet..let's see how that goes:/ and Zofran is for my nausea and Colace is my stool softener. My emotions are all over the place. I'm kind of nervous now because this is the real deal! Lol. I was super excited the day I went into labor with my daughter and I couldn't wait to get things going. Hopefully I have the same experience with this! My last final payment of 599 is due on the 17 of June(piece of cake). I guess it's time to start buying my bras and stuff!!! Whootwhoot! Oh btw I also have to go in to get my blood work done probably this wed:)))
Thank you for passing by my profile. Im so excited for u and the date will get here fast enough keep getting ready mentally n physically dont be scared or nervous the process is a peace of cake too! You will look amazing! Im jealous because I dont have those curves down there Im very slim. But I really cant do anything about that then just start eating n working out when my ps tells me is ok for me to start. I have a girl friend that passed away injecting her bottom to make them bigger, so definitely that wont be me even do I was tempted. But I have 3 beautiful kids I cant leave without a mommy. Good luck n I cant wait to see ur results! :) xoxo
I totally understand about how you feel with your kids. Even getting this done is a little risk but thanks for the advice. I'm really excited an ready to get it over with! And you did get hp right? I love that you still have side boob and it's not so crazy up top. I'm definitely using one of your pics as a reference for mine when I go in for my consult:)
Yes Im very glad u like my results it will be my pleasure if u use one of my pics to ur PS! ;)


28 DAYS! Omgomgomg. I'm slowly freaking out( but in a good way) when I think about the fact I will have boobs by next month!!! I took my measurements btw.
32' chest 25' waist 37' hips

And so the countdown begins!

Ahhhhh! I am currently filled with emotions. Im soooo looking foward to finally having BOOBS, wearing bikinis without padding, buying nice dresses and tops that fit up there, and most importantly looking like a woman! Everytime I go out to walmart or tjmaxx I feel like buying every sports bra I see lol. The only thing that I have to do is fill my prescriptions and I will be set. Here are some more before pics...
btw the main thing I am soo nervous about is the clevage I will end up with. I really do not want any gap bigger than an inch:/ but this is something I need to explain to dr.salama at my pre-op!
Your sooo close! How exciting... good luck, I can't wait to see your updates.
Hey thanks Eva! I'm soooo excited:))
Hi lady! We have only two weeks to go... what are you doing to prepare? :D I'm trying to make a list of things I have to get done before my surgery but I feel like I'm forgetting something important.


So I recently had to switch my surgery to the 15th:/ ughh something always comes up and ruins my plans, hence why I hate planning anything. At least I have two weeks to go!
10 days left! Getting super excited for you :) What size did you select?
I havent had my pre op is next Sunday for sizing do I'm not sure yet. I think I want to get my crease lowered just because mine kind of are small but high and I don't want big high breasts lol. But I'm excited for both of us!

1 week and a few days left!

Omgomgomgomg lol. So I am super close now and I know these days are going to fly by fast since I work most of them! This is what I have been looking forward to for the past 2 years but seriously for the past 3 months. I really need to start drinking straight water with every meal and throughout the day! I want to prevent as much as possible. I'm so scattered brain just thinking about it. Feels kind of like a dream but anyways good luck to everyone having surgeries this month! Woohoo!
Any updates?? Did you decide on a size?
Not yet because my pre-op is the day before. I'm sure that it's going to be anywhere from 300-375 though:).


What else should I buy to prepare?! Good luck to everyone getting surgeries this week! Yayy boobs! Btw my mom is coming around to the surgery:) lol
We arrive at boobieland tomorrow!! Can't wait to hear what size you selected! :)
Yay!!!! Two days!! Your surgery is actually on my birthday, was thinking your surgery was the 12 so I got on to check on you!! Hope all goes well! Will be looking forward to hearing how your pre op and operation go!!! Good luck girl!! Your finally getting what you've been wanting! Keep us updated!


Alrighty so here's the plan. For now I'm doing 339ccs silicone under the muscle. My surgery moved up to 2 and I can't eat after 8 am. I'm sooo nervouse but more excited. Finally! What I've wanted for so long:). I feel like crying but I'm not such an emotional girl lol. Good luck to everyone this week and month!
yay! exciting! what profile are you going with?
Hey:) I went with style 15 moderate plus
Good luck! Hope all goes well :) I'm sure you will have amazing results !

All done!

Omg I'm done guys! I feel great. My boobs look amazing. I went with 339 ccs:). I'm just a little loopy now but I don't feel sick or in pain!
Congratulations on your smooth operation! can't wait to see your new pics!
Yes the update and details will be up tomorrow. And thank you!
Good for you. I'm petite, 4'11, and just got mine 2 months ago (7 weeks to be exact). My surgeon recommended 275 cc for my size, but now I wish I would have gotten 300 cc, but I'm still loving my small C cups. I could always use push up bra to make them look bigger. My surgeon said the 275 cc he recommended was very proportioned to my build, and I would be very grateful in the long run. He said if they are too big for my size, they will eventually sag and I won't be happy. I LOVE them!

Day 1 post op:)

Ok so here's the story of how everything went... I was supposed to have my preop at 1 yesterday and surgery at 2. Since I was driving down to fl I got there a tad bit late. 3oclock:/. Luckily I was the last patient for surgery that day and the ps was understanding. So I quickly filled out paperwork and started my pre op. he looked at me once and immediately said 339ccs would look best! I was like wooow you're good! That's exactly what I was thinking for all these months that I measured myself and did calculations. So I finally tried on the sizer and I freaked out a little thinking they were too big. Then I remembered I was going under the muscle and that was that. I then waited for the nurse to come and get me and I said my "good byes" to my fiancé. We both got teary just because the surgery process is a scary one being that I've never had one. I changed into a robe and laid on the surgical bed and extended my left arm out for my IV. I had all these bad thoughts go through my head like what if I don't wake up?! Lol. I felt a tear come out and I guess that's when I knocked out instantly. The next thing I know I open my eyes and I'm reclined on a chair. The first thing that came out of my mouth was "okay so when is surgery starting?!" And the nurse laughed and said how are you feeling? It took me literally 2 minutes to realize I had boobs:)))! Best feeling ever! My chest was so numb though and I definitely felt loopy. And I don't remember what happened after but my fiancé picked up my antibiotic and percosets and some chicken soup and a papaya shake. I ate and drank this and took my meds. After a few hrs I threw up like crazy! I honestly thought it was the shake because I then decided to read my post op instructions and on the list it says avoid dairy and fruit drinks for 48 hrs... Later on that night I threw up once more. Other than that my breast look like breast now! And for me it does feel like theyre engorged. I'm trying to walk around as much as possible and drink enough water. Btw has anyone else experienced cotton mouth?! I have it really bad:(.

My post op is Tuesday at 11 to take of my band btw. And Pics will be up when I stop feeling so dizzy and loopy.

Stats. 5'7/ 115 lbs
Pre-32b post-?
Silicone 339 ccs moderate plus style 15 under the muscle and through breast crease;)
Yay! Can't wait for pics!! :)

Boob update!

Post op day 2- I'm still sore but it's nothing bad. I'm still taking my antibiotic and perc every 3ish hrs just because I want to avoid as much as possible. I must say that sleeping is a pain in the ass. Even though I slept all last night my back was killing me by this morning because of the elevated positioning. Ughh:/. My boobs are starting to drop and I have kind of a torpedo look going lol! But it's filling out at the bottom. Currently Im wrapped up all over and I'm advised not to touch or remove it until Tuesday at my post op:). So far so good though! I'm starting to also think that maybe I should've gone with 371 ccs since you lose 50 ccs:( but we will see how everything looks. So far I love mine though!
Hope everying is going well. Cant wait to see your results.
Congrats! Can't wait to see pics. Speedy healing!

Day 4:)

So it's day 4 and my breasts have dropped pretty fast so far and they are somewhat soft! I haven't been able to put anything on them because I want to wait till my post op on wed with my PS. I can't wait to freaken get this band off me! And I'm also anxious for them to fluff out which they have yet to do. They're kinda torpedo-ish but not really lol. Oh! And I'm starting to hear the weird noises in my body hahaha. It freaked my fiancé out once but I just smiled and lately I've also been afraid to drink anything cold. I'm not sure why but it seems scary to drink ice cold drinks. Other than that I stopped taking my meds. I don't need them and I'm not in pain thank God!! Morning boob is the only uncomfortable thing going on:)
Glad you are doing well. Cant wait to see your results.

Post-op Pics!

Would love to see more photos of you!! It's nice to find someone who has moderate profile too! Even though I'm moderate plus. I was really hoping to get high profile. But guess the moderate plus fit my frame better!
You look great.Congrats!!!Cant wait to see more pix!!!
Can't wait to see more pictures!!!(: looking great!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely wonderful! He was able to give me all of the info I needed and answered all of my questions thoroughly. He also got straight to the point which is what I liked because I do NOT have time for stories;). He just knows what he is doing! Love him! P.s he is amazing with time:)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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