42 Years Old 3 Kids.. 2 Breast Fed. 5"9. 165pounds.. - Miami, FL

Always had fuller bigger breast.. been a size D...

Always had fuller bigger breast.. been a size D for over 20 years.. breastfeeding took a toll on my nipples and fullness.so my Ps suggested I get a lift and of course implants were up to me. So I went with 550ccs and 580ccs..since im 5'9 165 pounds and already a full D.. I'm thinking I should have got at least 750ccs to really make a difference. .

some post op pics

Two weeks post op pics..

post op pics

Two weeks post op pics..

more pics.

Two weeks out of surgery n implants.

pre op pictures.

Here are the pics I found prior to surgery on march 4th 2014..


My wish boobs.. lol

2.5 weeks post op pics!

Everyday they look better.. still wishing I would have went bigger..

3 weeks post op.

4 weeks post op.

Hello ladies.. its been 4 weeks since surgery and so far so good.. going to wait another week or so and go bra shopping. Cant wait. . Lol. Anyways here are some new pics at exactly 4 weeks since my surgery.. .

4 weeks post op

Everything is going good..

28 days post op!

Finally dropping and fluffing

one more photo at 4 weeks



Hello ladies. Its been 2 months and 3 days since my surgery.. things are going great.. my boobs feel 100% natural.. A lot of people told me saline doesn't .. but honestly I'm glad I stuck with saline. .. right now I believe im in a 38 F bra.. I ordered 38 Es.. but too small.. most of the time I dont wear a bra.. these puppies are standing high all on there own. Lol


2 months 3 days post op pics
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Very down to earth.. very informative..

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Wait, did you have work done on your vagina too? I don't get why there is a photo of your vagina on here?
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Vagina? Why would I put up pics of my vagina???? I have pics of my breast.. my butt and stomach n back as to where I had lipo done for my bbl surgery.. if theres pics of my vagina they must be unseen by me.
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Wow! The photo is gone now. That's so weird. I'm happy I was able to let you know. I was wondering why you were in the complete nude for the breast review. I figured it had to do with a tummy tuck or lipo. I was so confused because I couldn't see any scars. :)
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Well I did have lipo when I got a brazilian butt lift...butt geez. Lol
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Wow. Very pretty. You need a bigger camera. Lol. Dang woman I wish I could look like that even when I do get mine done. I got stretchmarks on my boobies and while they might look somewhat better and less noticeable still will be there. Gotta get creative with airbrushing and cover up make up. One step at a time. Meeting with new PS in Jackson that I found through here and we have correinded with pictures and emails. I am gonna get silicone but do t know yet cc's. What did u get again and how big? I am a D too yet mostly lower pole from age and kids so u and I are a lot alike. I am also 20 cm from nipple to nipple. Not too wide but not a tiny narrow frame either. So very happy for you.
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Hey sweetie. They look amazing! How are your vertical incisions underneath looking? BTW are your tata's so big now you can't get a frontal view? Lol
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Hello dear.. ty again.. they are definitely dropping fluffing and getting softer.. I put up some frontals for ya.. it is hard to get them in completely. . Lol..
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You look amazing!!! He did your tatas good!!! I love the shape and size ;)
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Ty so very much.. every day that goes by I like them more n more.. cant wait to see them when they are completely dropped, fluffed and a lil softer. Ill post more pics soon.
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Dr. Ortega did an awesome job
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Ty dear
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Lady you are looking great! Thanks for the continuing updates. Looks like they are settling in place and dropping nicely.
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Ty dear.. they are dropping nicely.. but having a natural D to begin with and get 550ccs.. don't you think they should look bigger? I know I still got weeks before all is said and done.. but I thought they'd look huge. Lol
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You do look huge to me! Yet it might be camera angle and closeness too. Lol
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looking great!!! good for you
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Ty dear! ; )
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Girl you are looking great. So happy things are getting better for you. I really think the size choice is perfect too. When swelling leaves and they settle in pocket you will be pleased. I think any bigger you might feel like Dolly Pardon and back really hurt and ache. Did u have pre op pics to compare to? I do love them though and I am hoping mine turn out as well. I have a visit with new PS to get another opinion soon. Of course, I am having a couple other things done too and so I am comparing the skill and pricing.
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Thank you.. I think I feel small because I was already a size D.. and tall.. but at least they are perky and full.. I do Have a few pics. Ill go through my emails and post them soon. Supposedly after all is said and done I will be a E-F... but in clothes I agree with everyone else I might look like a D.. I went to CG cosmetics in miami fl.. dr. Ortega did my lift and implants.. and for 4500.00 He was totally awesome.. idk where ur from but check into CG cosnetics. I hope everything turns out beautiful for you. Keep in touch.
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Holy cow! Here in Memphis area the breast implants alone are 4750. Gees I might have to drive down to Miami. I don't need the lift at all but still that's nuts. You will notice, as I am a D too, that before you probably didn't quite look like a good well rounded D. Yet now with the lift and added volume you will look outstanding and va va voom! Mine are to add back the upper pole volume and add a little better cleavage. This new PS I am gonna visit has the 3D vectra system for imaging to show you how you will look. Better than just sizes or looking at others pictures.
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Thats awesome.. my Ps could have went bigger.. but having a lift at the same time would not have been a good idea.. so I took his advice.. I tried on my old 38 40 D bras and they only cover half of my boob.. haha.. so maybe in the end I will be a E F.. its just easy to camouflage big boobs when ur 5*9 and 160 pounds compared to 5*2 and 110 pounds..
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I just put up a couple pre op pics.. thats all I could find..
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not to be nosy. but what other procedures are you having done. im thinking about getting a brazilian butt lift. trying to save for it and get some more information.
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Need my belly button repaired and liposuction from a TT I had from a different doctor in 2009. It was a real ordeal.
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Yes please do. I am interested in others and their progress. I am just beginning this journey and literally kinda scared . Of course, my doc. Wants to go over and that is suppose to be way better recovery. Plays not under general anesthesia he uses a tumescent /twilight type so you feel nothing and are awake but super groggy. He feels that helps in recovery because general anesthesia cause a huge delay in recovery and pain because it keeps you down longer. I am close to you in size 5'7.5" and 152 and 38 " round. A full C now to soft D depending on bra. He is suggesting a modest 400-450cc cause I am medium frame and larger breasts tissue already .
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Over is easier. . But my PS tells me under when all said in done looks better.. but each person is different.. all I know the first 72 hours were totally awful.. also a warning. If u go on meds n antibiotics please take a stool softener or laxative. I literally didnt know and it took me almost a week to have a bowel movement.. but everything is better now.. thank God.. keep in touch. And hope all goes well..
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