26yr Old. Breast Fed and Pumped for 3 Babies!! 550cc High Profile Silicone Unders - Miami, FL

At first I was skeptical because of the price....

At first I was skeptical because of the price. 3600 for silicone implants is very cheap!! Had my consult and paid right then and there. Love the staff. The office is very nice and clean. Waited less than 5 minutes for my consult and the day of my procedure. Dr freiman made me feel completely comfortable and I didn't feel rushed one bit. He answered all my questions in full detail. His assistant blanca was very welcoming and gave me her email so I could send pictures of what I was looking for and even post op we've kept in contact. I recommend coral gables cosmetics!!

1month post op

I've been wearing my breast strap for about 2 weeks now and I can Definitly tell a difference!! Loving my new girls :)

My pre op wish pic lol. Don't think mine will be as big but hoping once they settle And fluff they'll have the pretty round look

This is the pic that was used to do my breasts. I told him I didnt want them to look to crazy but similar. Only time will tell once they drop and fluff. Regardless I'm happy with the size I got. What looks good on me might not look good on you. Make sure you tell you PS exactly what you want to acheive. He put a bunch of different sizes out to see what would look best. Woke up with 550 :)

Settling nice!!

1 month post op and I couldn't be happier!!!

Brazilian butt lift

Thinking of getting a Brazilian butt lift next year. I have a booty but 3 pregnancies have deflated my butt a little. What's the recovery like?? Anyone have any before and after pics I can see?? Also, can you decide how much fat they use? Is it more for more fat?

Loving the cleavage!!

1 month post op - They still need to settle more but I'm loving the cleavage :))

Question for my BA ladies!!

Having pain in my left nipple. It's been hurting all night. Is this normal? I would think the pain would subside with me being over 1 month post op

5 weeks post op!!

They're now starting to look more even. Can't wait for them to drop and fluffy more!!! If you notice my belly button I just had hernia repair surgery last week!!

Comparison pre op- post op

Pre op and 5weeks post op!! I can't believe I didn't do this sooner! I feel so much more like a woman now!!! :))

Day 1 post op and 5 weeks post op

I really thought when I woke up I would have these perfect round breasts haha They were so square at first!!

The Self confidence I've never had ( Mothers Day )

Had an amazing day at the beach with my family for Mother's Day! I've never felt sexier!! Being a mother who has breastfed 3 babies I felt almost used up. I was deflated!! Since getting my breasts done I feel so much more like a woman. My hubby loves them too!! All is well here!! Happy Mother's Day :)

Head lights

My nipples are always hard!! I love going bra less but don't want anyone seeing my nips lol. Can anyone recommended a good brand of nipple covers that aren't too expensive or a hassle???

Chest strap to help them settle faster

Wore mine for about 3 weeks. Currently sun burnt so haven't worn it but I don't think I need it anymore. From just 3weeks of wearing it I saw a huge difference!!

6 weeks post op

Perfection!!! The pain was well worth it!!!

Love going bra less!!

Who wouldn't love going bra less!!!


Most of the profiles I've seen everyone's covering their face. Obviously I show mine. Why don't you show your face? Are you embarrassed or just don't want anyone to know it's you??

Something that is bothering me

I have yet to receive a phone call about a post op visit. Dr freiman was busy the day after my surgery so I saw a woman whom I'm pretty sure wasn't a dr. How many post op visits are you supoused to get???

2 month update!!

No more pain and I'm sleeping comfy on my stomach!!! Pretty sure they're done settling. Think I'm having some boob greed though haha

My scars at 2 months post op!

Not to bad but I'm going to buy some mederma!!

Nipple covers

Bought a few at walmart but they're pretty pricey since you can only use them once BUT I'm Definitly going on eBay and buying some in bulk!! Maxi dress was a little see through and you couldn't see my nipples at all!!! Loving going bra less!!

Back at the gym!!

Before my surgery I was a gym rat. Worked out 6days a week. Started back at the gym this week and I'm feeling pretty good. No pain but have to take it easy. Light cardio. 2 weeks after I had my BA I had umbellical hernia repair surgery!! So I've been in recovery for the past 2 months!! Ahh lol. Just ready to start squating and using weights again. Guess the stairmaster will do!! I gained 15lbs since getting my breasts done :(. Anyone else gain a lot of weight while recovering???

Breast petals

Love them!! But they're pretty pricey!! Look on eBay for deals!!

So I went to Victoria secret

I swear my boobs have grown because 36DD is not fitting as comfy as before!! They don't make any bigger sizes!!! What store or websites can I get bikini tops for larger breasts?? Frustrated because I prefer to try something on before I buy it but that's as big as they go!!!

Bigger than 36DD????

Went out of the boat and was spilling out of my new VS bathing suit top! 36DD is as big as they go!!! Kind of frustrated

Can't believe it's already been 3months!

One of my breasts hasn't finished settling so they're not even yet but pretty happy so far. They're very squishy and feel natural!! I've been back at the gym. Not lifting weights yet because of my hernia but I've noticed any plyo (jumping) feels uncomfortable. Maybe it's just because I'm not used to having boobs lol. All is well here :)

Something you don't know about me

Since I share so much on here I figured I could tell you a little bit about one of my daily struggles. I'm a bereaved mother. In December 2009 my son Amari died in his sleep during his nap. His death was ruled SIDS . For all of those that aren't really sure what SIDS is I'm going to educate you a little. SIDS is when all other causes of death are ruled out. Basically I have no idea why my perfectly healthy 5 1/2month old son never woke up from his nap :(. His 5th birthday in heaven is coming up. He would be turning 5 June 24th. This year he would be starting kindergarden. As of right now I'm in a deep state of depression. I don't want to go anywhere, see anyone, or even get out of bed. Of course I do because I have 2 little girls who depend on me. I'm asking for everyone to please say a prayer for me. I'm not doing good this year at all. I'm sad every year but this year I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Please pray for some peace in my heart and strength to get through yet another birthday without him. Forever missing my Amari. - Katy

11 weeks post op

Wearing my maternity bathing suit top lol. I need to go shopping for new bathing suits again!!! Watching my girls play in the pool. Trying to cheer up

17 weeks post op!

My left breast still has a little settling to do. They feel and look so natural!! I couldn't be happier!!! I've gained some weight since my surgery and I'm realizing the more weight I lose the bigger they look lol. Measuring 36DD I was considering going bigger next year but I'm happy with their size now:)
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr freiman made me feel very comfortable. Love the staff and my new breasts!! And I can't forget about the price!! The only thing that has bothered me is I have yet to receive a phone call from his office. No phone calls to see how I'm doing or to schedule a post op visit. I didn't even see him the day after my surgery. Other than that I'm satisfied.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Love your results!! You look grwapt and those babies are amazing!!!,hope i get good results!!...also going with dr. Freiman :)
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Thank you!! Im sure you'll look amazing!! What cc are you getting??
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I dont know... i had no clue i could ask for a certain amount of cc... im hoping for high profile tho :)
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Defininetly get high profile!!
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They do look natural! He did a great job on your boobs
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Thank u!! I wish I had a little more volume on the too of my chest but I've always been really skinny on top so nothing I can do about it lol. Other than that I'm happy :))
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wow! So beautiful! Amazing! they look so real! and i'm trying to make them go away ha! you don't get back pain?
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Correction my right breast still hasn't settled all the way lol. Thank u! No back pain thank god. When's your reduction?
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Mine is August 4th. Tik tok
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Are you having a reduction? Or a lift and implants?
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I'm having a reduction and lift, I haven't seen the doctor personally so I'm extra nervous. I'm flying to Miami this coming Wednesday and meeting on Thursday and having the blood work the same day. But I'm already scheduled for the 4th.
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Are you going to dr freiman? He's very nice!! And does amazing work! Your going to look amazing!! I have friends who have had a reduction and lift and their breasts looked like they had implants :)
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Thank you for your encouragement. Did they went to Dr. Freiman? They wanted me to go to another doctor within the clinic for that but I know he does that also. Thanks for the feedback.
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No they went somewhere in swfl. Where I live. Are you anxious? I still remember I was nesting like I was pregnant lol. Cleaning everything
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I'm glad you're happy with your results, I think they look great.
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Thank u mama!!
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How are you doing?
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I'm doing better. Still sad. Trying to pull myself back up again. Working out and eating healthy to lose the weight I gained after my surgery. Having some boob greed. Might go bigger next year lol. Thanks for asking :)
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I hear boob greed is completely normal, we fat use to seeing them all big and swollen and then the swelling is gone and we are more use to them and start to wish we'd gone bigger. Hopefully it passes and you are pleased with your results because I think you look absolutely amazing! :-)
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I'm so so very sorry for your loss . Just remember He is watching over you - always .
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OMG your message about your precious Amari brought tears to my eyes. I can't imagine... here's hugs from one mom to another... keep going forward and someday you will see Amari in heaven again...i pray for your healing. As to your new boobs, WOW, u look like a million bucks! And the price, for silicone? amazing!
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Thanks mama. His 5th birthday was June 24th so I've been pretty down :(. But I'm back at the gym so it's taking my mind off of everything. About my twins. Thank u!! I'm having a little boob greed right now but I think they're the perfect size for me since I'm very active. Jumping jacks feel wierd. Just have to get used to it lol
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First, I want to say that I appreciate your openness and honesty about your loss and your grief and the depression you are experiencing at this very sensitive time of year for you. As a mother, I know that there aren't words that will ever be able to erase the pain and loss that you feel, but I hope that the kind words you've received here have helped, even in a small way. That being said, I'd like to let you know that it is ok to give yourself a break. The loss of your son was not your fault. It is also perfectly ok and healthy for you to be sad. Being a mom, you know that we often do things for no other reason than for the benefit of our children. Your girls do need you, but it's ok that they know you are sad and why you are sad. Through you your son lives on. Through your life, he gets to be with you all. Your girls will still get to know their brother, though not necessarily ideal, they will know and love him through your memories and stories of him. On days when it is particularly hard for you, maybe share an extra special story or memory with them--one that makes you smile or laugh to think of. Maybe that will help. I've never lost a child so I can't personally know that experience, but I do empathize with you deeply because I've known others very close to me suffer the same loss. May his memory be a blessing to you, your husband and your 2 daughters, especially during the most difficult of days.
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Well said.. thoughtful reply..blessings to u.
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Thank u mama. I truely appriciate all the support I've gotten on realself. Honestly I wasn't expecting it. Thanks for the love and prayers. Muah!!
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