21 2 Kids Need a Breast Lift and a Surgery Buddy - Miami, FL

Im going to get my breast augmentation on the 6 of...

Im going to get my breast augmentation on the 6 of march im a full B deflated C im getting 450-500 cc I have a wide frame and weigh 140 pounds and am 5"3 but I want someone to accompany me it's in Miami CG with Dr Freiman they have been so sweet and understanding but I want a buddy to go with through this process
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

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Marie. how are you feeling? How did your surgery go? Please post pictures when you can. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Awww...Im having same procedure done with same dr but you'll be gone by the time I get there. My date is scheduled for March 14. :(
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Robyn, today is your big day!!! Wishing you a awesome surgery, please keep me posted. I am trying to have my surgery done late April and would love to see your results! I am so scared of having my BL!
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