20 Years Old, 450 Cc HP SO EXCITED BUT NERVOUS! - Miami, FL

So I thought I should start my review of this...

So I thought I should start my review of this whole experience now that my surgery is 13 days away. Today I had my preopp visit to fill out paper work, have my blood drawn, take preopp pictures, and get my prescriptions. I had already met with my doctor before (Dr. Jacob Freiman) in May which is when I put the deposit down on my surgery. By the way I am having my procedure done at coral gables cosmetics. It's true what they say that CGCC works a bit like a nail salon but I really like my doctor so I'm fine with the place. I wanted to see my doctor again today because 450 cc sounds so big to me and I'm worried I'm going to look like a walking boob especially because I'm very short. But I should Dr. Freiman a picture of what I wanted and he reassured me 450 HP CCs are the way to go so I'm trusting him. Here are some before pictures along with wish pictures. Would love to hear some feedback from you ladies.
I have 475cc HP and they are big but not huge at all. I think mine look really natural and no one would think that I had them done. I can hide them easily in a everyday kind of t-shirt and show them off with something low cut and a push-up bra.
Love your results and you're right, they don't look huge at all. Thanks for your input!

More information about myself...hypothyroidism

So one of the reasons I was nervous about my surgery is because I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and I had to get clearance for surgery. I found out in March of 2013 that I have hypothyroidism and I took treatment for about two months and then I never took anymore medication because I never had any symptoms to begin with. I got retested in march of 2014 and my tsh level came back at a 5.7 when the normal range is between 0.5-4 although preferably 2.5 or lower. I still didn't take any medication and decided to finally go to an endocrinologist because I was having BA surgery. So my doctor said I was perfectly fine to have surgery because my tsh level wasn't higher than a 10 therefore I have subclinical hypothyroidism. She gave me the option of taking medication or not since I have no symptoms and I am not planning on having children any time soon. I chose not to take medication but I asked her to retest me. My tsh was at a 3.69 YAY. So now I'm at least in the normal range. Just wanted to share my experience with that in case anyone has a similar situation.

7 more days!!

So I went to K-Mart today to buy some stuff I needed before the big day. I bought about five sports bras that I'm hoping will fit me (I got 36C). I also bought some zip-up hoodies that were a size bigger so that my parents don't notice while I'm recovering lol. I also decided I'm staying at a hotel the first two nights of my recovery so I can be in peace.
I also have 450 and 475cc HP. You can look at my pics. They are a nice size but not huge at all. And I am very small. Dont know your stats. Best wishes on your upcoming BA!!
Hey scaredy cat. I just read your whole review and switching to silicone was the best decision you made, you look amazing! I think your size is perfect and you look amazing.
Thanks so much. I'm sure you will look look beautiful too!! :-)

Freaking out :(

So I started looking up information on anesthesia which was obviously a bad idea. The scariest part for me of this whole procedure is the anesthesia and the more I think about it the more scared I get. Have any of you had this experience before and then realized it wasn't so bad after surgery? Help! P.S. I'm getting general anesthesia
Happy Booby Birthday!
Anesthesia was the easiest part! My surgery was a month ago. I wasn't scared at all. My anesthesiologist was the sweetest woman by the name of Amy. She even held my hand as she walked me into the OR and put me under. You will be fine. Just stay positive!!
Thanks for your comment! I'm so excited and just trying to think happy thoughts :) btw you're looking great!

It's done!

So I finally did it. Anesthesia really was the easiest part. I don't even remember when they gave it to me. All I remember was laying down and them taking my blood pressure. Next thing I remember is waking up in a lot of pain. I am in an incredible amount of pain :( I've been taking oxycodone every four hours and it does not help at all I feel exactly the same. I really need to see my doctor!
Congrats!! You are going to look amazeballs!!! Lol
Thank you love!
Call the office now. Not every pain pill will work for every woman. Plenty of ladies before have had to call in for something different. Don't wait, call now. You don't want it to get so bad, you can't get it under control.

Post upk

Just got back from my post op. Doctor said everything looked good but I had to buy the band for my boobs which sucks. I feel less pain today. Doctor said the medications don't really take your pain away they just kinda make you doze off. He also said I should stop taking the oxycodone and muscle relaxer after tomorrow and just switch to Tylenol extra strength. I'll post some pics soon but just a warming, they look like aliens lol.
Hey I am going to Doctor Freiman for my surgery this upcoming monday! Do you have any advice for me? I am taking a plane to Miami by myself, I have never been to another state by myself especially not one as far a Miami. Are there any surprises when you get to the office? Any extra fees? Also, did you get to try on sizers to see what size implant you wanted? And have you found any medicine that has taken the pain away? thanks I hope your ok :)
Hello there! My advice is to take picture of what you'd like your breast to look like because saying you want a "c cup" or a "natural look" means different things to different people. Also, make sure you write all your questions down because dr.freiman isn't much of a talker so if you don't ask questions he won't make conversation. But most importantly, trust his decision bc he knows what he's talking about. There are no hidden fees the price they told you is what it is and the labs are $100 that's all. I didn't get to try on sizers but that really didn't bother me. The meds don't really take the pain away but they make me doze off which helps. BUY ICE PACKS they help a lot. Lastly, make sure you have someone with you at least the first 24 hours although preferably the first 72 hours.

As promised here are some pics

Hello ladies! Sorry I took so long to upload pictures but I've been feeling horrible and haven't even felt like taking pictures. Well the girls are super swollen and they look huge! Can't wait for them to drop a bit. My doctor said I had to wear this band for two weeks. Excuse the belly, the meds really do mess with your stomach.
They look good and I'm sure they'll look even better once the swelling goes down. Did you end up taking arnica?
Thanks. Nope but I'm going to buy some tomorrow, I'm too swollen!

The depression is kicking in

I know it has only been four days but I am starting to get depressed. My breast look huge and I don't know how to feel about that. I see some girls on here that say their breast got smaller as time passed and then I see others who's breast got bigger after. I don't know what to think and I just keep crying not knowing what to think :(
Hi you look great!!!! My surgery is on Monday :DDDD Was the post op appointment necessary because I plan on leaving the morning after surgery? Or can i have the post op on the same day?
Hey, thanks I'm starting to like them! The post op really isn't that important. All they're going to tell you is to put your arms over your head several times a day. Also after you shower you have to blow dry (on cold though) your incisions to avoid infection. Lastly they'll see if your implants are riding high so that you can buy a band to put across your chest. Although I don't really recommend you leave the next day Bc you're going to still feel like crap.

Starting to look better

Hello ladies I'm sorry I haven't updated in such a long time! I was a little depressed and I had to deal with it. I'm super happy now and love my breast even though they're still in that awkward dropping stage. For any ladies dealing with the boobie sadness, don't worry it'll get better! I went shopping yesterday for clothes and it was great, everything fit amazingly! Here are some pics :)

P.s. My left breast is so stubborn in dropping! It looks deformed lol. Also my breast look like torpedoes but that's normal until they drop. Just have to be patient.
How are you feeling? Checking you. :-)
Hey girl thanks for checking up on me! Honestly, I feel great the only thing that bothers me at this point is wearing my compression band. I think I might do an update later on today with pics :) I feel like my bobbies change every day lol
That's great...about you feeling better and not about the band. Boooo to the band! Lol. I also wanted to say thanks for the update about your thyroid. I had a total thyroidectomy and I was worried about my surgery, but everything went well. :-)

Better pics

Hello there ladies, sorry I've taken so long in updating. So I decided to upload pics from a different perspective because I feel like my front facing camera makes my boobs look HUGE when they really aren't all that big.

I feel this review is important because I know many women are afraid of being too big. I ALMOST let my bf talk me out of 450cc and it would've been such a mistake! As you can see 450cc is not as big as it sounds and keep in mind that I had quite a bit of natural breast tissue to begin with. Well ladies let me know if you have any questions at all.

Also, I'm feeling absolutely great right now! In my pics I'm wearing silicone sheets. I'll be putting on new ones on Monday so I'll take pics so you ladies can see what they're looking like :)

I don't think I've ever shared my stats but I'm 5'1, 125 lbs and I guess you could say I was a 34b preopp (a very full b lol). I think I've gained some weight since my surgery but I've been too afraid to weigh myself lol.
Please post some pics now! Your boobs look fantastic can't wait to see how they heal. Mine look pretty much exactly like yours
Posted some new pics :)

Small update

So there's not much going on with my boobs right now but here are some new pics. One thing that did happen though is that I went out to show off the girls and I got an allergic reaction from my nipple pasties, that really sucked! Also my left breast is till riding way higher.
I should of gotten my incision in the crease instead of nipple :/ and has the white band thingy helped your breasts drop at all? Im still extremely high, i cant wear normal clothes without looking like a weirdo xD
Hey. I was actually considering the areaola incision but the only reason I didn't was Bc I wasn't sure if I would scar well so I wanted to be safe. But don't worry I've heard dr.freiman's work on areaola incisions is great. Lol I know what you mean my left boob is high and it makes me look weird in some clothes. I still wear the band, after two weeks the doc said I could use it just to sleep. I think it has helped and I do massages 3 times a day. It's normal for the implants to be high especially since you started off with such little breast tissue and you got a lot of cc's
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

So far I love my results and it's all thanks to dr.freiman. He's very confident in his decision and I trusted the decision he made for me, he chose the perfect size. He doesn't have good bedside manner considering that I never saw him again after my surgery day. The wait times are pretty awful. I barely spent any time with him and he didn't really explain much regarding sizing. If I had to do this all over again I would still go with dr.freiman though. If you're looking for a super nice and sensitive dr and a place with great customer service then don't go see him. However, if you want good results then you can go to him with your eyes closed. I'd recommend him to anyone. He's a nice guy and funny but bc of the fast paced nature of the location where he works, don't expect to spend a lot of time with him.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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