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Hello ladies I am going to start off with an...

Hello ladies I am going to start off with an introduction of my self. I am 24, 5'7 and I weigh 210lbs. I am choosing Dr. Fisher as my surgeon because I feel that he will be able to give me a similar figure as my vision. I have 8 months to bring my weight down to at least 170. Which until my date I will diet and exercise. I will post pre op pics over the weekend and to show you ladies what I have to work with.

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Welcome hun, you and I are the same weight and height. However at the moment I've chosen Dr. Cortes but I'm torn between the two.
Welcome! You have chosen the best doctor at the clinic! I recently as in two wks ago had my tummy tuck done with Dr Fisher, and it has been a great experience so far. I'm sure you will do great! Stick to your diet and excercise for best results. Stay strong! Best luck to you!
Welcome I too am going to fisher and I am 5"7 and 190 and was told not to lose but I to will be dropping 20 pounds so that I can be 170 good luck and I will follow your journey


Hello just a quick update not much to say. I gained weight since my last review. But I officially started back on track today with some help of a fiber pill. I will post in a week of any changes later dolls
Welcome to Rs I'm looking to go to Fisher or Schulman I'm torn between the two I'm starting to lean toward fisher. But I'm 5'7 & 187 lbs. When I first got on Rs I was 210lbs. So you can definitely loose the weight its been going slow for me I guess cause I'm so ready lol but you just have to stay focus that all but one the weight get to going you will see progress and that itself will keep you going for the goal weight besides the new shape from the Dr. ;)
Hello, I'm new to this site I'm looking into to getting a BBL with Dr. Cortes my appointment is September 17 and I'm so excited although I'm traveling from Kansas to texas. Does anyone know what it may cost for this procedure?
Good luck doll

9/5/14 on the right path

6 lbs lost!!!! Headibg towards 170lbs
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