Want a Bbl So Baddd - Miami, FL

Hey ladies so after stalking this page for a while...

Hey ladies so after stalking this page for a while I decided to post about my BBL process, I had a daughter 8 months ago and ifeel that after I had her my butt literally left.After seeing all of you amazing ladies with the big booty I decided BBL is for me! Am deciding which doctor to go for this procedure, I will be posting pics of my body soon and I have a question for all the ladies that have done it with Dr. SALAMA does he charge a fixed price for BBL or does it depend on your body? Any info will really help!!
Im up with Dr.Perry in June he is amazing! Any who as you can see its not an easy decision! Perry is a sweetheart like no other Dr Ive meet. Good luck on your choice!!
I have seen Dr. Perrys work, I love how he gives curves, I was looking at Dr. Mendietas work but I think its very expensive and am feeling like hes getting a little careless in the last bbls i saw, The problem is that am 5 3 and my weight is about 119 so am hoping to either gain some weight or hear what the doctors tell me, I was looking into butt implanta but I just saw soo many bad stories with that.
Depend on your body.. You could call his office and email some pict And he will tell you around how much it will be... He is a excellent dr.. Amazing !

keep reading reviews Dr. Ghurani or Dr Perry

So my dolls I have been investigating for a while now and am still sooo confused, I emailed my pics to Dr Ghurani's people waiting for a reply and to hear what they recommend, still not sure tgough, lobing Dr Perrys work. The problem is that I need to do it this year and come to a conclusion soon

deciding on Dr Salama

So ladies ive been emailing Nancy from Dr Salama office, and send her my pics doctor said am a good candidate for butt implants but after much investigation am.really scarwd to go for them, so.am thinking maybe.another bbl?
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