Dr. Hasan did a great job!!! I love my results!

I went to get my blood work done on Friday and...

I went to get my blood work done on Friday and their were so many girls!! Omg it was crazy! I saw a lot of huge asses!! Some where there for their follow up appointments and massages. My surgery is this Monday with Dr Hasan. I'm not nervous or excited yet, I just want to get this over with. I pray everything goes well.

I've been Hansified!!!

Dr Hasan is very very very nice! I'm so happy I chose him. I'm in pain and discomfort and I get extremely dizzy when I get up. But so far so good. I'll keep you girls posted.

Dr. Hasan Brazilian butt lift 2 day post op.

I was able to shower today. I'm still swollen and in pain. But I couldn't be happier!!!

Some before pics

I gained 10lbs for my procedure. I went from 134lbs to144lbs

I deleted my pics and uploaded them without my face.

I was told for protection?? Oh well I did it and here they are again.

Before pictures with my face covered

Hopefully these will upload. I've been trying for ever!!

Side by side comparison

My before was taken the night before my surgery. And the after the next day.

First day of massages.

I thought it was going to hurt a lot but I actually felt relief after the massage. Maria was amazing! I absolutely love everyone that I have dealt with, they are all so nice and knowledgeable. I'm so happy that I decided to go with Dr.Hasan.

3 day post op Dr. Hasan

Second day of massages

I pooped!!!! Yay!

I hadn't popped since my surgery day it had been four days already. I was starting to get concerned and nauseas. Thankfully I took two laxatives and pooped two hours later. Thank God!!!! I still have a constant headache tho =\

Another pic

Dr.Hasan BBL 4 day post op

I'm on my way to get my third massage. I'm a bit concerned about my left side it's swollen and it hurts the most. But overall I absolutely love my results. :)

Before and after pic bbl Dr. Hasan

I saw a Hasan Doll today!!

She came up to me and told me she saw me on Realself. She was so beautiful! Your gonna look amazing! Thank you for saying hi. It really felt nice. #teamHasan

One week post op pics Dr.Hasan

My recovery has not been as easy. It has been very uncomfortable and painful. My mother has been helping me this past week. Bathing me, wiping my ass lol feeding me doing everything for me. I couldn't have done it without all of her help sadly she leaves today :( I got home today and reality has checked in! Having two small children is soooo much work! Luckily my husband says he's going to help out a lot. I would say the recovery process has been the hardest for me and it's only been one week. On another note, I LOVE my results!! I couldn't be happier!! Thank God everything has gone smoothly.

How can I sit without my butt touching any surface??

I know I'm only one week post op but hopefully by next weekend I want to be able to sit!!!!!!! Omg I can't take laying on my stomach or kneeling. Any ideas what I can use to sit?? And will the sitting position interfere with retention? If that makes any sense lol

9 days post op Dr.Hasan BBL

I'm able to take my garment/faja off and put it back on with no help. I feel stronger every day thank God. My skin is very sensitive, and it looks like I have faja burn only a little, I'm applying triple antibiotics cream on it and it seems to help because it's not spreading or anything. I also use the foams on each side and the board in the front. Sleeping on my stomach is driving me insane! I can't tolerate it anymore, I get headaches, and neck aches!!! I don't find relief! For me that has been my biggest challenge. So far I still love my results.

10 day post op Dr. Hasan bbl pics

My butt has deff dropped but I still like the shape and fullness. I have not sat on it and don't plan on sitting on it for a while. I still wear my garment/faja. I shower everyday. I walk 10-15 min very slowly. Sleeping has gotten much better thank God. My appetite is normal again. Today I took my last antibiotic pill!! Yay!! So far everything is good. Thank The Lord!

I take daily pics. Dr.Hasan BBL

My body changes daily. So that's why intake pics everyday. I'm liking my results even more!!!

Two weeks post op Dr.Hasan BBL

It's been two weeks since my surgery. I still have pain and swelling. I still sleep on my stomach. I wear my board (that I got at Vanity) everyday. It's difficult not being able to sit down at the table and eat with my family, or carry my children. But it's all for a great cause lol. I have noticed shrinkage on my butt, but I still love my results.

This pillow has helped.

With my neck pain from laying on my stomach. I love it!!!
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr.Hasan is amazing, he was very knowledgable, professional and sweet! I would highly recommend him and the entire staff!!! I'm a very satisfied customer!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey doll, was hoping to see more from you!
  • Reply
What happend to the pics
  • Reply
Hey missy I have a couple of questions for you. Have you've had to buy a second garment? Did they provide you with one? Thank you.
  • Reply
I can't wear any of my old jeans :-/
  • Reply
Are they all too big? @sexylpn
  • Reply
How do they fit?
  • Reply
it feels like im smashing it
  • Reply
I can't either. Waist so small, and ass is colossal! If you find some good jeans that fit sisters with big phatty's please let me know.
  • Reply
how did you explain to the doc how big you wanted it because I have my procedure with dr.hasan on the 3rd of november
  • Reply
I told him I wanted full and roundness, I told him I wanted 800cc and he told me that was going to look weird so he suggested 600cc and I trusted him and he explained he contours your body with lipo. I felt comfortable with his suggestions and went with it.
  • Reply
Does it hurt you to take your garment on and off? Mine always gets too tight around my butt to move down without someone helping me! I am scared to leave my mom and go back to my apartment and start my normal life ... How will I shower??? Your garment seems to have plenty of room for ass.
  • Reply
Its more discomfort, just move fast when you take it off and put it on. I was so scared the first day but I had to poop so I took it off lmbo and since there's was nobody to help me I had to do it! I had no choice it took me 8min to put it on lol. Now I'm faster. I think you'll manage well. I like my garment it's easy to put.
  • Reply
How much was the board? Do u know who makes it.
  • Reply
At Vanity $40 too much!! I'll take a pick of the name when I get home and post it.
  • Reply
I saw an an board on eBay for $25.... if u send me a private message withur email addy I'll send u the link
  • Reply
All your pics are gone : ( hope your ok , saw your sister was doing it too !!! I have 16 days im nervous. What was you final weight before ? did your butt shrink i know you said u wanted 800 but got 600.
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Looking grrreat, get that white chair miss lady turn facing the back and have a seat ;-)
  • Reply
Thank you!!! You think?? Im scared of sitting! I'm gonna wait at least 3weeks just to be on the safe side!
  • Reply
No sweetie I saw one lady sitting with her butt hanging off the chair,you know how the guys sit in the 70s on grease lol
  • Reply
You look good!! Where did you stay? I will be a Hassan doll Oct 31st.
  • Reply
Thank you sweetie!! I stayed at a family members house.
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You look beautiful :)
  • Reply
Thank you so much!!! Muah!!
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YW Doll! :)
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Do you know how much vanity charges for garment and board? BTW, you look so good!
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