TEAM PERRY... JULY 2013... And the journey begins:)

Hi everyone this is my first time posting but...

Hi everyone this is my first time posting but believe me I have visited the site religiously for about 2 months. I have thought about getting this procedure for 2 years now and have finally started my journey to make it happen. I want to say the site has been so informative and the ladies on here have been very supportive of one another. I think when u make a choice to have a procedure done like this having a great support group is so important.

So with that said I have had quite a few consultation and the one I had tonight has pretty much sealed my choice for surgeon. Dr. Wendell Perry spent over an hour with me on the phone explaining the procedure from start to finish answering any and all questions that I had. He truly made me feel like I have known him all my life the conversation was so comfortable. He truly took the time to make sure I was well informed to him knowledge of your procedure is very important.

I look forward to my adventure and getting go know the ladies here on the site:)

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Oh almost forgot Im 32 and with 2 little girls 10...

Oh almost forgot Im 32 and with 2 little girls 10 and 5:)


Hi.. I am also going to Perry in Feb 2013.. im trying to lose 10-15 pounds before hand and so far I'm down six.. glad you feel confident in choosing Perry as did I, he really gives that personal touch & makes you feel like an individual...
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AWESOME!!! Will have to follow your post on your journey:)
Welcome aboard!!!
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Does anyone have a list of items they purchased...

Does anyone have a list of items they purchased before there procedure and are there any items you found out later that u needed???


vacutie, we have chosen the same dr. He is very personable and I'm excited about my choice. I'm trying to make this happen before the end of the year.
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Oh wow great CONGRATS!!! I'm so excited about meeting people that are not only getting the same procedure as myself but also with the same doctor... Well have to follow u on your journey
No he didn't really set a goal weight for me he just said be at the weight you want to maintain after I was 191 pounds and I'd love to be 175- 180 by February so I can really see the full results of my surgery..mind you I don't want to be skinny just as a personal preference,
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Any past or present Dr.Perry patients with any...

Any past or present Dr.Perry patients with any information on a good place to stay while in town for procedure???


I am going to Perry in December and am staying at the Extended Stay!
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Hey hun! We have the same date!!! :) but I am going to see Dr. Jimerson in ATL! How is your preparing going? :)
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I will be staying at the element near the airport. Check out jbooty2012 page.
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