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Hello loves!!! I'm so excited about the journey...

Hello loves!!! I'm so excited about the journey that I am about to embark on. I have been doing my research for time now and I finally have the balls to go through with it. I am getting a bbl that will be preformed by Dr. Fisher. I am in love with his work. He really gives women a good hourglass look, and that's right up my ally lol. Well let me tell you a little about me. I am 23 years old with no kids. I'm a senior in college and this is going to be my graduation gift to myself. I stand tall at 5'4 and weigh 192, but I wear my weight well. My measurements are 42, 38, 44 1/2. I'm going to upload my pre op photos (be nice lol). Like most of you beautiful women on here I have tried every diet/exercise plan known to man and either it didn't work or I didn't commit to it. So it's time for a big ASS change lol. Anyways Im glad to have you ladies on here to talk to. If you have any advise please don't be hesitant to share :)

Just put down my deposit!!!

You guys Shit just got real!!! I just put down my deposit!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! This is really happening!!! I'm feeling like 5 different emotions right now lol. Lol did you all feel like this when you put down your deposit , or is it just me? I was quoted $5000 which is really not that bad because he's good at what he does. I was tempted to go to the DR but after reading some of you guys reviews I was scared as hell. I'm one of those people who don't mind saving a dollar but my health is wayyyyyyy more important than saving a few extra coins. I'm going to be a fisher doll :). I have a question. When should I start getting my materials for sx? I am trying to get a date in May 2015 and was wondering like when is I need to start taking pre meds and all that good stuff. Thanks you guys :)

Wish pics

I got a little rump back there so I'm not really worried about it to much. Just want it to have a little more fullest and projection. But I've always wanted hips!!!! A woman with curves is dangerous hunny!

Getting discouraged :(

Hey beautiful ladies. Hope everyone is having a better day than I am. I'm getting discouraged about the procedure. I told my mother and my best friend about the surgery and they immediately start criticizing me. My best friend came around after I showed her this she wants a fatty lol....hell she wanna be my caretaker to see how mines go lol. But my main concern is my mother. I know she wasn't going to agree with it but I wasn't expecting her to freak out as much as she did. The thing that got under my skin was when she said, " you willing to die on the table just to be fake like the rest?!" I started to tear up and when I was about to leave the room I looked back and told her as a mother your not always going to agree with your children but if nobody else is in their corner at least you (a mother) should be and I walked out. Now I know death is a risk with any surgery but this is my first surgery and now I'm second guessing myself. If any sisters have gone through this please feel free to write me. I am stuck in-between a rock and a hard place and I just wanna make sure I am making the right decision.

Guess who's back?!?!

Hello beautiful ladies. I'm back!!! I had to do some soul searching for this sx and I have decided that I'm going to go through with it!!!! Dr. Fisher here I come!!! Ladies I've come to realize its about me, and what makes me happy. We are all doing this to make ourself happy and i want to commend those who are taking this journey dispute what the rest may think. I know I'm sounding sapping lol, but I just wanna say thank you all who messaged me. It's crazy how complete strangers can give you comfort in a difficult situation. I hope to meet you guys one day and flaunt our big asses together lol. You were the blessings that I needed and mean that from the bottom of my I'm down with all the sappy shit lol....what's up?!?!? I missed you guys!!! I see everyone is preparing for their sx and I'm over here low key jealous. I'm not scheduled until May 2015 and it can't get here fast enough! *Yells out of window* ITS MY ASS AND I WANT IT NOW! (If you've seen the commercial you'll get it). Anybody else going in May?

Wish pics with the surgery app

Only if it is was this easy *sigh*
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