Finally in the DR

Hello you guys... Just like everyone else I've...

Hello you guys... Just like everyone else I've been stalking this site for months . I have been blessed (sarcastically speaking) with a flat square butt. I recently lost 25 pounds but I'm still unhappy. I am so self conscious about my butt and the way my jeans fit. Soooo I'm making a change. I want to go to Dr. Salama, Dr jimmerson or dr. Ghurani. I have a consult with Jimmerson in August but I don't want to wait that long. Dr. G has openings for April. I would love to get BBL in my city so I can heal at home but the surgeons here want 12,000. Even I travel to Miami and stay for 12 days. I still save 2,000 ... Any suggestions ? I know I'm rambling. Sorry :)

i like salamas work the best i mean i have a consultation in january and most deff ima put a payment dont and reserve a day this year...what city do you live in?
down** lol
Columbus Ohio. I've decided I'm definitely going to Dr. S office. Either him of dr. Ghurani will do my BBL. I want it done right. I am waiting to see more results on here for dr. G .. What city are u in?

I'm going to Miami. Hopefully I don't change my...

I'm going to Miami. Hopefully I don't change my mind again. Is anyone going the end of may or April. I really want a travel buddy. I'm trying to avoid spending $1,500 for flight and hotel since I live in Ohio .

I would like to go to dr.G because he has spots...

I would like to go to dr.G because he has spots available in May buy I haven't seen much of his work.. I have seen one review with pics and they were great but one isn't enough for me ! I'm tired of going back and forth and I'm ready to start this process. Y couldn't I just have a big ol ass already ?? Lol
fort lauderdale & if you want it done right we just gotta keep researching lol :)
I'm doing a consult in January also. Maybe we will have dates around the same time. Keep in contact. I'm sure ill be a nervous wreck the closer it gets :)

Okay ladies. I'm new to this && I'm so excited I...

Okay ladies. I'm new to this && I'm so excited I could just scream (again) . I'm scheduled with Dr. Rami Ghurani July 2,2013 if anyone else is around that time let me know. I would love to meet some of you. I have no clue what to do at this point as far as garners and meds. I will say this site is a blessing. I learn so much from you big booty ladies. Right now I have to focus on working by flat butt off to pay for my big butt. ****** FYI ******if u put your deposit at Dr. Salama's office before the end of the month you can lock in the old rate of $7,799
@DreamBodyat24 You sound like me! Lol I'm scheduled for June 19. I can't wait. You might see, cause i will need to continue with the massage after the two they give you in the package. It's seems so far but its really not!. The one page that i keep looking at is Asiangotbooty. I swear it gives me hope. haha Especially since its the only one I saw of Dr. G
Im a nervouse / anxious wreck lol... Do u live in in Fort Lauderdale ? Or are you getting a hotel ?
Thank you everyone. Good luck on your journeys. :)

Still looking for a travel buddy ! I feel like...

Still looking for a travel buddy ! I feel like time is going even slower since I made my deposit. I'm going crazy ! I'm sure my friends are tired of ass talk. Can't wait til it's my turn
If any ladies are interested in seeing Dr.Ghurani (Salama's partner) in late February, inbox me for details. I am not going to be able to go and would like to get rid of my date. That's less than 8 weeks away, so inbox me asap!

Hello ladies .. I'm still looking for a roommate....

Hello ladies .. I'm still looking for a roommate. I would like to rent a condo and split the price. It would be cheaper for US. I'm scheduled at Elite July 2nd. Any ladies scheduled the last week in June or first week in July interest???
How long will you stay out there? How much is the condo ? I'm scheduled July 2nd too
Yayyy I'll be there until the 11th or 12th . I saw some condos for $900. I figured it will be easier to have a kitchen than buying fast food. I def. don't want that greasy food during recovery. How long will u be there? Who are u traveling with?
Until the 18Th and I'm traveling with my boyfriend he is going to b my nurse how about you?

Im concidering getting BA & BBL by dr. Yily. Can...

Im concidering getting BA & BBL by dr. Yily. Can someone give me info on the recovery and price? I recieved my quote but i didnt include BA.
I'm hoping for surgery by Dr.Yily april 4th looking to buddy up sending my deposit Wednesday .... inbox me please if anyone has that date and wants to buddy up for discounts in the recovery house
I wish I could go then. April 3rd is my birthday. May is the best time for me! Best wishes on your journey
Hey girl, are you still looking into a BBL and TT with Yily? because that is what i want too but I'm booked with Salama but having second thoughts.

Any Ladies scheduled the firt or second week in...

Any Ladies scheduled the firt or second week in May. ??

Im sending my deposit today! Is anyone looking for...

Im sending my deposit today! Is anyone looking for a buddy the first or second week in May. I'm willing to go the same day as you. My last day of class is May 4 (I think) :/ anytime after that is good for me !!! I'm getting excited . Wooot woot
Hey there! I'm about to make my deposit, and I need a buddy for the first or second week of May! I'm hoping to get my surgery done on a Monday (May 13th is my preferred day) and stay 8 days. Please message me if you'd like! I will be sending my deposit tonight or tomorrow. :) I'm flying out of Michigan, and I've started my review if you'd like to take a look.
Whelp, I just sent my deposit tonight in hopes of booking on the 13th! I hope I hear back with a confirmation soon! :)
You are AWESOME !! I just wanted everyone to know! Thanks for everything .. - hopefully she responds now #fingersCrossed

I recently read on a post ( sorry I don't remover...

I recently read on a post ( sorry I don't remover who's ) that yily is no longer using PayPal.... Is this true? I want to send my deposit ! Has anyone used PayPal lately ? HELP !! :(

After blowing up their phone today , she finally...

After blowing up their phone today , she finally answered ! I'm set for July 2,2013 and I sent $300 deposit through Paypal !! #POW #teamYily
How do I reach her?! I emailed last week. What's the number and do I need interpreter? Thank you guys. I would not mind going may to July. BA in April.
I PM'd you . I plan on getting my bbl & BA together. I hope I can handle all that pain :/ .. Good luck on your journey
Hey Chick!! I'm going to call you in a minute!!! On the phone with my mom!! Who is going with you?

Hey u guys . I'm looking for profiles of ladies...

Hey u guys . I'm looking for profiles of ladies that got bbl & BA . I wanna see how bad the recovery was. I have no clue how imma sleep. I don't wanna smash my Bum Bum or TaTa's !! I'm schedule July 2,2013.. Still looking for buddy's
Hey gurl I go to Yily on June 6.. Here are a few of Yily's w/BA: rockyworldwide, fill_me_up, ensureaddict
Thank you
Hello, are you still going to yily in July?

Hey ladies.... I'm having a hard time getting my...

Hey ladies.... I'm having a hard time getting my labs. I called a few offices and they said I need a order for them... Yily Vets: how did you get yours? I'm such a procrastinator. I'm trying to get on it early .. Thanks in advance Loves
My doctor's office has a Surgical team that meets with patients to discuss the procedures and get the lab work ordered. I made this appointment a month before my June 6th surgery date. I also have an separate appointment with my doctor the day after to get RX
You'll prob need to have your primary care physician do your pre op ekg. Start looking into that asap. And google lab test or blood test. There's a bunch of diff places that do it so pricing is a bit competitive. But make sure you get the right test. A lady had me get the mma fighter test package because it included the hep b & c, hiv & cbc test so it was cheaper. But come to find out it was the HEP C Antibody & the HEP B Antigen. Both of them were suppose to be antibodies, but my doc let me slide.
Thank you

I NEE ADViCE ...My Bestie has agreed to go with me...

I NEE ADViCE ...My Bestie has agreed to go with me for my BBL. I am so happy she is so supportive. Now that I'm 3 months away I'm starting to feel like its a inconvenience . Wtf is she gonna do while I'm drugged up, tired and sore? I don't want her just sitting there/ bored!
Hey girly, I completely understand. My sister wants to go with me but I told her I was gng to be in pain and wouldn't be able to do anything n she said she will just go out shopping n stuff but I think she will be bored and I will be lonely :(. So hopefully I can buddy up with someone if not then I'm gng to be extra super nervous and scared lol
I would be out on da beach or shopping buying dinner while you slept... I would ask her and let her know how your feeling about this and your expectations of her. What do you think?
That's the same thing she said. I'm still a Lil nervous tho. Idk maybe I'm over reacting :/ thank you for your comment. I will talk to her again tonight !

Paypal is not accepting payments right now !!!...

Paypal is not accepting payments right now !!! Soooo does anyone have her information for chase? I have to start paying this balance down otherwise it will drive me crazy. I feel like I'm in debt 0_o
Hey Did u get my message?
Yes I did thank you
I think you should get that from Yily just email her and in the subject Put something like *Need Chase Account Info"

My Bestie & I are staying at a hotel but I want...

My Bestie & I are staying at a hotel but I want her with me the post-op at the clinic. Is there a fee for her? I'm not messing around waiting for someone to bring me something.
Did you ever confirm if she does paypal. I want to do my deposit this week and I don't know how to do it
No pay pal right now. She told me to pay thru chase about 4 days before I come or bring cash. I didn't even get her chase information from her. Email her with the subject "deposit" ask her how should U pay? That's really your only option because I don't want to give u the wrong info. I hope it works out :-)
Thanks, I normally talk to her on whatsapp but I wanted to know what to do. I have an account I'm putting all that money in to wait for surgery so I was going to send a big lump sum mid May or June

This is the reason I don't like commenting on post...

This is the reason I don't like commenting on post. Sometimes u guys look so good and I feel the need to speak or say thanks for your review.-- but this back and forth BS is childish and its killing my d@mn battery!!! Ughhhhh

Everyone on here seems to worry about their butt...

Everyone on here seems to worry about their butt being big. I'm terrified of having a big butt. I want it round but I don't want to look like. Nicki, Buffy, yaris, or anyone else. I wanna keep looking like myself with a round a$$. Not knocking anyone that likes/ wants it. It just aint for me. I considered all the other doctors but the reason I stuck with Yily is because I don't want it big like Dr. J , Dr. Salama & Ghurani Photos. .............#sidenote I wish people would stop posting the same questions over and over. Look at the doctors photos... If they don't give the results u want -- look somewhere else DUH..... U want to go to a doctor that is known for small natural butts hoping for a Jimmerson butt. Then u wanna b mad at the world because u got a small natural butt! Ur a$$ knew when u paid ur deposit what type of butt they make. PERIOD ! ---- ok I'm done
LOL! I agree. I told Dr. Yily don't touch my butt! It looks good on some people but I want to fit my clothes. Figured with the small waist it would accentuate what I have (which may not be enough for some people). I'm happy with the results.
roflmao I told her that I only want it lifted and rounded I don't need a badonkadonk lol. I think a small waist and a bubble butt will look good on me
I absolutely agree with you I don't want a huge ass or really wide hips. Not really attractive TO ME.

I'm almost ready to go 17 days until I'm Yilylicous ... This is all the things I am taking

Still need to get Hibliclens soap (amazon) , folic acid (Walgreens online)
There are a couple things that other people had that I didn't see a need for .. Soo here's my list
Cheap sheet set
Cotton/ spandex panty
Compression socks
Anti itch cream
Squeem vest
2 garments ( just in case I need them) I plan to save those until I come back home (1) is a full garment (2) the other is like a thong waist cincher
Zyrtec - in case my allergies flare up
Contacts, contact case, solution & eye drops
Sterile gauze
Tooth brush & tooth paste
Stool softener
Maxi pads
Antibiotic hand soap
Fuzzy socks
Stomach board
Triple probiotic ( trying to prevent a yeast infection)
Body pillow ( I will put it in a vacuum seal bag so that it will fit in my suitcase )
That's all besides my dresses and stretch pants

That's all folks
How are you feeling, it is getting closed and i am right behind you. Will follow your journey and opefully will see you in DR. Yay! Good luck...
I'm going to try to see all the RD ladies B4 I leave. Where are u staying?

A few questions for Yily Vets

How much money do you think I should tranfer into Dominica Pesos at the airport?
What is the name of the card some of you guys talked about? ( I think it was $10)
Did any of you ladies get to enjoy the city or did you stay at your hotel or RH the entire time? (If so what day PO were you)

Thanks so much beauties
** I meant inbox...
I sent the info to your inblox, check when you have a chance.
Depends on how long your staying ... i stayed for 11 days and i would say If you will be taking taxi's, and ordering food change $120.00 to pesos and only take what you need when you are going out, keep in mind though if you change your pesos at the airport the rates are not the best exchange rate. Right across the street from Yily there is a bank and you can exchange money there.

In the DR

Things don't always go as planned.. Ladies please prepare yourself for changes. ..... So my besties flight was delayed 2 hours because of the weather which caused her to be stuck in Philly til this morning. I arrived in Santo Domingo at midnight. I did not want to hop in a cab at midnight by myself so I decided to thug it out in this coffee shop (black coffee) in the airport til morning. If you stay at the airport overnight -- go upstairs by departure flights. Downstairs by baggage claim is not where it's at! ( only meaning its a bunch of drivers asking if you want a ride- especially if your traveling alone). Anyway I hooked up my Wifi, drank a V8 & watched Netflix. I emailed Yily last night. She responded within the hour telling me I can come at 8a today to get my labs done. I can't believe it's time !!! That's all for now ladies...
Yay you made it! Good luck and speedy recovery! Excited for you. i will be there on Friday.
Thank you. Inbox me your email ! Do u have an iPhone? - just asking because iMessage is free on wifi. Text are like a dolla something
* luck.. Lol

Can I get the name and # of a taxi driver that speaks English

Hey ladies. If you know any taxi drivers that speak English
Hey girl.. I sent you a PM with the information. You should be busy getting your labs done..Good luck...prayers on your way...
Thank you
Good luck. Be safe. Will be praying for you.

update (Labs complete) Yily 7/2

First of all... Yily's assistant ( can't remember her name she has braces) is amazing at calming nerves. I was so nervous! I can't believe my time finally came. I was way more nervous than I should have been. Everyone is nice & welcoming.
The Process.... Since my cab driver was waiting for me I got to skip the line a little.
First- I had my EKG. The equipment did look funny but it got the job done. The office was small but tidy.
After that I went downstairs for labs. Easy breezy! I wanna touch on this topic because I heard so much about it on RS. Yes the nurse does cut one finger out of the glove (purpose) to feel your vein. She did use new gloves with me! I can't speak on anyone else's situation. When she finished doing my blood draw she stuck the need in this machine called needle destroyer(something like that). it had little sparks flying out. It basically grinds the needle off.. she disposes the Hub in a separate container I did not wait to get hemo level because my ride was waiting but I did get it checked a few weeks ago & it was 13.9 - so I think I'm ok!
Last was chest x-ray ( he was cute & chocolate) :) he kept asking about my bra & pointing to it. I kept saying "yes I got on a bra " lookin at him all crazy & he looking at me like take it off so we can do the damn x-ray. After that I felt like an idiot.
Ttyl ladies

I'm waiting for you Sam :)
I wish you luck with everything!!! Xray....too funny lol
Thank you
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! So excited for you Girl! Be Blessed and stay cool, you'll be fine! Sounds like you hooked up with a taxi driver, if you need anything else let us know! Aaah how awesome!!!

I feel like a pervert

These chicks in the DR is sum BADDDD biyches ..... It's A$$ everywhere!!!! Mommas , grandmas, kids, men !! It's just BooTY rockin everywhere ! &&& why does everyone think I speak Spanish :( I look 1000% African American ! Lol that's all for now
Good luck with your journey.....
Good luck!! I have sx with Yily on the 16 but fly out next Saturday on the 13... Which hotel are you staying at?
All n All I wish you a safe jouney prayers for you....


I wasn't hungry until I remembered I couldn't eat ..... UGHHHH guess I'll go back to sleep
Good luck Hun your turn is next safe surgery and fast recovery.

Bout to get ready to go to CIPLA

Imma be ashy as hell using this Hibliclens soap. I'm not really nervous right now but let's see what happens .... Thank you for the prayers & well wishes
Good luck mama... we will be here waiting to hear from you..
Wow good luck. I can't wait to see your outcome. Are you getting the BA too?
No just BBL , lipo on my entire mid section & arms

SamCurves & I are out of surgery

Just wanted to tell u guys we are fine. Sore as hell but ok. We haven't seen our results yet !
Happy Healing :-)
Thanks for the update, I was wondering was she doing ok. Glad to hear that you both are ok.. Keeps me updated..Happy Healing!
So happy you guys made it to the other side!! Be well and happy healing!!!

This pain is so real

I haven't been in the mirror much. It's crazy how winded you are from simple movements. I do like my results so far & I will post photos around 5 days PO. Right now I feel really disgusting. My garment was pretty gross. Today I took it off & hand washed it. While I'm waiting for it to dry I put on my stomach board, & spanx. I kept my arm & sock compression on. I have not regret my surgery 1 time. I'm ready to get rid of this drain and all this damn blood everywhere . Ttyl ladies
Happy healing!
Thanks for the update :)
Ok can't wait to see you take care.

5 days post op Yily

Hey ladies. I feel 100% better today. There are so many things I wanna say so here's a brief of everything.

Yily : was so nice, compassionate and sincere. She made sure that I was comfortable and she checked on us about 4 times in the 24 hours we were at CIPLA. I have no complaints about her &&& she is gorgeous.
Surgery day: was so stressful and nerve wracking but once you get in a room , settle in and watch tv it's easy breezy.
My hemo was 13.9 before leaving home surgery day it was 12.9. That had me in panic mode. Yily suggested a tummy tuck and she told me my stomach would not be completely flat & I would have loose skin. I refused because I'm not ready for a tummy tuck, I only have one child. So far I'm happy with my tummy. No loose skin but not completely flat. I'm in love with my back. I have no more back fat! It's completely gone. ( Yayyyyy ) my arms also look amazing. I can't wait to get home to do measurements. I love my butt as well. I do wish it was fuller at the bottom. But we will see what happens once it drops a little.
I had my first massage at Angie's (where Sam curves98 is staying- which is a beautiful place- If your coming alone go there) . The massage was the most painful thing I've ever felt. I cried when she did my stomach. I was in there sweating like a slave because it hurt so bad. My Bestie had to fan me.
These drains are going to drive me insane. They are so uncomfortable :( . Hopefully I get them taken out Monday at my postop appt.
I promise to post naked pics after my post op after I get drains removed.

Oh.. The past few days is would get winded from taking 10 steps. It was so frustrating but I realized I wasn't eating enough. I doubled up on iron & ate a bowl of pasta (even though I wasn't hungry) . I felt so much better afterwards. I got out of the hotel & went to the grocery store without feeling faint.

4 days post pic

A few pics

Took a few pics while cleaning faja
Rest up and happy healing!!

Yily post op pics

This is an exhausting process. I've been thru so much ! I am sooooo in love with my body though
How are you feeling? congrats! How is the aftercare and follow up so far? Can't wait to see your before and after!
do u have pics you can inbox me?
Hey girl can't see your pics you cannalwaysninbox me some thanks
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Yily De Los Santos, MD

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