Team Fisher or Team Ortega??Ladies Help Me Decide! Miami, FL

I'm torn bt these 2 doctors!! I need help choosing...

I'm torn bt these 2 doctors!! I need help choosing the right doc for my bbl procedure.. who is going to offer me the deal I want and need for my body and my pocket?
Don't want to put quotes out there yet, only bc I haven't locked in my price and want to negotiate a better price..
Please help me decide.. Send me pics! Tell me ur experience.. what u liked and what u didn't like..
Fisher did my TT... Very happy with the result.. almost 7 weeks post op.. June 2.. I loved him.. Great personality , great work.. Good experience with Anna (coordinator) and Juliet (nurse).. I know he does great bbls, I've seen them in person and he does a lot!! He's very busy and the office is very busy and that's ok bc not for nothing we ladies force him to be so busy.. So kinda like having a history with him.. so I need more pics..
Ortega has great reviews but the only thing I don't like is a nonrefundable $500 deposit!!! Need more pics! Has anyone else heard of this? Karla is my coordinator, so far no pressure.. very nice.. In my opinion before I put down all that money (6 months in advance) I should be able to talk to the doc..

Now I want ASS!

So I've had my boobies done, got my tummy tuck, and now I want some ASS! Seeing all these rs dolls with these donk makes me want one.. LOL.. I can also use the extra lipo.

Wish Pictures!


So I'm still debating bt doctors.. Definitely leaning towards Dr. Ortega for several reasons.. The only thing that is stopping me from committing to him is the nonrefundable deposit... Seriously.
I know u ladies have seen Dr. Ortega's operating room, let me know the deal.. Also has is the recovery house?

Dr. Ortega @ CG Cosmetics

So I have finally made my decision... Dr. Ortega! I also got quotes from all 3 of the offices he works at! (Kinda a lot!) I got three different quotes and decided to go with the lowest one! Duhhh! Lol.. So I will get my full torso, no arms or thighs lipoed... $$$4,000 (4100 if I use 1000 in care credit).. 7 days so fly out on tuesday surgery on thursday and leave the following tuesday... I do have to get my own labs (which I do anyway), meds, and garment.. and the flight which I dread! I hate flying and flying after my TT was terrible... thought I was gonna die!
My coordinator is Blanca, very nice.. Answered all my emails and everything in a couple of hours.. which I like.. Tomorrow I will ask to speak to the Dr, to get an idea of what to expect.. Realistic goals!
I've been stalking all u girls on RS.. Obsessed with ASS!


So each one of the offices require a deposit, one bigger then the rest.. spectrum wants 500, but will accept 250, Imagenes wants 500, and CG wants 1000, 500 to lock price and the other 500 to get a date.. All NONREFUNDALE!! I feel like I might be the only person who has a problem with that!

Official Quote

Here is my official quote from Dr. Ortega's office... He doesn't do phone consults, even for out of state patients... CRAZY!! and we just give him our money without knowing if we like them or not.. based on pictures! I am fucking crazy!

Choosing A Date!

So Dr. O said I have to wait 6 months for my bbl to heal from my TT.. So that's December 2, to close to the holiday season... So I have chosen January 13 (a tuesday) till the following Tuesday! Can't wait.. It's a long time and I don't want to wait that long but I have no choice..
@ spectrum my coordinator was Karla. Very nice, no pressuring, very different then Vanity! 4500 with first garment included. 250 deposit. 12 areas of lipo.
@ Imagenes my coordinator was Janice also very nice without pressuring.. 5500 originally, then went down to 4500, 500 deposit. 12 areas of lipo.
@ CG my coordinator is Blanca, very nice. 4000, 1000 deposit, most official quote valid for 30 days.. 500 deposit to save price and 1000 to save date.. Don't do by areas but full torso lipo. Blanca told me not to lipo my arms and thighs bc I have enough fat for a good result...
So I figured go with the cheapest quote from the same doctor. Wonder how the recovery stay is with CG.
All deposits with Ortega are nonrefundable!

obsession and depisit!

I'm obsessed, but I'm waiting as long as possible to put down my deposit! Theres no refunds so thats why im waiting! Make sure its a good idea! Well of course it is! Seriously! Hubby gave me the ok, so here we go!
I'm obsessed with ASS!
I can't decide what booty I want.. Love the ASS with the pot leaf! I even love that tattoo! Lol!

Wish pic

Forgot this one!

Name change! lol

So I changed my name to HourGlassVixen! Lol, in my dreams! But honestly I feel so much better after my tt and boobies that I feel like a vixen.. lol.. and after my bbl I will be that for sure! I wamt a tiny waist and a fat ASS!

Traveling for surgery

So I'm reading a lot of reviews about disappointed bbl girls.. traveling from out of state, seems like it gives the doctors an excuse to rush through our surgeries and results are disappointing! Bc they know we are leaving and will be out of their hair.. we spend a lot of money for the surgery the traveling the supplies the stay the time off of work, it adds up and we want to leave knowing and feeling like it was worth it.. not that we got played.. yeah we know we're just a dollar sign, but damn give us what we want in reason and reality of course.. we want FAT ASS! Lol.. stuff that sucker bc a lot of it will dissolve... girls (most girls) who get this surgery want people to notice their ass and their waist.. we want to be noticed and we want to look good.. so doctors of miami HOOK US UP! GIVE US ASS!
I am speaking for myself but a lot of people will probably agree with me... I know that I have a certain way... Nice tits, flat belly, small waist, and a fat ass... I wamt my husband to look at me and only me.. and if he doesn't then he definitely will notice the other men looking at me and check himself... seriously I want to be a HourGlassVixen! I want to be thick as hell..... head turning... show stopping.... seriously, I've spent so many years hating my body to now loving it and want to feel hot to death just like my hubby!
Please Dr. Ortega hook me up!
Sorry for my rant...

Fisher or Ortega??

Waiting till next week to put down my deposit with Ortega, but I still love Fisher's bbls.. So still debating... HELP! Show me ur results...

Talking To Annna @ Vanity

So i am talking to Anna, my tt coordinator, about my bbl. Still so torn.. Not sure who to go with, still..... Love Fisher's booty, sometimes question Ortega's booties... Trying to get a lower quote from Anna, Ortega is 4000 @CG and Fisher is 4500. With my tt i paid for full back lipo and never got it bc by law u can only remove so much... so hoping that will help my cause,,, lol... but im not tripping about that bc i am totally happy with my results, and scar is healing nicely...
with ortega i cant go to January, 4000, i would stay a total of 5 days (500), and flight 300 and faja 100, no drains
with Fisher i can go in a couple of weeks 4500, stay 4 days (400) and flight 300 faja 100, with drains
let me know ladies
i feel like no one reads my reviews, i try to make them interesting, but oh well, love u girls who do....




So I'm going with Fisher in November! Hopefully! Vanity is not as bad as people make it sound! I didn't have a bad experience at all.. I waited for a while for Fisher but he was in surgery...
Anywho he did a great job on my tt so now he can do my butt! I'm so excited! I've been talking to Anna, and she is really great.. but at the end of the day they have a job to do and they do it..
My hubby is like I hope I don't have to kill someone for trying to talk to my wifey! Lol... love it...

Definitely Getting an Ass

So ladies as u can tell I am so obsessed! So bc I'm going to do my surgery sooner then I had expected, not wanted but expected, I was tripping about getting the money for it! So last night I applied for a credit card and was approved! Woot woot!

Weight Loss

So I spoke to Anna today and I need to lose about 25 pounds by Nov 10! That could be my date! Story of my life... lose weight! I can admit I haven't been watching what I eat and drinking margaritas after work and what's a gym? Seriously, I haven't been to the gym in forever! 4500 Fisher, garment included, blood work from my pcp, medication, stay, plane ticket! Or should I wait for Dr. O? LOL..
On some the weight loss tip... started an exercise program tomorrow.. and only protein for 2 weeks, then veggies, then fruit, one day cheat day! 3, 15 minute intense workouts a day... kettle ball swings, jump rope, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, weights, and more... I have to kick my own ass, to a fat ass! Crazy....
Hubby loves the body, he says he can't stop thinking about me... good! He loved me before and he deserves this too.. trophy wife.. lol...
Thanks ladies for all ur responses.. nothing is set in stone so please tell me what u think.. Fisher or Ortega????


So ladies I applied for a credit card thinking I wasn't going to get approved and guess what? APPROVED!! So that's my money for my bbl... still trying to negotiate price with Anna.... told her I would pay in full if she gave me a better price... fingers crossed....
But I need someone where to stay... Any suggestions?? I'm not staying long.. maybe 3 nights.. take a red eye flight Monday morning, be at vanity by 9 have surgery, go to a recovery house and relax for 3 days and fly back Thursday night... what's the point of staying? Last time I stayed with people and I loved them they treated me like family! Maybe I'll check them out again..

losing the extra weight!

I have to lose extra weight for my bbl.. why? I thought u need fat for it.. nah, I have mad fat! Lol.. I can probably supply two other girls fat for their booties.... lol..
Really trying not to eat and when I do have protein or veggies... found a workout from one of the girls on rs.. zuzka light.. love her..

feeling selfish

I really really really want my bbl.. really really... but I'm feeling kinda selfish.. boobies, tt, and bbl... help! I know all u girls are gonna support me..


So texting with Anna, she's not getting me my desired price... A little disappointed! All about the Benjamins Baby! Lol.. whatever I guess.. Now I don't pay in full!
November 10... big booty hoes pop wit it! Lol.. super excited! Just came back from the gym.. feeling good! Got to drop some weight.. Protein and exercise! Water and sweat! Lol.. want to fit into a medium squeem before surgery so I can go into a small afterwards..
People are wondering how big to go, go hard, go big or go home! And how people are gonna react to ur new booty! Who cares, do u booboo!!!! Love u RS chicks! Thanks for all the tips and support and reviews and pics and advice... it's like plastic surgery family..
Sorry pics are sideways

Deposit Paid!

So I paid a deposit yesterday! 3500 with a 1000 dollar balance.. The official price 4500! With free garment! Whatever!
Trying to lose weight, story of my life! But November 10 is my official date, requested the first surgery of the day!! Need supplies, bare minimum! Just have to book flight and confirm with the caregiver! Just confirmed! Now flight and supplies!


Love u ladies! My hubby called me a phone whore! Lol.. had to break it down to him about RS!

Can't believe I'm doing this for real!

I'm tripping! Didn't think I would do this! I'm so excited!
Dr. Ortega

Dr. Fisher

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Phone whore buahahaha!!!! Woot woot!! Love ya!
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I'm looking into going to dr fisher in November aswell! Picking a surgeon for my Tt wasn't as overwhelming lol
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Are you staying at the recovery house,I am going in January as well
  • Reply
Switched to Nov 10.. not staying at recovery house.. I'll post the info of where I'm staying..
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Where r u staying
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Yay!! I picked vanity too! Fisher Doll 2Beeee!
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woot woot!! how exciting!! i'll be following ur journey..
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Im having the same dilemma i even put th deposit down with ortega the pics on his web look great but every revue i seen on realself his butts don't look that big , they dont have that proection . I got a call from vanity today and she gave me a price of $6000 and i thing im going for it fishers butts look much nicer than ortegas
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I agree with u.. Ortega's butts lack projection and shape.. Fisher's Butts are better! Refunds with Ortega are nonrefundable, right? How much did u put down? I've seen Fisher's butts in person and they look good.. even Hasan's butts are nice... Also I think fisher knows how to sculpt ur body and give u an hourglass shape.. I have butt I need projection and aggressive lipo...
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I did the same thing as you, put money down for ortega to lock the date , and call vanity , they gave me same price with recovery house included
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Who are u going with? @ross16
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I decide to go with fisher, love ortega butt on the website , but i dont see the same result on realself search.
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Same here . Have you tried to get your deposit back from Ortga ? And what price did vanity give you?
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Vanity told me 6000 with recovery house included , i have not talk to vivian yet to get money back , how about u?
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Exactly! I'm glad u said that bc I thought I was crazy.. fisherdoll!
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I didn't speak to Vivian about getting my money back yet either . Vanity told me $6000 bbl with recovery home if I put down half of the money , I'm not doing that because I'm not having surgery for another 4 months since I need to wait 6 months after my first surgery . I gave them $500 deposit to secure my price and another $1200 for the recovery home because she told me it will go up very soon but I made her send me an email breaking down the cost and statement saying that the money is 100% refundable . I'm also doing my inner thigh from knees all the way up since I had a bbl 3 months ago and don't that that much fat on my stomach and back but since the lipo wasn't done right I have to do touch ups on these areas so I'm paying for the regular bbl $5000 plus $1200 legs and $1200 recovery home .
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I think it's bulshit that vanity makes you put down half of the money to secure your date , Ortegas clinic only asked for $300 and I could pick my date .
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@Hourglass- what do u mean full back is limited by law??
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Lipo in general has its limitations in the US.. sorry if I confused u.. by law in florida they can only take out 4 liters.. so bc I was bigger he couldn't do full back lipo bc he reached the limit with the tt..
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I may be wrong but from what i have read, they can not perform liposuction (of the abdomen) and a tummy tuck at the same time. Like i said, i may be wrong. Make sure they are not trying to get over on u cuz Fisher is known for not doing all the sections of liposuction people have requested and paid for.
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Omg!!! I'm having the same dilemma :( I want to know who to pic I want a tiny waist and big butt (don't we all) but I can't pick!! Help!
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I know it's hard to choose!
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Thats not really a deal thats the regular price of everything just combined.they think they slick....crooks
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Basically! U got to research research and do more research. Negotiate!
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Lol..girl you called it like it is..CTFU..
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