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Hi ladies so I'm planning to get my butt done...

Hi ladies so I'm planning to get my butt done during the summer with Dr. Fisher which I just got my breast done in November by him.. I have to wait at least 6 months to perform another cosmetic surgery sooo thinking about doing it in June anyway I've been apart of this website for a while and I love looking through everyone's journey. Well here goes a pic of me currently on the left and a photoshop of what id possibly like on the right :D


Hi! What type of breast procedure did you get and how much did it cost?
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Hey sweetie I had a lollipop breast lift along with breast augmentation. I actually have a review on it, you can check it out, still sharing my journey as I'm not fully healed I'm only almost 2 months post op :).
Oh sorry and it was $5,000.

Sponge boob square pants

Omg I seriously can't wait to get my buns done..look at that flat thing lol! Just wanted to show what it looks like with booty shorts on..can't wait to wear these when I get my booty done (hopefully they'll fit).

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Sponge bob square pants**



I'm also getting a BL and BBL with Dr. Fisher!! I really like your BL results :) I am having my BL done in March and BBL in June. Both surgeries are scheduled and I was not asked to wait 6 mos between surgeries. Actually, Jessica said that I only needed to wait two months between surgeries. ---- I wonder why they told you six mos vs 2 mos like me???
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I went to a different location where he works at and they told me 6 months just to not risk infections? Idk? I should ask at vanity regarding my scenario. Are you getting implants too? I like my results on my breast however my skin stretches like crazy that they've dropped way to much and I do want a bit more fullness in top so I'm going to do a revision and just get the full anchor lift (extra cut at the bottom) :) you're surgery will be here in no time!
Different location explains why....I am getting the same procedure that you got, implants and all. I was really happy to see your results, thank you for sharing. Sorry you are not pleased with your outcome, to me they look perfect!!! ;) is Fisher doing your revision? How much will it be for you to do this? :) you are right, mine will be very soon. Time is flying, I am excited and a bit nervous...

Like for real?!

Love handles gots to go!!!!! I need some ass..poor flat thing :/

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Oh and..

Sorry for dirty mirror I'm actually on the process of cleaning my bathroom maybe I should've took them after I cleaned mirror..mmm sorry about that


Aww I also want a BBL! When are you thinking of getting it done? It's so expensive here in Australia tho. My partner is originally from Colombia so we might just go there on holiday and I'll get it done there, so popular and so much cheaper lol xxx
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Good luck girlie! Mine is june 3 w/ fisher
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Lmao @sponge bob square pants! Not this summer! :)
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