Summer 2014 BBL Woohoo Can't Wait - Miami, FL

Hi ladies so I'm planning to get my butt done...

Hi ladies so I'm planning to get my butt done during the summer with Dr. Fisher which I just got my breast done in November by him.. I have to wait at least 6 months to perform another cosmetic surgery sooo thinking about doing it in June anyway I've been apart of this website for a while and I love looking through everyone's journey. Well here goes a pic of me currently on the left and a photoshop of what id possibly like on the right :D

Sponge boob square pants

Omg I seriously can't wait to get my buns done..look at that flat thing lol! Just wanted to show what it looks like with booty shorts on..can't wait to wear these when I get my booty done (hopefully they'll fit).

Sponge bob square pants**


Like for real?!

Love handles gots to go!!!!! I need some ass..poor flat thing :/

Oh and..

Sorry for dirty mirror I'm actually on the process of cleaning my bathroom maybe I should've took them after I cleaned mirror..mmm sorry about that
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