Staying Hopeful After BBL - Miami, FL

Had a BBL 3 weeks ago my butt has been...

Had a BBL 3 weeks ago my butt has been dramatically shrinking but still looks way better than what I started with which was NOTHING.

I've followed all the instructions I was given my PS was great but I guess fat grafting is very unpredictable. Im staying hopeful that I get to at least keep what I have now and that the shape will become more rounded.


you look great! big difference from your before pics, you have a pretty, curvy shape now.
i am having a revision with Dr. Salama next year, and I can’t wait. I have several problems after my 1st bbl from another doc so i have to wait….
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he did a good job on you,im considering having it done in 6months wat can i expect??
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Hey, just checking in with you. How are things going?
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