two weeks post experience!!

Hello bbl sisters! I am new to the site and have...

Hello bbl sisters! I am new to the site and have decided to go with Dr. Mel Ortega for my surgery. Has anyone on here had their surgery done by him? I will be paying my $500.00 deposit this Friday...he is offering a special!. For years I have wanted a nice boottaayyy! All of my friends have nice shapes and I am tired of being the odd ball. I just turned 30 this month, am a singe mother, work full time, and will graduate with my Master's degree in February so I decided to something for myself. I will post some pre-op pics sometime this week!

Thinking about getting an earlier date

I want to see if I can schedule my appt in July instead of Sept. Ugghh. Saw Bike Week photos and it made me hate my butt even more...lmao

Paid my Deposit....Getting excited!!

So I paid my deposit yesterday. I am getting excited about the surgery. I am already looking at different websites to get my supplies from. I'm still freaked out about the drains. When I think about them, they make my arm get weak!lol. My sister in law has agreed to go with me for the surgery. I hope I am not hard to recover, I would hate to be in Florida and not be able to enjoy it. I'm going to call Monday to see if I can get my surgery done in the end of July versus in September.

BBL August 2nd!!!

I locked in my date for August second. Can't wait. A bit scared of the fact that I will have drains coming out of me. Having a bit of trouble finding someone to gov with me. Ugghhhh! Hopefully it will work out though! Ive been looking at hotels and they r expensive.!

Getting Frustrated. My Sis can't go with me

My Surgery is in August and I just found out my sis can't go. I'm so upset. I don't know what I'm going to do now. Ugghhh

Vets, Please answer!!!

Ok. So I can work it out where my cousin and I drive from SC to Miami, Fl, stay for 5 nights and she'll drive back to SC. What do ya'll think??

Should I purchase the Make Me Heal Vitamins??

Did the vitamins seem to work for anyone?

Are lymphatic massages really needed?

I will not be able to stay in Miami long enough to get my free lymphatic massages and I'm sure they will be hard to come by in South Carolina. I'm wondering if they're needed?

Should I get a boppy or a foam roller

What do you all think? Foam Roller or a boppy? I have less than 30 days away!! I am trying to get last minute items

less than 2 weeks away!!

Getting nervous. Please share any tips you have!

Three more days!

I'm nervous and wanting to get this over!

it's done!!

So happy I'm not in pain just sore. Don't know what I look like yet. I'll update later

day 7

Hello all!. As I said before I dropped my phone in the ocean and now I'm dealing with a head cold! First day was not that bad mostly sore. 2nd and 3rd day was hell on wheels. Forth day was able to go to the mall and walk around. Gatorade, water, and my female urinal were my friend. I didn't pop til I got home on the 5th day. It felt weird having all that ass. I really liked how he shaped my butt. All he could get was 960 cc in each which was fine with me. I look great in clothes I could never wear before. Did not get drains.. thank ya! I think I would have died if I did. The staff was great too. I gotta have a friend take out my stitches tomorrow Cuz I didn't stay long enough. Tomorrow is my first massage. Wish me luck!

new photo

Pic doesn't really do justice. This us with garment on

new pics

another pic

two weeks two days!!

Hello all. Grad school and work are kicking my ass!! Anyways for those that have done it, happy healing. For those who've not done it , good luck and it's worth it.

I am healing very well. As I said before, I did not have drains and everything is going well. I don't know what I would have done if I had them. Your body will get rid of any fluid it dies not need. That's what your lymphatic system does naturally. I started getting lymph massages in my second week. Kinda painful but I managed. I don't have enough for 10 massages at $500 so I get one once a week and massage myself with some oils before I shower.

Its amazing how your stomach goes down everyday! I wish I could get rid of these stretch marks. I've been looking into vaserfreeze to get lessen them. My scars seem to be healing well.

I love the way my body looks overall. I need to get my tummy a little more in shape and get my arms right. Ladies try not to play dress up until two weeks out Cuz you will lose volume but mainly swelling. Your body will change everyday.

I am using a foam roll to sit at work and I use 2 rolled up towels to drive with a neck roll in my back. The hardest part of this surgery is not being able to sit down.

I cannot stress how much this surgery has boosted my self esteem. I have always been well off, educated, and drive nice cars, but this completes the package. When my boyfriend pisses me off.. I just say "oh,OK" lol and that freaks him out! Too funny how he kisses my ass now.

I have only been wearing dresses Cuz I'm not sure what size jeans I'll need. The triangle shaped gauze(or whatever material is given to u) is very important to shape your lower back and prevent seromas.

I ordered lipofoam and a new garment but they haven't gotten here yet. My doc told me to go to a seamstress to take in my garment but these long ones they give you are too hot. Well that's all for now. Toodles Loves!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Excellent! Provided lots of info that I didn't think to ask. Has pretty good specials that include massages and 2 garments! Staff was great and made me feel comfortable. Easy to reach by phone and great follow ups. If I get something else I will definitely go to him again

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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post new pics please!! thanks
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Hi hun ..hope all is well with u...can u post some pics please..or update your review am going to Dr.Ortega too
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hey is there anyway you could go into full detail with your experience with dr mel, i jus put down my deposit! and i really wanna know what to expect!
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I will be putting a daily post of my journey
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I noticed that you have only put 2 post up since you have signed up? if you are planning on getting a procedure done and have paid your deposit , I would definetly ask people who have already gotten this done by Dr. Manuel, so you can see what they have experienced. Im not the only patient on here that has seen or being seen by Dr. Manuel- because things are looking suspicious on your end.
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can you please update im going in 2 weeks
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can you please post an update I am planning on going to Dr Ortega in April
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How are u now? can u please post more pics?
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Hi I am going to this Dr. How are your results holding up? Any new photos? They sent before & after but it's better to see or get experience from actual patient. I'm going in March need info on hotels that are close to office and any other info you might find helpful. Sorry for all the questions but that's what everyone's here for right :-)
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Hello, I have pretty much separated myself from this site. My results are pretty much still the same I have decided to wear my garment and board for the 3 months that will end in 2 weeks. At about 9 weeks my butt finished dropping (fluffing). It still measures the same. Hr does not to drains and I only did 3 lymphatic massages. My stomach finished going down around week 9. I love my ass. Lord of self confidence. Oh and @ week 9 I stopped sitting and driving on the foam
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I am thinking about switching to Dr Ortega. Thanks for the info about your journey, it's very helpful! Would love to see more pics of your results!
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Any 1 month post op updates miss lady?
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Lol. Drama, drama, drama. Be ready for the jealousy and drama from even your girl friends. I'm still a tad bit sire and I think I still am holding fluid. My body looks great besides my tumm. Its flat but I have stretch marks galore from pregnant. I will need a tummy tuck for sure to get it looking like an 18 year old but I'm fine with how it looks! I will start working out next week. My measuring tape says I went up half an inch but idk cuz my period is on. My boyfriend is literally eating out of the palm of my hand. I'm still wearing my garments and board am I'm still not sitting on my bum.
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Lol I'm so excited for you! I know the hating is crazy which is to be expected cause the new you is hitting em hard girl. Same thing here wit the stretch marks but at least I know I hope! Someone here said palmers Bio oil works well for the stretchmarks. take care Hun and I'll keep checking in on you. Take it easy on ya honey the booty has him delirious and I dnt wanna see you guys on snapped! Lol ;)
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Hilarious 'snapped' lol
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Hi Amilli just checking in on you to see how you're recovering. Hope all is well.
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Hello! I an recovering well. No volume lost but it seems I've gone up a half inch. Butt is getting jiggly. Stomach seems to still be going down. Still thinking about a tummy tuck though since it won't be flat. I think he could gave taken a little mire in my waist line but I'm still swollen there so I'll see. Thanks for checking! Did u decide who u were gonna go with?
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I still haven't decided yet:-( It's hard choosing a doc. I'm just tryna soak up all the info I can lol. I know the girls use all sorts of different compression for their belly and it works. It may shape uour waist a bit more. I'm scared about my belly too. Dr Perry is the only one who said I dnt need a TT. So excited about the booty giggle I know ur BF is half crazy about it! Lol
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hey girl. i am still in miami and had mine done on the 6th. what was it like not having the drains? mine still haven't come out. i am ready to head home!
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I don't know what I would have done if I had drains. Omg! I guess the body gets rid of the fluid itself anyways eventually. I think it's more convenient.I did not start getting lymphatic massages til the second week and dididn't release any fluid but I'm sure my body got rid of it. Hope your healing goes well!
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Hope you're healing well. Where and how many days did you have to stay in Miami? What areas did you get done for that qoute? Sorry so many questions lol just haven't seen/heard much from this doc I'm curious. Post pics please, Can't wait to see your new body!
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Good luck girl! I'm excited to see ur results. I have a similar body type.
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Good luck on your sx :))) I know you are very excited
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hello, do he have a site that shows his work, 5,500 is a special until tomorrow, do you know his normal price
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