Salzhauer April '14 – Miami, FL

Paid deposit for BBL with Dr. Salzhauer after...

Paid deposit for BBL with Dr. Salzhauer after nearly 2 years of thinking about this procedure. I've gone from considering local VA docs, DR, ATL, to finally my RS ladies led me to Miami!
I'm so excited to be a future Salzydoll! I plan to document my journey beginning to end with at least a year post surg. I will be posting my before pics soon.

I need ReSALZ!!!!! (Ummm...yeah...results...NOW*Before Pics*)

Ladies, I know I find it helpful to see before photos of RSista's who may have a body type similar to mine before their procedure. It kinda gives me something to go off of when determining whether or not I can achieve a certain result! goes. Mind you, this body has carried 3 pregnancies to term with the last one being 2 years ago. With that being said...DON'T COME FOR ME ; )

I got MAIL!! Sooo professional!

I received a bound booklet in the mail with detailed pre and post-op care instructions. I may be a little over the top, but it is so elegant and when I opened the cover my name was on the first a degree was being awarded to I guess it felt like a certificate commemorating the rite of passage into the elite society of Big Bootydom. Lol. Seriously though, this speaks volumes on how Dr. Salzy and his team take pride in what they do...all the way down to the minor details. I also received a few packets of wondertape, which I can't wait to use to further enhance my new bum-bum.

Salzy calleed

Sooo, I felt like I was speaking with a celebrity last nite when Dr

Damn Phone...Take 2...Salzy called!!

Sooo, I felt like I was speaking with a celebrity last nite when I got a call from THE MAN HIMSELF! I was supposed to Skype with him, however, he was tied up in surgery, so he called instead. Either way, I was fine. He is so personable and down to earth. He gave me his personal cell number to use at any time...ummm, where dey do dat at?? He assured me that if I text him late at nite, he will answer me first thing in the morning. His professionalism is superior to any plastic surgeon I have ever met with...and I haven't even met him face to face yet! I'm so glad I kept my business in the U.S. and entrusted my body to this Doctor. He told me that I am an excellent candidate for this procedure, as he was viewing my pics as we talked on the phone. He pointed out my fat rolls on my back and said that he can give me a small waist because my body naturally indents at that's just covered with fat. He said that he can put 1200 to 1400 cc's per cheek! Make room for Fannie...fannie coming thru!!! I'm so boosted right now. Ok, that's enough for now. I'm sooo excited and I just can't hide it!! Laterz sistas!!!

Medical Clearance!!

Went for my medical clearance today...I'm cleared bishes!!! Just waiting for my lab work, woot to the damn woot. Sooo, my fat self is chilling with my cuzzin, EATING!!! And wine of course! Heart protection lol. Have a fabulous weekend sistas!!!

Flight and Hotel Booked!!

I booked my flight and hotel today...I'm such a procrastinator! I'm glad that the rates had not gone up, the hotel had I booked it separately was $700 for the entire trip, however, with airfare for 2 ppl, the entire trip cost $1060. Not bad! Nonstop flights from DC to FLL. I can't wait, I'm ULTRA excited! Got my prescriptions too, this cocktail of antibiotics is no joke. I'm gonna need a couple Diflucan after completion of it, I can feel a yeast infection coming on already. Nothing more to report ladies! Be blessed ere'body!!
Hmmmmm..... well I had the same type of thing happen with someone there... I usually only speak to Ari (and I luvs her) but I've had a few interactions with someone else and there was one day in particular that I almost chewed her damn head off. Lol.. It was partly me being stressed about this surgery and giving my screaming 1 yr old a bath and trying to take this phone call all at the same time then I got a little unnecessary attitude from her. Arianna had been helping me with something that had to be taken care of ASAP but she wasn't in the office this day and asked me to call and have this person help me (it was a Friday). Weeeeell... she did this little chuckle and said "um... can't this wait until Monday"!!!! Well I was obviously bothering her! I try really hard not to let stuff get to me but that day... it did! It had me questioning my decision to have my surgery there too! I was really upset about it for a few days but then I had to stop and realize I don't think I was my usual patient self and I'm sure she thought I was a bish too. So I let it go (pretty much... I still got my eye on her! Ha! Jk.) Everyone else there has been beyond wonderful. Dr. Salzhauer is amazing and the office is so good about follow through and so kind. Ari is so sweet and shares our excitement. I know she is crazy busy but always responds promptly. Honestly, I'm sure the lady I had the "incident" with is nice too. I really do have to say I had no patience with her and that was unfair on my part. She was nice when she called me back to tell me she took care of it. Everyone is entitled to an occasional bad day (including myself). It's interesting how one unhappy interaction can have you ready to switch docs. One of the main reasons I chose Salz was because of his customer service. Not just his but his entire offices. That is just as important to me as my results. Congrats on your medical clearance and flight and hotel booked! You are just about set. You just need to make sure you have all your supplies. Don't go all crazy on that. I didn't. If I need something while I'm there my amazing husband can get it for me. ;) About the care credit, you can call them and have you reconsidered. Sometimes they deny you because of something dumb like your address didn't verify or something. Also, another thing to consider is getting an interest free credit card. They have 12-18 month interest free ones out there. I can get you the names of a few interest free cards if you want. Just let me know. xoxoxo
Awww...u r far too kind! Thx. I'm just gonna pay it. I've already wrapped my head around the idea. I'm glad that whomever u spoke with turned their 'tude' around. Seriously tho, I was about to switch, I work too hard for these coins and I will not just give them to anyone. Lol. Girl, thx for stopping by every once in a while. U r so supportive!
Way to go just paying for it. You will be so glad you don't have that debt. I was so lucky not to have to finance mine and I'm really proud about that (I did put 1k on a cc but paid it off immediately). Well actually I did put my damn condo on the credit card (I'm a we bit bitter about how much we paid for it buuuut... oh well!) Lol... Anyway, I'll keep you posted on all the details of my journey as I go. Much love mami!

I got DENIED!!

Sooo, I guess I'm gonna be paying out of pocket because I was clearly denied by care credit. I was willing to pay out of pocket, but just didn't want to see all that money leave my savings at the same time. :\ Oh well. Had an interaction with a staff member today, who is generally sweet, kinda turned me off. It was almost like I was annoying her, so I asked if everything was ok with her and things completely turned around. She became more friendly, but it still left a bad taste in my mouth, especially when I'm spending so much money. I started second guessing my decision and even contemplated cancelling. When it comes to customer service, I don't play. I work in an environment where customer service is EVERYTHING. Without customers, u have no business. This incident will become water under the bridge, but I pray that it doesn't happen again. Be blessed!
Pray everything goes well with ur surgery. Can't wait to see ur results!!
Thx sis!!
Yay! You are cleared and on your way to big booty land.. was your doctor asking you tons of questions about why and what type of surgery you were having?

Pre-Op Phone Consult!!!

I'm pretty much one step closer to Curveville!!! I just had my pre-op consult with Ari, she gave me all of my do's and don'ts, as well as answered all of my questions. Great conversation! Dr. Salz came in the office while she was on the phone with me and she offered to put him on the line. I love how accessible the surgeon is, from having his personal cell # to being able to speak with him directly at the office. I was having a case of the jitters, but they are completely gone. I am amped up and cannot wait.
Hey hun where are you staying your price is not bad I also have to pay for a 2 person flight

1 week to go and I'm ALL EARS!!!!

Ladies, I will be having surgery in 1 week. If u have ANY last minute tips or advice, please comment or inbox me. I am getting more and more nervous as the time goes by. I am hoping for fabulous results...I need this stomach gone and my waistline, hips, and butt emerge from the depths of which my kids left I'm open to receive ur comments and positive energy, so lay it on me!!!
I picked a few things from everyone's review. Its all pretty much the same stuff . I think NMJIMT hit most of em right on. You really don't want to travel with too much but still wanna be prepared. That's what I'm thinking. Did you get your pee funnel ? Straws ? What about a multi pre/post op vitamin ... Did u bother to get one ? Comfy slide on shoes ? Something like a robe to live in lol and to keep u warm ? Even though u will be in the hottest place, you'll probably have shivers. Ummm ... Band aids, lipo foam , adhesive remover. I think the doc will take care of the rest but it's good to at least have band aids. Eat lots of pineapple for the bromelein to reduce swelling. If you didn't already get the vitamins --vitamedica has a really good kit w/ arnica & Bromelein included. Are you taking a boppy/ podster pillow ?
That's right ....your next !!! Omg, omg , omg :)
Ok give is a list of supplies so we can see what you have and what you need. What comes to mind is arnica, bromelain, whey protein so you can make smoothies, dark maxi dresses, slip on shoes, foam, large panties, hair ties, soft cotton tees. I'm on my phone and can't bring up my own list lol I'm sure there's stuff I'm forgetting

2 Days!!!! Yikes o_O

I'm such a procrastinator...I'm not even finished packing and I am flying out tomorrow evening. So far, I have packed lots of yoga pants, cotton shirts, flip-flops, sandals, wife-beaters, maxi dress, pads, tampons (period may be starting 2 days after surgery), hydrocortisone cream, dial soap, neosporin, chux pads, baby wipes, dark undies, sports bras, pants to lounge in, gotta get a boppy today, and that's it. Anything else you ladies can think of, let me know! I'm thinking about how am I going to look halfway cute while I'm in Miami, but I am having chin lipo, soooo, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to keep that area compressed. I don't think I'm going to have ANY time for leisure and this is my first time in Miami! Later chix!

Boarding Flight!!!

Woot woot!!
Hi darling wanted to stop by and wish you a safe surgery I will definitely be praying for you even though you're in good hands. Can't wait to see your results...
Safe travels :))

I'm Mmmmmkay

Just wrote the longest review ever and deleted it. I will try again later. Thx for keeping me lifted in prayer! 'Preciate y'all.
Thinking of you & praying for you !!
Dreamin!! Thanks sis. All this love from u guys is much needed and well received.
Praying for a smooth and speedy recovery!!!


Nothing much to see here just yet. When I take another shower tomorrow, I will be sure to post actual body pics. These photos just show a bunch of foam, which takes away from my actual shape.
I didn't realize you had sx already, since I haven't' been very active in RS lately and you're title says April 14... But I'm happy to hear everything went well, you can already tell a difference despite having all the foams and being swollen. I hope you have a painless recovery and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.
Thank u. I wish the painless part would happen. I'm really sore and it feels like my skin is not attached to my body. It's a weird feeling but other than the stiffness, I'm doing well. Thx boo!
Good luck

As promised...nekkid pics lol

I seem to have lumpiness and indents. Dr said that it will smooth out.
Hot mama!! LOL you look wonderful babe! Are you going to get any massages to help smooth you out???
You look Great! He Did an amazing job with your back. You are going to look even better once the swelling subsides and your botty takes it's final shape.
great transformation! he gave you a beautiful hour glass--wait till the swelling goes down. i will be following you're journey.

Thank you all!!!

Thx. Ladies. I cannot respond to everyone but I will type in all caps to say THANK YOU!!!! To each of u for ur concern. Wow...this process is the truth, I thought I had a high pain tolerance but um clearly not. This pain is unlike childbirth or C section. It's in a class all it's own. I had chin lipo and my armpit fat lipo'd as we'll. (ugh what's the past tense of lipo...lipoed??) I'm flying out tomorrow evening. I want to see my babies but I'm not ready for all the hugs and climbing on me from my 2 yr old. Pray for me...don't want to accidentally punch a baby lol. J/k I am going to see the Dr in the morning...gonna see if we can do a photo op. I told him I felt like I was meeting a celeb...I mean A-list. He's been great at answering my questions post-op. Miriam is an angel!!! She impacted me the most, she is so caring and nurturing. Ari is cool as ever, came to my hotel room sat on the bed with me looking a hot mess and chatted it up like we were bff's. I definitely don't feel like just $$$$, I feel that they absolutely care before during and after. I highly recommend Dr. Salzhauer. Spend the extra money!!! It is well worth it. He's never killed anyone, he gives great results, and his follow-up is awesome. Can't bargain shop on everything. Laterz!!


So the best thing that I can liken the feeling of my skin to is that of a cadaver. It feels hard yet soft and o can barely feel myself touching my stomach or my back. I'm at work today where I stand all day from 9-6. Yeah...great that I stand at work, but sucks that I'm back soooo soon. I am using a maidenform garment to get me by right now because the zippers on the side of the one I was given not only hurt but put dents on my fresh hips...uh no, I just got these hips and they will SURVIVE!! My butt looks full and round, not over the top and my baby fat has been SNATCHED and sold at auction!! My waist and tummy are looking good. I will post pics after work. Later boos!!
How are you hun??? Hope all is well!!:)
Are u happy with your results now? Any updates?
With what you know now, would you still have still chose Dr. S? you really have great results.

8 weeks post.

I've been MIA I know. Here a a few pics of how I look now, 8 weeks after surgery. I unfortunately stopped wearing my garment a few weeks after surgery as it was getting too hot where I live and it was rather unbearable. I am however, looking for a good waist cincher. Any recommendations??? I am VERY happy with the way I look and even moreso in clothes...yes gawd, she has a body! Now, it's just a matter of toning and keeping it. My diet has been off the chain...yeah, I've been being bad. But I'm getting on track, can't see my money go down the drain. Look at my before pics to see how much magic Dr. Salz was able to work. That stomach and back fat was no joke!
Hey girl .. how's that booty?? Did you ever find out how many CC's you got?
love your results girl !!! cant wait to go to him in August now !!! Happy healing :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I will add info in this section as it becomes available. The only interaction that I've had so far is with his PC, Arianny. She is professional, attentive, and thorough. She has been prompt with responding to emails and returning my calls.

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